September 1st, 2007

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Considering Portland

I'm currently looking for a place to relocate, and a number of my friends have recommended Portland. However, most of them have only visited or have friends who live there, and I would like to get the input of some actual damn Portlanders. :)

I need to live in a city where I can get around without a car. I don't have one, can't afford one, and frankly, don't want one. I am looking for a city where housing is reasonably priced and I can find a job within a month (I have a high school diploma and a year of experience in the service industry). I am looking for a reasonably priced college that offers courses in ethnic/cultural studies, foreign languages, and creative writing or communications. I would also like to not have to worry too much about getting shot/stabbed/raped, but I know in the states that can be too much to ask for.

PSU seems a lot better than Wichita State University (which is where I'll end up if I don't move), and Portland is only a six hour drive from my boyfriend's place in Vancouver. From everything I've heard, Portland is ideal for me. The only major "con" I've thought of thus far is the weather. I have no problem with Vancouver weather, which is similar from what I've heard, but I do have SAD so it is a concern.

As for me personally, I'm fairly liberal in my views, I am quiet and keep to myself- not much for night life- really like animals, and manage my money well. I travel a lot and plan on making annual trips to Vancouver and Las Vegas.

Your thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated.
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Yard Sale!

The Yard Sale That Saved Metropolis

3018 NE Couch St

9AM-5PM-ish Saturday Only

About eight of us have gotten together to sell off the stuff we weren't using as a benefit for feedle, who is broke and needs medical care.

We're all pretty broke too, but we're also piled up with stuff. Much of which is weird/specialty/interesting/cool!

*Science fiction & fantasy books! Lots of 'em!
*Sustainability, pagan, academic/higher learning books
*Many 1980's romance novels
*Spanish learning books AND tapes

*Clothing ... Women's & Men's ... including blazers, pants, button shirts, a weird/cool vintage East German military surplus canvas cloak; many basic items and some very tall pants...
*Shoes, mostly size w9/m7, some only worn once!

*A rug; some furniture including a kneel chair
*A couple of aquariums
*CD racks! Useful, those.
*Laptop case, either leather or faux leather, good quality
*Weird decorative objects

*did we mention BOOKS? I hope we mentioned books, since there are tons of 'em.

*And music. Many cheap CD's!

Come on by!

Yard Sale Today

7635 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Yard sale including clothes, video games, craft/art supplies, lots of books, computer equipment, TVs, and even a drum set. Lots of free stuff, including a sofa and cushioned chair. Most things aren't priced so make an offer. We have a few people that combined all their stuff so come over and take a look! :)

Best directions: Take Division and turn onto SE 76th Ave (at the light) then go down about six blocks to SE Hawthorne and take a right, we are the third house on the left, light yellow color, with all the people and stuff in the yard. :)

You can also take SE Stark and turn onto SE 76th and then left on SE Hawthorne.

See you there!
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long shot...

my computer has decided it has no sound hardware. i'm all for free thought, and individual expression, but my computer is not predisposed to such things. perhaps it's taken a vow of silence and is attempting to achieve calmness and inner piece, who knows.
what i DO know, is that i want my machine to make some noise! if you have the time/inclination, please take pity on me and let me know what else i can do...

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thanks in advance!
screw heaven
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stumptown comics fest

Hey People,

The Stumptown Comics Fest is coming up Sept. 29th-30th at the Lloyd Center Double Tree (right off the Max).

I'm working with the Stumptown Comics Fest people and we're looking for volunteers. We need people to help check people in, monitor the panels, sell tickets, and talk to famous cartoonists.

If you're interested, please check in at the volunteer page on the Stumptown Comics Fest website.

The convention should be great. There are a ton of amazing guests, including Peter Bagge and Ted Rall. We're starting up an Awards thing this year too. You have to be attending to win (that way Chris Ware doesn't win everything). The nomination form is on the website and it'll be voted on by attendees on Saturday. Saturday night we'll give out the awards at the Cosmic Monkey comic shop.


Is there a place in Portland that sells unlocked cellphones? (Google has failed me on this, I must not have the right search terms.) I really want a Nokia e70, but I've only been able to find it online.
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Rock meets window. Window loses.

Hokay, I love my 89 Camry, I do. He's served me well. HOWEVER, people like to break into him. Fine fine,whatever...steal the $10 worth of stuff  just don't fubar my car. So far that's worked, but alas, a bit a go someone decided to toss a rock through the back window (best part? They missed the first time so my poor baby has a dent). 

Their loot 4 year old dead mp3 player. They didn't even take the cookies on my front seat or the bottles in my trunk.

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So the conclusion of my long-winded post? Best place for glass repair - cheap is what I need really. As long as it looks like a window and pretend to protect my car like a window...this taped up silliness is a bit ghetto for me!

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Hey guyssssssssssssss

Do you remember that old school toy where it had sand in it in a picture frame almost. you flipped it over and it made pretty shapes?  I know at least one of you knows what I'm talking about.

What the hell is that thing called?  And does anyone know where I might find one? :)

Hope y'all are having a fun Saturday night. Woo!
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