August 31st, 2007


Recommendations needed...

I'm moving away to Seattle in a week. I need to fill up  with as many quintessential Portland experiences as possible before I go, so I won't get homesick too fast.

What should I do? Where should I go? What photos should I take? Where should I eat? What bar should I get schnockered at?

I'll admit, I've lived here a long time, but haven't taken advantage of all the things Portland has to offer, so I'm short on ideas.

Thanks in advance!
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Random Questions!

1. I just recently moved here and it seems that every OBGYN I call has a 6 month waiting list. I need a refill on my Estrostep birth control pills in about a week. Any ideas where I can get either the pills or a prescription fast?

2. Portland Farmer's Market - does it have parking? I really don't fancy going and loading up on heirloom tomatoes this weekend and then taking the bus back. Or better yet, is there a conveinent max station?

3. Any good 80s dance nights in PDX that don't involve just the typical radio 80s hits but more unique goth/punk/undustrial stuff?

4. What is the first thing you would tell someone new to PDX to do for fun?

Mortgages are FUN!

Ok, gang. The time has come!

Do any of you have recommendations for great mortgage lenders? We're looking for a lender who will be helpful and hold our hands since we're first-time buyers, and will not transfer us to a call center in India every time we have an account question. In other words, not Bank of Evil (America).

Suggestions? We're aiming for a 30-yr fixed, so lenders that are all about variable rates are not for us.

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Classy Wine

I am planning a classy birthday party and so far the criteria is that it is a place where they have good wines and nice decor? Any suggestions? Places I can rent for a few hours for a private party? Thank you so much!

birthday me

i'm turning twenty five on sunday, which means a 3 day weekend of fun times for me. so, aside from a free yard of beer at Rogue Distillery (NW 14th Flanders) what other fun things can i do/get for me birthday? i know you peeps have some good ideas. merci!
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what's your favorite coffee shop?

DP, what's your favorite coffee shop? Or open-seating restaurant with free wifi?

I work from home and I try to get out a few times a week to maintain sanity. I like the people at the Fine Grind (39th between Division and Hawthorne), but I feel like a douche sitting there working because it's so small. The pharmacy cafe is nice, too, but pretty far away. Having cheap food is a plus.

Things that I think about

OK, we've all heard the story that the Sellwood bridge scores a "2" on the federal guvm'ts 1-100 point safety rating scale for bridges.

So, obviously, one of those two points is for the fact that the bridge is actually currently standing and functional.

What do you suppose the other point is for???

making a screen

My landlord doesn't want to provide screens for the windows in my house, so I'm just going to tape micro-mesh screens onto the windows' metal edges. However, I tried duct tape and the micro-mesh just doesn't stick to it. Does anyone know of a tape that'll work on both metal and micro-mesh? If you can think of a glue, that'd be great too. The landlord said he didn't care if we made the makeshift screens permanent. Thanks!
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Child Swim Lessons

I know that we're about to enter the off season for swimming here. But, I want my 5-year old daughter to continue taking swimming lessons during the fall and winter months so that there's some hope that she'll be able to swim on her own by next summer.

She was taking swim lessons with Portland Public Pools at Buckman & Creston Pools for a few weeks this summer (until we went out of town in August). But, at that age and ability even a class of five children doesn't give the kids enough swim time with the teacher. Classes are only 30 minutes long. So, her progress has been slow going.

Does anyone know of anyplace besides the indoor public pools (like Buckman & Mt Scott) that might offer swim lessons in the off-season? Or maybe someplace with an outdoor pool that's open in September and maybe October? I'd be happier yet if I could find affordable, private or semi-private swim instruction for her or at least a teacher that's better at handling a group of children that don't yet know how to swim on their own.

Thanks in advance!

September bus pass for sale!

So, my husband has a C-Tran premium express bus pass that he's not going to get to use since we're moving. I know tomorrow is the 1st and all, but he's just telling me about this now.

Anyways, heres his Craigslist post about it- Here.

On the back of the pass it reads- "Bearer of the pass is entitled to ride all C-tran services, including connector, express service to downtown Portland, C-Van, Tri-Met buses, MAX and Portland Streetcar"

So, yeah, this is a pretty good pass if you live in Vancouver and work in Portland, or vice versa, or even if you have nothing to do with Vancouver, since its good on all of the Portland buses.

He's asking for $80 but I'm pretty sure he's a little flexible with that. The face value of the pass is $105.
Heck, I'll even throw in a dozen cupcakes. mmm..

If you're interested, go ahead and email AHockett (At) comcast (dot) net.

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(no subject)

Dear sir on westbound Red Line around 2:00 pm at about Pioneer Place:

Hi! Put your shirt on! You're in downtown Portland, not the tropics, not the beach, not a waterpark, not anywhere remotely okay for your shirt to be off. And no, sticking a pirate flag out of the back of your pants does not make you a pirate. Even if you shout that you are. Pirates occasionally had shirts. With all the effort of wrapping your shirt around your waist, why not just put it on? It wasn't that hot outside. Not everyone on the train wants to see your glowing white belly.


-totally skeeved out Tri-Met rider.

(I'll get over it, but keep the clothes on in the future)
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(no subject)

what's a guy to do on a lonely friday night in portland?

alternately, give me something hilarious to watch on dvd/video that i'll be able to find at the video store. preferably something offbeat and/or absurd. i like stuff like kids in the hall, the state, league of gentlemen, anything ricky gervais, the young ones, aqua teen hunger force, mst3k, mr. show, jan svankmajer, neil hamburger, etcetc.
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I'm trying to find a tutor for my daughter to continue learning Vietnamese. We spent several months there, so she's got a basic knowledge, but really needs someone to push her to develop conversational skills. She's 9yo.

Anyone wanna take the job or know where to find a skilled teacher?
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Baby you can(t) drive my car!

So this was my day today:

Clicky Clicky!!

What I want to know from DPers cause I have never had this happen before. I still have like 5 payments left on my car. My engine is blown and I'm not going to repair it. I'm just going to get a new/used car. Is it likely that I can get my old loan rolled into my new one? Am I able to sell my old car, or do I have to sell it for parts back to my lienholder? Anyone know?

Ah here it goes.

As you might remember me saying before, I am searching for a place and I'm in need of a room. Preferably on bus/max/streetcar line. Single quiet nonsmoking male. I've been using craigslist but nothing has worked out for me, and I haven't been able to find any apartments available. Thank you!
& Daggers!
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b0n3r k1ll3r 2.0

Because I know, I know, how much you guys look forward to these posts (wank is fun, and so is sarcasm)!

I'm home. Awake. Bored. What are you guys doing?

Tell me the cleanest joke you know! :) Or post a dirty picture of something.