August 30th, 2007

Avett Brothers in Eugene

Does anyone here like The Avett Brothers?

I have a proposal for anyone interested.

I need to make it down to Eugene sans my car tomorrow night for the show at WOW. There is a free ticket in it for you. Maybe two if you need someone to ride back with that night.

Comment if interested.


i'm in charge of a going away party at work ,and instead of the normal good bye cake i wanted to do cupcakes... what bakery does the best cupcakes? I know st. Cupcake in northwestand that is my default one. I would need about 30 of them and really dont want to bake them myselfs ...

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Inflatable rentals...

A group of friends and I are looking to paddle out to gov't island this weekend for a picnic, and need something cheap and rentable to paddle.

A big inflatable raft, or kayak type thing that will hold 4-6 people,  or something that will hold 3 ppl each, that is cheap enough for us to rent 2 of ...
I called REI, but they only have canoes and kayaks apparently.  

Is there anywhere in portland you guys know of that can help me (affordably)?
Alternately, if anybody has a big raft & some paddles they'd like to rent out...

Thanks in advance for the help :-)
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hey students!

I don't know anything about the universities in portland, but what school/class/teacher/lecture hall would you recommend to someone who wanted to sneak in and steal some learning? not interested in auditing. thanks!
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I am no prude, but COME ON!

Last night I took my 10 year old daughter down to Salem to see Jesse McCartney (Wiki link) at the Oregon State Fair ("It's like a magical enchanted land. Except real.") The audience was full of 'tween-ager girls. Their screeching at his every utterance was deafening. Our seats were not that great and our view of the stage wass obscured by the parents in front of us standing to get a better look. That's live music. Whatever.
What I want to know, and especially from those of you that are parents (I am looking at YOU, drjeff!) is if you were in my shoes, would you be slightly embarrassed if the young Mr. McCartney came out for his encore and started humping the stage? I glanced at my kid while he was doing this (literally, doing) and the look on her face was like, wtf? I do not know if she got the implication, but she was a little uncomfortable and I was more than a little uncomfortable. This was not a club gig where everyone was over 21, or even a concert in a stadium, but a show promoted by Disney through their Radio Disney branch. At a family-oriented state fair. It was full to bursting with pre-pubescent kids and their willing if begrudging parents.
Whatchoo think?
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Bonfires on the Beach

Where can I do this? I'll admit that, although I am a native, I know nothing about the legality of having beach fires at the coast... Thoughts? Links? We're going tonight, I think, and I'd love to have a fire if we can.

Thanks, Portland!
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fashion design

Photography Studio For Rent?

I am looking for a photography studio I can rent next Thursday for the day.

I don't need any equipment. Just a big clean open room with some nice walls/windows, and maybe some hardwood floors.

I am looking for somewhere I can bring my backdrop and strobe light set up, but also perhaps the spacious loft type room has some brick walls, or some nice windows or what have you. I also need it to not break the bank. Something affordable......

Does anyone know of anywhere? Can anyone help me with this??
Thank you!

City repair question

Does anyone know if there is one place I can find images of all the City Repair, Intersection Repair projects such as Share-It Square? I went to but there doesn't seem to be one good like to a finished picture of each site. Rather, the links all seem to go to long blogs and slideshows of people breaking concrete and such, which is great, but I'm looking for "finished project" photos of each site.

Thanks in advance!

lookin' to score ...

... a large, round, folding table!

I'm talking a 5' diameter one (or larger), and a bunch of metal folding chairs. Yup, I am checking CL and have a few leads. However, I thought I'd shout out to the DP community to see if anyone is looking to rid themselves of any such like, or knows a good place to point me.

This set-up will be for an recurring, informal poker game. Unfortunately, the good state of Oregon prohibits me from raking the pot in order to offset the cost of acquiring the necessary supplies (i.e., furniture as well as a large supply of chips), so I am looking to keep the prices low.

Spanks peeps.

Breakdance what?

Does anyone know if there are any breakdancing/hip hop dance classes that go on here in Portland?

I used my Google-fu, but apparently it has a giant fail infection, because all I found were the stupid, " Learn how to strip for your boyfriend!" classes.

We already know how to strip for each other, now we wanna learn how to dance like Micheal Jackson. (And I'm serious about that, he fucking loves Billie Jean.)
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Meteor shower, or storm? Sept. 1 2007 4:30 am

I know that I'll be checking it out! There won't be another chance to see this particular meteor shower in my lifetime, and with no way to tell just how big it will be. I've got to check it out! I just wonder where I should go to check it out away from the city lights? I'm going to be so mad if its cloudy that morning!!
It is expected to peak in a range from 100-400+ per hour. It could possibly end up being less then that at just a "fizzle" or even quite a few more to qualify it as a "storm" with over a 1000 per hour.
If your here on the west coast that morning you should really take a peek between 4 and 5am in the northeast sky to try and catch a glimpse of it. Who knows it could be a chance of a lifetime?? The peek viewing time should be between 4:27am and 4:36am +or- 20min.
Here are some links if you want to learn more about the Aurigids Meteor shower. :-)

X-posted from my own journal

BTW did you see the Lunar eclipse we had Tuesday morning? I thought is was fairly cool. Thanks for the pictures that were posted. :-) I wish that I could have gotten a few good shots of my own.

Time for school, I suppose.

Sadly, I will be getting laid off from my current place of employment within the next 1-2 months.  I figure while I sit on my ass enjoying my itsy bitsy severance package, that perhaps I will go back to school.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any educational resources for those who have been laid off and/or whose jobs have been off-shored?  I heard that there are some fantastic educational benefits in situations like these, but I am not sure where to start looking. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. :-)
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Seeing a wild baby rabbit for the very first time ever, on the Springwater Trails near Gresham. I had mistaken it for a rat, but the oversized ears was a giveaway. The reddish-copper rabbit was so cute!

2. Excellent customer service and repair work at River City Bicycles! I recently had my bike overhauled at the shop, and I feel like I am riding a brand new bike.

3. Gorgeous full moon on Tuesday evening. Although I missed out on the eclipse, the moon in the evening was gorgeous!

4. Landlords who perform maintenance and repairs in a very timely manner. I don't ever want to take them for granted.

5. Having expectations and assumptions shattered in a good way: the realization that many damnportlanders are definitely friendlier in real-life than expected!

6. Discovering the Portland-based Sock Dreams online retailer. Yes, I am a sock whore. I cannot wait for their retail store to open up!

7. Getting confirmation for fall flag football registration through Underdog Sports Leagues (thank you to damnportlanders folks for feedback)!

8. A new independent clothing shop in Southeast Portland, Foyer, which opened its doors last weekend (their website is incomplete), located just down the street from my home.
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(no subject)

i have a question i've never seen posted in this community before:

i want to take singing lessons, but i'd MUCH prefer a personal recommendation on this, and i can pay a little, but not a massive amount.

i've been playing guitar for about 10 or 11 years now, but i hate playing for people because i always have to find someone else to sing. now, i'm not the WORST, but i'm not great either. occasionally i can find a song where i can find a good key while i'm playing and hit most of the notes, but... well... you get the idea :)

so... anyone here give singing lessons? take some or have taken some from someone who was awesome and patient? maybe want to exchange voice lessons for guitar lessons? i dunno... haha. just throwing things out there.

thanks :)
Bike Naked!

(no subject)

So last Monday I was minding my own business walking home from buying groceries, when at SE 24th and Salmon I felt a rather incredible pain and looked down to see a yellow and black insect on my ankle, stinging me through my sock.

It was so painful I sat on the corner and cried like a toddler--that fucking hurt. Thankfully a roommate and another friend were both willing to come rescue me and my groceries. Several times, as I was waiting, people also walked by with dogs, and they asked if I was okay. One woman said that her partner had been stung twice on that corner.

So I go by the corner today, and now there are little hand-lettered signs that say "WARNING: Yellow jacket nest in hedge."

What the fucking hell? Why not just, oh, get rid of the nest?

I mean, fuckin' A. I had trouble sleeping that night because it hurt and hurt for hours after I was stung. Over a week later, the spot still itches all the time.

So, yeah: Avoid that block if you're on foot, for the love of god.

Time for another round of dentist Russian roulette!

 I hate to ask this for the gazillionth time, but I only found one entry for it in the tags and it wasn't entirely get ready to drink:

Can anyone recommend a good dentist in the Beaverton area?

Alternatively, can you offer me any nuggets of wisdom about any of the following dentists/dental offices?
Willamette Dental Group (either the Beaverton or Tigard/Scholls location)
Brian & David Spangler DDS(es?)
Gary McGaughey DDS
Orval Hazen DMD
Amanda Matsuda DDS

As you  might have guessed, I'm trying to pick a dentist out of a random list from my insurance provider.  I'd really appreciate any recommendations or warnings!  Thanks.