August 27th, 2007

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Shameless plug

Hey all,

I'm the volunteer coordinator for the NW Solar Expo again this year, and we're looking to fill a few more shifts. If anyone is interested in spending a few hours working arduous tasks like switching sandwich board signs or manning an information booth, then going to a mixer and meeting many of the big names in solar in the state, please check out the Craislist Ad and get back to me.


Always ask DPers first!

I want to get into biking and I need a bike. There seems to be an awful lot of avid DP-cyclists out there and I'm hoping you can help me. I'm trying to decide if I want a good road bike (eventually I'd really like to get into triathlons...but lets not get ahead of ourselves) or some kind of solid Mountain bike. For the most part I'd be starting out by commuting to work on my bike (about 14 miles round trip) and then slowly working my way up with weekend rides. I've already checked out River City and scoped out prices and I'm willing to shell out a good chunk of change for the right bike.

Any suggestions? Any wisdom? 

And...just for the sake of asking...are any of you selling bikes?
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In the same vein....

Of always posting here first (although I'm sort of new here. Hi!)

I bit the bullet and bought a bed frame, and now I've got a medium-lame futon frame sitting in my room just sort of taking up space. I'm using the futon mattress on my new bed, so I was about to start ratcheting the futon apart and just stick it in the basement. However, if by any chance somebody wants it, you can totally come and get it. It tends to taco when used as a bed, but it is still a good couch frame. Or, possibly you know of something creative to do with it.

If you DO want it, and want it somewhat taken apart, let me know and I'll get on that. I'll be working all day which means my phone line is out but it'll be easy to check back here for emails or whatever :) Thanks.

Labor day weekend ideas?!?!?

Hello!! I'm new to Portland and don't have many friends here! sadly, the friends I do have are all going out of town this weekend. I kind of want to do some solo time soul searching this weekend. I would like to get out of town and do a cheap spa getaway, is there such a thing that exists? Or any cheap fun ideas where I can hang out by myself (BESIDES going to the Pearl/23rd area). Not into exploring new bars anyway, just got out of a 2 year relationship and not wanting to talk to
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Hast thou 1337 design skillz?

I heard about a recent job posting, which I'm not available for, but one of you fine folks might be ripe for it:

Collapse )

Basically, if all goes well, I get a referral bonus, and you have a shiny new job that pays you well. It's a win all around!

If you're down, drop me a line, and I'll put you in touch with the right folks.
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Veg or vegan if you please

OK almighty DPers--

I have a gaggle of out of towners crashing at my place this weekend. I have already planned for all of the regular PDX stops (i.e. Powells, Multnomough Falls, PCBG, 80s Dance Attack) but is there anything super exciting going on this weekend?

Also, any good (and moderately priced) restaurants that serve good food w/ vegetarian and/or vegan options? They are pretty good at navigating menus but this is Portland damnit!

BOASAS drums

Drum Lessons @ Cadrnza Academy

Looking for more drum students of any ability through Cadenza Academy in Portland, OR or by house call in Eugene (or anywhere between the two). Cadenza Academy can be reached at 503-963-9600 or reply to this post to contact me.

Sam Berrett (Drums):
Sam has been playing drums and percussion since 1997. He has a bachelor's degree in jazz performance from Portland State University where he graduated from in 2007. He has studied many drum set and percussion styles with Alan Jones, Ken Ollis, Marty Higgins, Dave Storrs, and Joel Bluestone. He is a substitute teacher for MUSE where he teaches beginning/intermediate band for various elementary schools in Portland. He also does private drum lessons through Cadenza Academy in SE Portland, OR as well as house-calls. He has played and toured with groups like Eugene-based Eleven Eyes, Fantastapotamus (who were feaured on Seattle's Sonarchy Radio program), Glen Moore's Oregon Ensemble (playing the challenging music of Ralph Towner), Cubist Quartet, Tim McLaughlin Trio, Mars Retrieval Unit, Fiction Junkies, Octopus, Portland Youth Jazz Orchestra, and many local jazz musicians in the Portland area. He has shared the stage and supported well known artists such as Wayne Shorter, Regina Carter, Donald Harrison, Jacky Terrason, and Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey.
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if anyone is inclined, i am selling some of my art.


please let me know if you are interested in purchasing anything. i accept payment plans, paypal, checks, and blood money.

thank you <3

Last Night of the Monday Movie Season is Tonight

August 27, 2007 is the Best of the Season from Monday Movie Night. If you missed any of the Monday Movie series, this is your chance to see the best films shown this summer. Tonight you will see:

Scrub Me Mama With a Boogie Beat, banned black soundie from the 1930's. Possibly the most racist thing seen in Portland since Coon Chicken on Sandy Blvd. closed it's doors. Features cotton-picking, watermelon-eating and a guy napping in a swamp with flies swarming on him.

Are You Popular? 1940's mental hygiene film that explains why parking with boys may make you think you're popular, but in reality you're just a cheap slut.

Stop That Tank! WWII Disney-produced war propaganda film. Animated, yet frightening.

And a never shown before bonus, from Tom:

Hitler's Hotties! 1930's Nazi-made German stag film. See titties and swastikas on the same reel. The Mississippi Station may not appreciate it, but you certainly will!

And many many more! Nearly two hours of actual vintage 16mm film!

Monday Movies will be moving to a more winter-appropriate venue soon to start another season of Monday Movies. If you'd like to be emailed a calendar of the upcoming Fall/Winter schedule once it is available, please send your request to mondaymovies at aol dot com.

Monday Movies at Mississippi Station
3943 North Mississippi Ave.
Portland, OR 97227
Screening begins at sunset (approximately 9:00PM).
This is a free event. Full bar and menu. Rain or shine.

For a complete calendar of upcoming movies, go to



Ok, I know this has been discussed MANY times, but I didn't see anything in the tags or memories that helped me. So my question is:

What are your experiences with Bishops on Hawthorne? I'm looking to get a pretty simple cut, but you'd be surprised on how many times I've had barbers totally screw up. I've been cutting my hair for years, and it's just too thick for me to deal with right now so I'm hoping to trust myself with someone who calls themselves a professional. I'd totally be checking out right now but my computer is on the fritz and wont even load the site. So that's why I come to you fine peoples! Thanks a zillion.9

Arguing with people on the internet is like...

Perhaps some of you have heard the old adage about how arguing with people on the internet resembled the Special Olympics.
It is an amusing truism, but...
I have found a better comparison!
Arguing with people on the internet is like masturbation. Some people try to discourage it, but it is natural and inevitable, so the only thing to remember is to not waste too much time doing it, and to not expose too many people to something they don't want to see.
Related to this community, because now we can all look back on this post the next time a flame war erupts.
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[BST] Damnportlanders Meetup Requests, Rules and Shit....

Although I'm not 100% sure if I will l attend the damnportlanders meetup tomorrow evening, I would like to request the following things from those who are attending the monthly social event. This will help alleviate post-meetup grievances and other such stercoraceous concerns.

1. No taking photographs of me without asking me first. I want to be prepared to exhale completely before pictures are taken so my lardy stomach, puffy cheeks, and triple grande latte-sized chin won't appear on photographs. Since nobody wants to see pictures of fat and flabby people on damnportlanders, ask first before taking my pictures. In fact, if I wind up showing up at the meetup, I will bring along a release form which you will need to sign before you are allowed to post my pictures from the meetup on damnportlanders.

2. Since nobody wants to see pictures of overweight damnportlanders gorging their chubby faces with greasy food while consuming untold pitchers of high-calorie beer, those folks who do not fall into the category of having normal body weight should stay home. We do not want anyone on damnportlanders to be offended at pictures of fatty flab rolls on their arms, close-ups of ghastly carcasses of chicken wing baskets, etc. The same goes for those emo damnportlanders kids who are thinner than toothpicks. Take you canvas messenger bags, tight jeans, and your mopey ass and go drown your sorrows with cans of PBR at The Towne Lounge, The Doug Fir Lounge, or some other hipster joint. In fact, people who fall outside of normal body proportions should stay away from the meetup.

3. No talking to me at the meetup. I don't care if you're on my F-list, laughed over silly comments at the last meetup, or never met online or in real life, but talking to me would imply that you're trying to converse with a so-called "DP celebrity" (whatever that means) and that leads to elitism, designation of "cool kids," and peoples' feelings getting hurt. In fact, no talking to anybody else at the meetup who has posted more than 1.8 times in the past year, or made 3.2 replies to posts during the past 12 months. In fact, let's impose a 100-word overall limit on everyone's conversations throughout the evening.

4. No mentions of vegans, missing google-fu, free doctors, out-of-state transplants, or anything else which may be construed as cues to imbibe more libations. Doing so would imply knowledge of "DP kewlness" and we want the community to be egalitarian.

Thank you and have a plebian day.

[Edit: The Current Mood tag has been changed from "satirical" to "parodying"....after reading about differences between the two, the latter term is more appropriate for the message being conveyed. Thanks to prettymuchjulia for the education.]
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(no subject)

so... my parents are selling what used to be my old car... then was my sister's.. (we both got new ones).

it's a 1991 honda civic dx with only 86,000 miles on it. (yes, this is correct. it used to be my grandma's and she only drove it to church and back for around 10 years until my family got the car.) here's the catch: they live in La Grande, Oregon, which is about 4.5 hours east of here on I-84... so you WOULD have to have a mode of transportation to go get it. (They can't take time out of their work schedule to drive it to Portland for someone who might back out at the last second or something.)

Here are the details:

1991 Red Honda Civic DX - $2,500
Automatic transmission
86,000 miles
Non-stock wheels on the car with tires, also included are snow tires on the stock Honda rims.
Blaupunkt CD player and Rockford front and rear speakers.

The engine is in PERFECT working condition and has never had any problems for anyone in the family. There are a bunch of scratches on the driver's side because my sister tipped it on it's side once after losing control on a gravel road, but nothing was harmed other than the paint job. Minor scratches are all buffed out, and windows either are already replaced or will be before you get the car. (i don't remember exactly when my parent's were getting this done.)

i don't have any pictures of it right this second, but if you're seriously interested, getting them won't be a problem; i'll just have my sister take them and e-mail them to me.

figured i'd try here too for my family... living in la grande makes it hard to sell things, haha.

Kitten still needs a home

I posted a few days ago about a kitten that was given to my sister. Well, I still haven't found a home for him. I know obsqurity said she might be interested? Are you still interested? I just really need to find him a home soon. My sister really can not afford to keep him.

EDIT: I found him a home. yay! =D
EDIT AGAIN: So the guy wanted the kitty tonight or never. My sister has to go to the doctor tomorrow and if she has to stay a few days she wants to have the kitten at the apartment for her daughter since her daughter is kind of attached to it. So we said he would let him know tomorrow when we could bring him the kitten. So he said he would wait till tomorrow but after that, no go. =(
We shall see.
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Ok anyone handy with fashion?

*edit* to help with clarification I am a a man looking to help me in my search for style.

I am in the mood to change from a mild mannered self taught dresser, into an educated fashionista. While I am aware that this is not New York and Devil Wears Prada was a fictional film, what can I say I want to dress nice.

That said I am on the search for information/people willing to help me understand choosing colors based on complexion and accessories. I mean from shoes to undershirts to suits. I would like to understand how patterns vs solid colors make a difference. I really want to understand it.

I have bought books, I have read magazines, and I have picked sales peoples brains. The end result of all this is that I have found it is difficult to figure all this out of you are a man. Womens books galore, but very little tailored to the male gender.

I would appreciate book, class, magazine, recommendations. If you know a good tailor who deals with fashion vs just fixing stuff, or a good personal shopper willing to teach me about myself in exchange for the green backs, I would love all information.

Thanks in advance for helping make portland streets better looking:)

(no subject)

So I got married in 2004 to help my friend get financial aid for college (I am gay I am not getting married to anyone else anytime soon). She dropped out of college her 1st semester. Now I am able to get health insurance with my partner and I need to get a divorce or annulment... What is the fastest/easiest thing I can do? I know I did something stupid... but I thought I was really helping a friend out and now it is biting me in the ass! Also some other info, She lives in South Carolina and I have almost no contact with her (she has no phone) I have never lived with her, bought anything with her etc. Oh boy do I need help
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