August 26th, 2007

Lake Geneva

private karaoke rooms?

So, a few years ago I swear I read a blurb in the Willamette Week or somewhere saying there was a place in Portland or the suburbs which had private karaoke rooms.

Does anybody know of the existence of such a place? Any information is highly appreciated!


Legacy Emanuel

Do any of you work for Legacy Emanuel Hospital? I've been trying to get on there for months now, but no luck. I have applied for several positions through the website, but it seems there has got to be another way.

Or does anyone know which temp agencies they might contract through? I know OHSU uses NW Staffing, so I would figure Emanuel might also use one...

Sorry for the annoying "need a job" post.

(no subject)

Not sure if everyone has seen this or not. But I see lots of postings here about people asking for help regarding hospital stuff because they have no Health Insurance.

This is some kind of on-line tool that helps determine if you are eligible for coverage, because apparently there are lots of people who are eligible and don't know it.

It's divided by state.

I didn't run through it myself, because, well I'm invincible and don't do the hospital thing, but lots of people have said it helped them.



Hey guys,

Thinking of moving to the Northwest to gain residency before finishing school. I'm looking at Portland and Seattle...I was set on Seattle at first, but the more I look into it the more people tell me about the "Seattle Freeze" and the general unfriendliness/pretentious attidude that exists there. I'm from the south, so I don't expect that degree of friendliness, but I'm shooting for something warmer than New York, where I lived for a year and a half. Also, Portland and Vancouver are supposedly more vibrant and growing faster. So, I decided to look into Portland as well.

What can you tell me about the friendliness? The ease of finding jobs (as in restaurant/coffeeshop work)? Are there neighborhoods where I can find a decently priced apartment that are relatively safe and well connected to downtown with public transport. (for ex., what is the cheapest priced studio apartment that you've heard about in an area where you wouldn't be completely put off from living? I've checked craigslist, but I don't know the neighborhoods at all)? How is the queer scene?

If any of you can compare the city with Seattle, I'd appreciate it.
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I've been thinking about my extraordinary lack of discipline and general peace with life lately, and have been considering some type of monastic life for awhile. what suggestions do you have? move to the mountains and figure it out myself? a Buddhist co-operative farm? Societas Iesu? the military? prison? kibbutz? Sufism? start a doomsday cult? something else? and reference material and/or testimony and/or local direction, if you please. thanks!


I want to find a cheap place to go swimming that is available in the afternoons. Lap swimming is ok, but If I could also go to float aimlessly and make up tricks it would be better. Its gotta be bus accessible and ideally walkable from close-in NE. Any suggestions?
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Thongs + Plan B Bar + Hotdogs Wrapped in Bacon = The Best Sunday of August

Cross-posted fully here from PDX PIPELINE...come support the Portland Radio Authority

First, Rockfest...I wish I could support it, but I can't support KUFO, it's urban death machine, it's lying ways, and hate of Portland...sorry. Not blaming you if you do go to what looks like a good show. But, to bribe you away to support a great cause instead--I'm giving prizes, and so are others.

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Lost: Green Backpack w/ climbing gear at SE Clinton & SE 28th Pl.

My friend and I stopped on bikes for a game of hopscotch and I forgot to pick up my backpack upon leaving. If you were the really cool people who invited us to play I hope you came upon my backpack and will return to me. All my climbing gear was in there and a few other things that would be great to get back. Please comment or call me at 310-459-6787.
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Meet up? on the morrow. . .

Who's going? I'm on the fence. Will there be wrastling? Hook-ups? Make out sessions? debates? Will somebody's mama be dissed?

I came very late last time and drank no alcohol because I was nervous. That may be different now

ETA: I came to the June meet-up, not July.
ETA2: Mama will be there. hair of the dog and alla that.
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Stepford Wife

No alcohol translates to plenty of time to not be drunk and also to clean. I've turned into a stepford wife. Power walking. Cleaning bathrooms and doing various house cleansing tasks during my day. Here's my goals for today.

Walk 4 miles
Finish Dishesxx
Clean Bathroom xx
Do Laundryxx
Organize Closet xx
Apply to jobs(2 of them)
Wash interview clothes
Read 2 chapters of "Possible Side Effects"

(xx means completed)

What are your chores for this Sunday?

(no subject)

Last night I spent a few hours at the Earth and Ocean bar at the Seattle W Hotel. Both the bar and the hotel were absolutely fantastic, but unfortunately there aren't any W Hotels in Portland. So my question is this: Can anyone recommend a similar hotel and/or bar? I've got both a bachelorette party and a wedding night coming up, and I want it to be fabulous. Yup, fabulous.
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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

I suspect that I might have ADHD or something similar, so my doctor referred me to Bethany Rowland, a prescribing nurse practitioner in downtown Portland, for evaluation and diagnosis. Have any of you fine DPers ever seen her, or know anyone who has? I just want to make sure she's not an utter cow and waste of a $30 copay before going to see her. Thanks :)
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Yes, hello Portland. Two posts in one night, I'm sure you're amused.

I want to know what you listen to. Link to your pages (if you have them).


ETA: Since I love myself I want to compile a playlist of all songs with my name. If you know a song (even better if you have it available for download) with any variation of Jen, Jenn, Jenny, Jennifer etc in it, tell me!
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Flaming Lips?

Hello all, I have a friend (don't we all) in desperate search for an extra Flaming Lips ticket or two for their show at the Roseland on Septmeber 19.  He's pretty dang desperate, and I'm wanting the use of my leg again since he won't stop crying and clinging to it.  Anyone have any leads?