August 25th, 2007

Notes on a phenomenea

So, perhaps a few months ago, I asked the question "Who here is a hipster"
And everyone answered, "Not I"
And a few months earlier, I also wrote this: Hipster, seeking to explain in brief what makes hipsters. For those who don't want to read that brief essay, I will make an even briefer summary: the ideal of hipster culture is to turn everything into material to be judged, critiqued and taken apart (because deconstruct is too good for what hipsters do), with the hipster themselves being an abstract entity, mocking and taking apart everything, but never having to explain or justify themselves.
And one of the places you see this most dangerously is on the internet, because on the internet, its easy to critique and mock, but a whole lot harder to explain what exactly you do, and why it is so much more important than what other people do. To judge suggests that there must be some standards by which things can be judged, something that hipsters, and other people who hold things only in mockery, seem to have forgotten. So the question is, for everyone who wants to be sarcastic and put other people down (and as it was written, is that any different than 'piling bodies up in mounds'), what the hell do you have to show for yourselves? Do you have any grounds that you can base your judgement on?
Alan Rickman

Indian food

I have another one of those annoying request posts! I've searched damnportlanders, amongst other places, but my attempt to find any posts failed. so, where can I get the best Indian food in Portland? preferably in SE.

Looking for Artists to participate in an Art Show Benefit for the Portland Women's Crisis Line!

I'm looking for artists who would be interested in being a part of an Art Show that benefits the Portland Women's Crisis Line. Here's how it would essentially work: a nominal display fee would be charged for you to display your art. Any money you made from selling your art would be yours entirely, unless you were feeling awesome and donated some of it to PWCL. If any artists are interested we might also have a raffle, meaning the artist would donate a piece to be raffled and any money made from ticket sales would go to PWCL. We are also going to have a donation jar and we'll be selling drinks and snackies.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please let me know so I can put your name down on the list. If this sounds like something a friend of yours might be into, please have them get in touch with me. If your art isn't confined to paintings or photos, please don't let that stop you! We're still in the early planning phases, so at this point anything is still possible: pictures, jewelry, films, performance art, sculpture....anything!

If you or someone you know is interested in participating, we'll be having two open houses for the artists to check out the availablespace and sign up for a spot. The first open house will be this Sunday 8/26/07, from 1pm-3pm. The second open house will be next Tuesday night, 8/28/07, from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. If neither of these times work for you, send me an email and we'll figure something out.

Here's the nitty gritty about the show itself:
WHEN: Friday 9/21/07 7:00pm-Midnight
WHERE: My house
WHY: To support the awesome PWCL - for more information visit

If you would like to participate, please send an email to:

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Updos in SE

Hi All -

Do any of you have experience getting updos somewhere in southeast? I have a wedding to be in on the 8th and need my hair to look good. After a particularly bad perm (I know, I know, perms are for the 80s but I was trying to regulate my curl) my hair is completely dried out and horrible and it has been for a couple months... so I need someone particularly good. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!
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Location Help Needed

I am a photographer who needs to find a large, white (preferably empty or near-empty) room for a photo session tomorrow. Any ideas?

[I have found a suitable room. Thanks to all who responded!]


(no subject)

My roommate and I are sick of the white walls surrounding us in our apartment. We want to buy a large poster (most likely a music or movie poster) and I was wondering a place with a fairly diverse selection. Instead of bouncing around to different music stores, I figure I'll see if anyone has any input to a place specifically.

Also -- We have some DVDs and CDs we're trying to get rid of. What place tends to offer the most money for your trade around here? We always went to Bookman's in Arizona....but that does not exist up here unfortunately. And the same goes for clothes; I have a ton to get rid of so I can free up some space in my small room. My first instinct would be Buffalo Exchange but is there someplace better? I'd be getting store credit most likely so I'd prefer it be a place that carries decent items since I would be turning around and purchasing from them with money from said clothes.

Thanks for the input.
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I checked the tags and memories...

But couldn't find anything helpful regarding cheap studio apartments. Preferably Westside but I will go for close-in SE as well. I am starting at PSU soon and refuse to live with the other freshmen on campus. $550 tops.

NOTE: I have already exhausted all the apartment rental websites as well as the classifieds for local newpapers. They were largely unhelpful. What I am looking for are recommendations for places that people have personal experience with.

Pretty please, Portland?

And thank you :)

Moving- Artwork for sale!

Hey there everyone.

So, not only am I super bummed 'cause I have to move away, but in the rush to move because of new job obligations, I'm ending up paying rent for two apartments this month. One down here (the lease is up at the end of September) and one up in the Seattle area (the new job starts on the 10th of September).

Needless to say, I totally wasn't expecting this, and money is extremely tight because of it.
I'm a painter, so I'm hoping I can make a little extra cash by peddling my wares here on the intarwebz.

Collapse )

I wanted to offer them up here first, but I will be posting them for sale on Craigslist Tomorrow. Shoot me an email at or just leave a comment here if you're interested!

Thanks for looking!

(no subject)

Looking for performers for a TBA project -- FREE PASS!

Would you and/or a friend like to earn a pass to PICA's 2007 Time Based Arts Festival? By taking part in a performance? I am helping PICA find interested folks to take part in a guest artist's piece. People with and without performing experience are invited.

You will be busy early evenings from the 10th through the 16h --- but you will be able to see great performances for free the first weekend of TBA (e.g. dance by Donna Uchizono and theatre by the intriguingly-named Las Chicas del 3.5 Floppies), PLUS all the late night events at The Works. Your pass will ALSO allow you to sign up for workshops (pre-registration strongly recommended). AND you get to hang out with a lot of fun people!

If you are interested, I will let you know the rehearsal and performance schedule. Then if the schedule works for you, I can tell you more.
There is also the possibility of alternating the performance nights with a buddy.

Check out the PICA website for details on this year's TBA Festival:

Let me know ASAP by replying to
lindapaustin AT mac dot com
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russian market on foster across from fred meyer

mad props to thee! I highly recommend this place! if you're into deli meats, they sell them diverse (uh, did I see bear?) and cheeeeap. if you're into ajvar or any of those awesome zehrgut bottled treats, then you're in luck as well. they also have a few odds-and-ends which I didn't really look through. and of course, bread, etc. it's really nice if you're in the neighborhood, but probably not much to drive for (unless you want to see the neighborhood, which is gorgeous and full of interesting things.)

Rockfest tickets, $25 off retail price.

I've decided i don't want to go, so if you want them email me and they are yours. You could pick them up tonight when I'm off work at 11pm or sooner from my husband who'll be done at around 9:30pm, or you could get them tomorrow morning, the gates open at noon first major band starts at 4:05 (black light burns).

Cash or paypal only, $55.

Email me at jenfitzpatrick26ATcomcastDOTnet
Dresden Dolls.

I never post in here but I need advice.

I really need to go see a doctor, but have no health insurance. So I'm going to go to a free health clinic but I've never been to one in portland, so I thought I'd ask you;

Which free health clinics in Portland are really gross and bad? Which ones are ok? I live in Beaverton but can really go to any of them. Any advice will help.

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