August 24th, 2007

I'm having an Art Show

I'm taking part in an art show in a couple weeks. This is just another heads up. If you are in and around the Pearl on First Thursday of next month you should stop in and have your picture taken maybe.

September 6th at Sugar Gallery within the Everett Street Lofts. 6-9pm Stripper Portraits by Jeremy Okai Davis. Also on display images from the ongoing photographic series "Taking Souls". At least consider stopping by. Show Flyer under the cut.

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Hey guys, it's my birthday tomorrow and I'm looking for a good karaoke place for tomorrow night. I couldn't find the search feature for Damnportlanders so sorry to make yet another karaoke entry!
Here's what I'm looking for:

Not very crowded
Located near downtown or southeast, easy to get to by bus
Lots of opportunities to sing
A nice bar with mixed drinks

many thanks!
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Tug-Of-War Rope

Hello All,

I am looking for a tug-of-war rope. Would anyone happen to own one which I can borrow for a day (coming Monday)? If not, could I buy one from anyone of you for cheap? If not, where could I find one – any pointers would help.



So long story short. I quit drinking a day ago. I've been drinking heavily for 4 years. Where should I go for help? I don't have insurance. Also I went to the hospital last night because I was having palpitations and my blood pressure was 190 over 120. I was having a terrible anxiety attack(they haunt me daily) and I need to get on meds. I am not sure where to go for that kind of treatment and counseling. I've been redirected a jillion times to agencies who say they are full or can't help me. I'm 21. Looking for work. Uninsured. And American. Help?
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spam spam YARD SALE spam spam

Hey can I have a dollar?

How about if I sell you something for it?

Yah, a few friends and I are having a YARD SALE up in NoPo tomorrow (Saturday, Aug 25).

Here is the CL listing for it, but if you are too lazy to click, here are highlights:

Transformers! Steel Drum! Radio-controlled fighting robots! Lotsa clothes!

As an added bonus, I will autograph anything of mine that you buy, like I am doing here:

That is emakelle on the right, she'll be selling stuff in the sale as well. She says she'll sign your chest if you want.

We're starting up at 8:30. Here's a MAP. Thanks!

photo credit: Mr. bellybalt

Short rant...

Last night I met a friend for food/drink at Tin Shed. I love this place...not just for food, but great atmosphere. 

Except last night.

I walked up to the gate around 8:15pm, happy to see there was not much of a wait. The hostess was kind enough to get me a beer while I was waiting and offered me a seat in the "garden area" while I was waiting for my friend...

Before I could even make a decision, a band started playing. And they were loud. And I am sure the band is fine and dandy (no insult to the musicians)...but frankly the music was so loud that we could not even hear ourselves speak. 

The garden became more like a Phish concert. It really screwed with the ambiance of the restaurant. I said something to the hostess and she said "Yeah, I've been dealing with this all night..."

Needless to say, we sat inside, which sucks because part of the great thing about Tin Shed is the patio...

End rant.

Portland Writer's Room

Someone at my p.o.e. is trying to set this up... Posting in case it's anyone else's cup of tea:

Imagine a shared office space that's quiet, literary, and beautiful. Paid membership is required, but the value of benefits to serious writers is superb. Other cities around the U.S. boast incredible writers' rooms. Should Oregon writers have their own space?

The site.

What it's modeled after.

It should be interesting if it gets up and running.
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(no subject)

I might be going out of town this Thanksgiving and was wondering what is the best time to try to get a flight out of PDX around that time of year, if any? Anyone ever really had a bad time traveling out of Portland for Thanksgiving?
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I'm traveling to Canada this Monday, and I must admit that I am passportless. I know when you take a boat or plane a passport is needed, but is it ok if I just bring my birth certificate and photo ID that they'll let me back into the country via bus/train?
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Fresh Mint

Okay Portland, I'm having a ridiculously difficult time obtaining fresh mint. I've seen it growing in people's yards so I know it's not that rare. I'd really like to make some minty summery drinks tomorrow and they don't carry it at Freddie's, Safeway or New Seasons. I'm running out of time and energy to keep searching all over town.

If anyone knows where I can get it, not "thinks maybe" but has actually seen it for sale somewhere, you earn my gratitude, plus come on over and share a pineapple mojito or something.

Thanks in advance.

BBQ burritos

You know those greasy, terribly unhealthy BBQ burritos that used to be in the deli counter at stores like Safeway and Fred Meyer? The ones that, according to my friend who works at Safeway, are discontinued (at least at Safeway)? Not the beef and bean ones. The BBQ ones with chicken or beef or something in them.

I want some.

Where in Portland can I find them? The closer to Multnomah Village the better, but keep in mind that I've already looked at the Burlingame Fred Meyer and Barbur Safeway.
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Stolen car resources?

Someone parked a car in my front yard a couple nights ago and no one has been back to it since then. If no one comes by tomorrow night, we plan on having it towed or something. Are there any local databases online where people report their stolen cars? Or, if anyone you know has lost a light silvery blue Ford Contour, it might be in my yard.

The Yards

Has anyone heard anything good about The Yards @ Union Station? I went there and it seemed OK but I just read some pretty awful things about the place. Not too worried about the homeless from the other side of the tracks but more worried about crime. I applied for a studio there but, since it's for low-income housing, they're still waiting for my bank to cooperate with paperwork. Therefore, I do have the option of looking for another place to live. I have a limited time to find any housing though. Yes, I've been looking on craigslist and other assorted sites but places want me to move in around the 1st.
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(no subject)

I'm thinking of checking out the historical society on Sunday. Any recs for other things to do within walking distance of the place?
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