August 23rd, 2007


Crater Lake and the Redwoods

i'm heading down with a friend to crater lake in southern oregon and the redwoods in northern california. we were wondering if you all had any hints, tips and any other assorted recommendations about those areas (and anything else nearby... we'll be in a car, so we'll be able to get around easy enough...but might bring bikes too if there's any interesting paved trails [we don't have mountain bikes] to hit up)

p.s. - we might swing by shasta lake and arcata, ca too

p.p.s. - thanks to everyone who responded with useful information to my post last month about bike light laws!
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"we pay your deductible"

It has recently come to my attention that some auto body repair shops offer to pay your deductible in full or in part, and I have dent that I would really like to get fixed. Do they just overcharge the insurance company/is it legit? Does anyone know of a good place I can take my car to (I saw a sign once offering this, but I don't even remember where I was) that does this? I live in Oregon City but I am willing to drive to a good place, especially if the repair doesn't cost me much... thanks :)
Actually while I am asking, I have a little rock chip too. I always see those "free rock chip repair" tents in big parking lots, how does that work? I mean, I figure it's some sort of scam. I am not sure where I should go just to get a tiny rock chip fixed.

Another question for the DP oracle

My boyfriend wanted to plan a last minute trip this weekend to Crater Lake. He's insisting that we get a hotel room instead of going camping, so I made him try to find us a room instead of taking on the task myself. He got us a room for 2 nights at a place called Whispering Pines Motel and Market. I can't find any photos/reviews/info online other than it has 11 rooms and it's only $44/night.

Does anyone here know about this place? Neither of us have been to Crater Lake before and know nothing of the area. My over-active imagination is picturing some sort of drug-infested prostitution-ring half-way house in the middle of nowhere. I am not a high-maintenance princess but I don't want to stay in a complete dive (augh, why did I lose the battle over camping?!) Someone out there please either confirm my fears or tell me that this motel/market combo is a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered.

Nintendo DS

When I moved into my apartment, I signed up for some triple pack deal through Comcast. The incentive was that you received a free Nintendo DS Lite. I got it in the mail the other day. The thing is, I'll NEVER use it so it's pointless. (I'm not much of a video game player.) It's the polar white DS and it's brand new, still in box. I'll post on CL if no one is interested here, but I figured I'd give you guys first dibs. It retails for about $130 but I'm selling it for $100. If anyone is interested, leave your e-mail address and we'll work something out.
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Something tasty to *drink* with?

Fabulous wine recommendation, anyone?

Riesling Eroica (2006) from Ste. Michelle's in Yakima Valley.

I had a glass at Gustav's last night. It is absolutely AMAZING. It scored a 91 on some national test in which I cannot recall the name of at this time.

Regardless, AMAZING.

You may thank me if you try it by buying me a bottleTHANKYOU.

Portland related because, *drink*.
sushi san fancisco

dance dance evolution

Which club is best in town for faux-rave techno dance insanity?

I am so out of the demographic I have to ask here :)
I like drum and bass, bhahgra, chemical bros, basement jaxx

Aura? Ohm? Fez?

I just want to dance anonymously to loud music in a crowd of freaks.
little blue dog


Peeps, can you recommend a plumbing company that will send out an estimator outside of standard business hours (i.e., evenings or weekends)?

Collapse )

Anyway, thanks for any recommendations!
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Push Button For POPSICLES


My roommate has this cat.

It's a fluffy cat. She is kind of special.

Anyway, she has some thistle buds caught in her fur, as well as a few mats. He said that if I wanted to pay for her to be shaved/groomed, he would not object to it. He is on vacation at the moment.

I'm just curious, and I did do a brief search of the community before asking, how much I can expect to pay to have this cat groomed?

Thank you for your time.
biking viking

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Portland QuirkynessQuirkiness, Part 1: Seeing a garage sale sign in SE Portland with euphemism "Packrat Purge"--yay for creative signs!

2. Seeing menus for Rumpspanker's Beyond Broth being stapled (with stapleless staples) onto telephone poles on SE Hawthorne. Creative marketing at its best.

3. Tiramisu waffles at Jace Gace art gallery/waffle bar. And big thanks to pdx_username for mentioning the place on a damnportlanders post, and posting delicious pics of the waffles on his blog few weeks back!

4. Upper Hawthorne Block Party this Saturday. Party in SE 43rd!

5. The 3rd Annual Great American Distillers Festival at Gerding Theater this Saturday and Sunday.

6. Newly-installed covered bicycle shelters along SE Hawthorne, complete with neighborhood walking and bicycling maps! Having a safe place to park bikes off side streets should keep those pesky cyclists off the busy sidewalks.

7. Those damnportlanders folks who inspire me to keep myself healthy and fit--I look forward to seeing at least three of them during this Sunday's Portland Century ride event!

8. Portland QuirkynessQuirkiness, Part 2: Seeing adjacent business awning signs for Murder By The Books and Hawthorne Cutlery. I am going to have gory nightmares, Portland-style!
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Xmas Socks

Calling other smart and social DPers!

So... I've always wanted to enter one of those Pub Quiz things. However, some of my friends are lame and don't want to enter. There's a tournament coming up and you can have a team of 4-6. It costs $20 for each person to sign up and grand prize is $2000 and a trophy. Some proceeds go to the Oregon Humane Society. Would anyone be interested in starting a team with me? You can find out more info here:

I'm pretty good at the useless trivia kind of thing and more of the pop culture stuff; but I'm ok in the general knowledge too. Years ago I passed the local audition for Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but then they canceled the Regis version. =( Anyway, I think it could be a lot of fun, especially if someone's schooled in history and literature (of which I don't personally know a lot)

Anyone game? (Haha) Email me @ mellamoestrella at hotmail dot com Yay!
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(no subject)

question, you smart portlanders:

next summer, i'd really like to trek throughout europe. where on earth should i start planning this? i need info on hotels/hostels, trains, etc. i honestly have no idea where to start planning this, other than looking for plane tickets and saving money for those. and obviously i know basics, like passport and stuff. i guess i'm looking for help on what to do when i get there, how to get around, etc.

i want the trip to last around 2-3 weeks, and i'm totally not sure where i'd want to go... pretty open i think.

help, solen bicycle seat

Hey guys,
My bicycle seat was stolen off of my bike last night (the 22nd). It is bright yellow and says Kevlar on it. My bicycle was locked up on the corner of SW 11th and Clay (near PSU). I was hoping one of you might have seen it on Craigslist or on a bicycle near the campus. If you guys see anything, let me know. I filed a police report too (if anyone has further suggestions, I'd love to hear them). Thanks a lot.

kitten needs a home

My sister was given a kitten recently and she can not afford to take care of him. He is very sweet and loving. He was recently treated for fleas and is flea free now. I posted an ad on craigslist but also wanted to see if a DPer wants to take him. Here's a pic:

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This is in Hillsboro. email me at if you want to come get him.
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oh dizaaaamn! the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers rocks some int'l TLD tests!

of course it'll be stuff like random letters that are pronounced like KOM or NET or ORG instead of culturally meaningful and distinct TLDs, but that's ICANN for you.

portland related because it was today in portland, too! and a pretty nice today. a little warm. I liked it better in the morning.

also, hahaha:
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body paint

After a fruitless search, I must turn to DP for help:

Where in Portland can I find (preferably liquid) body paint?

Alternately, what kind of paint is best is best suited to being applied to one's body for the purpose of rolling around on a blank canvas?

Thank you very much for your help :)