August 21st, 2007

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This one's for the laaaaaaadieeeees...

Any local recommendations for plus-size clothing boutiques? Not national chains or Nordstrom's or the like, but any local/regional stores that stock plenty of size 16+. I'll be visiting your fair city and always like to shop somewhere new and/or have an emergency place to go in case of unexpected invite, shindig, etc.

Green Flip Flops

What's up with the crappy service?

I've had so many horrible experiences with customer service here in Portland. I don't understand, though, because Portland seems to pride itself on the people here being so friendly. Is that just a lie? Or is it because there are so many outsiders moving here ruining the friendly atmosphere?

Here's an example: My husband and I ate out last night at Elmer's. We'd never gone before, and he wanted to get a quick bite to eat after work. We ordered the sampler appetizer and the chips & fish to share. Our server sits down at the table behind us and proceeds to talk with the tourists about all the local attractions after we ordered our food. She just went on and on. She never stopped talking! She even told them how she used to live in SoCal and pretty much anything you'd ever want to know about herself. We thought it was funny until we saw we'd been sitting there for 20 minutes without even getting out appetizer. It wasn't busy and fried food is really easy to make. More under the cut. Collapse )
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Vegetarian Korean??

So my birthday is coming up, and I have to find a place to eat with the work people that accomodates vegetarian (she eats fish, turkey, chicken). I love trying new ethnic foods and have never eaten Korean food. We work downtown and I know there are several places on Beav/Hillsdale Hwy that have good Korean, and I am researching a place on Hawthorne, TOJI, that looks good. My concern is that these places will only have beef. Is it true or will my coworker be able to eat something at a Korean restaurant? Also recommendations of specific places welcome!! Thanks ~B

EDIT:  Ok yes I am an idiot. Glad I could give you all a laugh red meat is not the same as vegetarian.  ;)
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I'm craving a panini like crazy. And all this food/restaurant talk has prompted me to ask YOU what is YOUR favorite restaurant/bistro/place where you can get a quick bite here in the city?

Panhandling option ?

Ok, here is a concept that several people I know have kicked around, and just for argument's sake I thought I would throw it out here and see what you all thought. This is, almost certainly, not something anyone will actually try, but it makes for interesting debate. Legal, sociological, moral and practical considerations all at play here:

::: EDIT :::: This is like debating the ethics of time traveling for purposes of having sex with dinosaurs. It's an exercise in "what if," not an exercise in "should we?" Nobody is going to DO this.

:::: EDIT #2 ::: Sigh. "good luck with that," "have fun with that," "you will get harassed when you do this," etc all kinda miss the point from edit #1 above (that neither I, nor anyone I know, actually plans to do this or supports the concept). And those sending offline "you suck" messages to my inbox - wow. Go to and look up the definition of "hypothetical."  I will happily respond to further e-mail when I return from my sex tour of the paleolithic era this afternoon.

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Which would you prefer?

I want to make a treat for my coworkers this week...but I can't decide what to make. I was thinking Banana Bread would be good...then somebody suggested Zucchini Bread.

Dear DPers...if you had to decide between the two, which would you pick?

And...just because I'm you have a favorite banana or zucchini bread recipe? What is it?

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Dear douchebags who broke in my place 10 days ago,
I reside in NE, MLK and Lombard area, you remember one of the condos you broke in. I thought you'd show up on craigslist to sell my laptop, but I must admit you are smart. You never showed up. I don't care anything else, but I do need my computer back. It is 12" PowerBook G4, which doesn't worth that much by now. Moreover, it's possworded, and there is no way you can access without startup disk and F drive or unless you are a computer wiz. Even if you succeed hacking, there is nothing worth for you like credit card number. I backuped most of my data in my iPod which you forgot to steal. I had a difficult time redoing my final project you stole along with the computer in three days, but it's over now. I don't care. But my life without that babytop, it has been very very,, I don't know which word to use appropriately but sad. It had served me nealy three years and was going to be with me for another while. I promise I will not report Police, so please give it back to me. You can drop it off at my place or whatever.


Cat Advice

So how do I keep the cats from ruining my nice couch. They fucking love to scratch the arms of it, and their fur is all getting all over it and it just makes me want to barf. No cats on the couch would be nice but how?

Wax crystals?

Here's another "looking for" post challenge for you DPers.

Besides Michael's and Craft Warehouse, are there any other stores in town that sell candle making supplies? A special store would be wonderful! I'm looking particularly for some wax crystals.


Diner off I-5 in Salem!

I ate there last year and am about to go on a road trip and want to stop there for breakfast but forgot the name and exact location. I seem to remember Black Bear was in the name of the place. It had a really warm and cheery dining room, served huge portions and had a friendly waitstaff. I think it was on the south side of town, and since we were driving north, was on the left as we entered Salem. Any clues? And yes, I have tried the Google.

EDIT: Never mind, spelling things CORRECTLY helps with Google-fu. GAH!

thrill the world!

on saturday, oct. 27 at 3 p.m.

portlanders, along with many other people in other cities around the world
will dance to michael jackson's "thriller" at the same time
claiming a spot in the guiness book of world records - no kidding!!!

all proceeds raised from portland's event
will be given to smyrc (sexual minority youth resource center)

to make this happen, we need 8 to 10 volunteers to help with:

- 4 people to help teach the dance to everyone else (instructions are available at

- 2-3 people to help with flyering, promo

- Others to help with organizing the event, fundraisers (think zombie carwash!), etc.

please email if you have any questions or would like to be involved - first "official" planning meeting is sunday, aug. 26 at 4 p.m. (location given via email). cemeteryloveclub at yahoo dot com.

help us thrill the world!
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No, I haven't forgotten!

Meetup is a week from today! That is to say, meetup will be held on Tuesday, August 28th, at 7pm. It will probably be held at the East Bank Saloon again, but I did forget that in order to catch the guy in charge I have to call them in the morning, so check back tomorrow for the official confirmation of that.

Also: I will not be in attendance this month since I'll be in Atlanta dying of heatstroke visiting my newborn niece. I've asked bellybalt to handle the nametag-and-pen duty for me. ♥

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An odd request

Sooo... anyone know if there's a school around town that A) has full-height lockers, and B) would allow us to do a photo shoot in one without calling the cops or whatever?

Maybe if there's an abandoned school that we could get into that has the lockers, that could work, too.

Bonus points if there are also power outlets that we could use.
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Heck why not....

So I see that people post about needing a job and now I am one of those people.

Ok, I have a ton of office experience. I'm not a flake....I'm always early....

I have sent out a ton of resumes and nothing.

Getting a little frustrated right now.

Just so everyone knows what I have posted to:
JobDango, Monster, HotJobs, Kaiser, and went thru every page of the Sunday Oregonian and then went on line to apply....


Thanks for any suggestions that you all can send my way.
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Oh noes! Another post about doctors!

But really, I need help.

I have narcolepsy and am in real need to find a sleep doctor soon. Does anyone in this community have narcolepsy and have any recommendations??? There are a ton of sleep disorder centers in Portland and I have no idea which one to choose.

Thanks in advance.
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So this year, Dead Letter is staying home. Not the least of which is because, if you didn't know, the Dead Letter Truck was stolen in mid-December!

Plus, we're neck deep in a building project in Portland, and it's honestly more fun.

Anyhoo, we're sending a bunch of semi-facetious 'have you seen me?' posters of the missing DLT to playa, mostly to prepare for our triumphant return with DLT 2.0 in 2008.

We'll be Pirate Mailing bundles of about 12 posters (11x17) to the playa, and if you would be interested in putting them up around the playa or giving them away, let me know here and I will pirate mail you a bundle:

Anti-MOOP suggestions: 1) Pirate Mail the poster to an ADDRESSEE 2)Give to a MUTANT VEHICLE to post inside for the week 3) Place prominently on a sculpture to be BURNED 4) Give to a SPECIFIC PERSON who will post it for the week and then take it home 5) Pirate Mail this poster to a person OFF-PLAYA! 6) GO BACK AND GET IT YOURSELF!

You can also pick up one for your camp at the BRCPO!


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Need Some Legal Help/Suggestions

In the past year or so, I got the first few traffic tickets I've ever received in my life. I was pulled over about a year ago for running a red when I accidentally followed a truck through a light I didn't even see on Grand. I went to court, had it reduced to the lowest amount and paid it off immediately. Longer story after the cut...

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Does anyone have any words of advice about the concerts on the lawn at Edgefield?
I'm going to the Wilco show tomorrow night and am trying to figure out when to get there.  The website says doors open at 5pm, but we'd like to stake out a decent spot on the lawn and I'm wondering when people usually start lining up.  The show is sold out, so I imagine it will be pretty crowded.     
Also, is Edgefield a cool place to spend a few hours exploring the winery and whatnot?  I'm lucky enough to have the day off tomorrow, so we may just end up going out there in the early afternoon and hanging out until the show.  Unless there's absolutely nothing to see/do there.
Thanks in advance! 
Aimee Head.

Missing bird!

I know this is a long shot, but I don't know what else to do...

My cockatiel, Frank, flew out the door today while I was bending over to unleash my dog. And Frank is really like family to me.

So if you are between Killingsworth and Ainsworth, between NE 10th and NE 15th, and you hear a screeching bird from the trees (or see a bright yellow cockatiel), PLEASE CALL ME!

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Road Trip!

I haven't posted here in awhile but since moving back home after graduation I've been kinda lurking a little. I admit I'm a little apprehensive to post because I am sure someone will bitch me out for something- but I try to find the humor in everything :)

My mom and I have decided to go on a 4000 mile, 2.5 week long road trip starting in a week (a loop through Washington/Idaho/Montana down to Yellowstone, through Wyoming to Mt. Rushmore/The Badlands, down back through WY and through Denver and down to the Grand Canyon, back up through Utah, then back to Portland!). We planned the gist of it out at AAA today, but what my questions to you guys are, neither of us having done this...

Are there any sites along the way besides the obvious national parks? Cool short hikes we can do to get some circulation going inbetween hours and hours of driving? Something we must see along that general outline of a route? Tips?  Anyone done a similar road trip?

Oh yeah, I am also a recent college grad who is unemployed and looking for a job (in a law firm, hopefully). Well, I put that last part in there as a joke. But it's true. haha.
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Medical office employment available

One of my coworkers at the front desk is moving to the back office, so we need someone to replace her! It's a busy 10+ practitioner specialty ophthalmology clinic at Good Sam in NW Portland, checking patients in, scheduling patients, working the phones, etc. Very heavy patient contact. Must be patient (hurrr) because a lot of our patients are elderly, blind, deaf, cranky. I believe it's full time, but could be wrong on that. If you're interested, drop me an email - laurenmichelle at gmail dot com - and I'll give you the number to my boss, and she can give you more info.
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Here's a question for all the beer drinkers out there... On my recent trip to New Jersey, I tried this awesome Beer called Leinenkugel's... According to their website, Columbia Distributing has it, but it doesn't say what stores or bars carry it.... Is anybody familiar with it, or know what places have it?
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