August 20th, 2007

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Places to Run


Any suggestions on places to run in Hillsboro, Beaverton or Tigard? Bonus if they are nicely landscaped/woody and are not awful hard concrete but woodchips or something like it!


Nothing Says Portland Like a Beer and a UFO Sighting

August 20, 2007 Monday Movie Night will screen:

Unidentified Flying Objects, (Clarence Greene, 1956, 92 minutes) The first flying saucer documentary produced, by a director noted for his offbeat style and OCD-level concern for accuracy. Filmed in real government radar rooms with the cooperation of the military. Features the well-known incident when US Army jet Red Dog One was tracked and was surrounded by UFOs over Washington DC.

There are only two Mondays left in the Summer series.

Monday Movies will be moving to a more Winter-appropriate venue after next week. If you'd like to be emailed a calendar of the upcoming Fall/Winter schedule once it is available, please send your request to

See movies under the stars as you view some of the finest documentary and educational films salvaged from the 20th century. The show begins at sunset, on the patio of Mississippi Station in North Portland. Local media historian and author Tom Robinson will introduce this 16mm print from his collection and play it on a vintage projector. See these original films the way they were meant to be seen, on a real projector, on a real screen, and drunk.

Monday Movies at Mississippi Station
3943 North Mississippi Ave.
Portland, OR 97227
Screening begins at sunset (approximately 9:00PM).
This is a free event. Full bar and menu. Rain or shine.

For a complete calendar of upcoming movies, go to

Garfield Monday

(no subject)

I'm still hungover from Saturday night. I've done the whole gallons of water and cranberry juice thing all day yesterday, but to no avail. Any of you alcoholics out there nice people have any better suggestions? Sleeping just won't do the trick right now unfortunately, as I am at work -- looking/feeling like a zombie.

Yes, I shouldn't have drank so much but it's rude to turn down a free drink on the eve of your birthday.. :-P
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Acne Cures?

So I recently stopped taking hormonal birth control, with the immediate result of my skin freaking out. I now look, skin-wise, like a 15 year old boy. At 23, this isn't exactly desirable...does anyone have advice for good, effective acne treatments? Bonus for those that DON'T contain benzoyl peroxide, b/c I think I'm allergic to it.
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Portland to Host Terrorism Drill

Portland to Host Terrorism Drill “NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2” Aug. 20 to 24

Oregon Truth Alliance | August 19, 2007

This is an urgent advisory notice from concerned citizens of Oregon and Washington about an upcoming U.S. Joint Forces Command emergency management exercise known as NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 that will simulate terrorism or disaster scenarios in the Lower Columbia River Basin between Aug. 20th and Aug 24th, 2007.

NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 was designed and will be directed by U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) and the Department of Homeland Security. We are aware of no public notice concerning this exercise, but preliminary investigation has revealed that Oregon National Guard officials and federal officials will conduct the drill. Details from official sources are minimal.

(Article continues below)

This advisory is to document our concerns, raise public awareness and urge citizen action based on the following facts:

1. NOBLE RESOLVE is a computer-based simulation of a large-scale emergency situation (e.g. earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, or terrorist attack with nuclear weapon) in order to train for managing all aspects of the emergency response through comprehensive software.

2. Military exercises such as NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2 have a recent history of coinciding with lethal “live” events. This occurred both at the start of Desert Storm in 1990 and on 9/11/01 when five or more major military or security exercises were in progress on the very day of the actual attacks. The same phenomenon occurred with the London Bombings of 7/7/05 during which a drill concerning multiple bomb attacks was being staged on that day.

3. Vice President Cheney, Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff and former Senator Rick Santorum have all warned of a new 9/11 attack this summer, but are giving no evidence in support. Chertoff based his prediction on a “gut feeling”.

4. The May 2007 Presidential Directive NSPD 51 (HSPD 20) addressing “continuity of government” in the event of a massive emergency, includes secret "annexes" which are pertinent additional documents. Some US Congressional Committee on Homeland Security members such as Rep. Peter DeFazio have written to formally request permission to review these secret "annexes" and have twice been denied access by the White House.

5. This particular exercise, NOBLE RESOLVE 07-2, includes one scenario involving an unaccounted for, "loose," ten kiloton nuclear weapon, exactly as Vice President Cheney hinted in recent interviews. Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff claims he fears the same.

6. The plummeting support for the GOP has triggered comments from its members and analyses of its current political strategy that point to a new 9/11 attack as a contributing factor to GOP political salvation. Moreover, it appears that legends or back stories are being disseminated to support just such an event.
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Free/low cost family attorney needed

A coworker of mine needs to get divorced from her skeezy abusive [insert expletive of choice] husband. They do have a minor daughter, and it looks like it's going to be nasty - he's trying to sue for custody and maintenence payments (he's unemployed, not interested in looking for a job, etc). She lives in the Vancouver/Battle Ground area. She's not very well-off, having had to support his dead weight as well as herself and her daughter, and she and her daughter just moved out. Does anyone have any recommendations for free/low-cost family attorneys that are licensed to practice in Washington? My coworkers and I are exploring options through the Washington and Oregon bars, through our insurance employee assistance programs and personal contacts, but the more options she has the better. Any assistance, names/numbers, whatever would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

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Has anyone lost a cute little white dog in North Portland?

I believe it's a girl. She followed me home a few hours ago, but will not let me close enough to check her tags.

She's about the size of a Jack Russell, but sort of looks like she might be an American Eskimo mix with odd gold eyes.

I have been unable to catch her, but she's around the area of N Greenwich and N Bryant if you are looking for her.

Sellwood bridge traffic...

Hey all, I am contemplating a move from the 'burbs (Beaverton) into portland proper (westmoreland)and wanted to check with the locals about traffic since I'm having a hard time looking up traffic reports for the area. I work in Lake Oswego and would need to cross the Sellwood Bridge in the mornings for work to go south on Macadam / Riverside Dr. I was wondering how bad the traffic is in this area around the rush hour commute, is it hours, or minutes? Also whats it like in the winter? Ive read some stuff about the Sellwood bridge reconstruction / rehabilitation, when do they plan on starting with the construction?

Anyone that can give me info is awesome in my book! Thanks all you Sellwoodites and Morelandites!
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Good eatin'

Anybody know of a good nutritionist who'll help me clean up my diet without it costing me my firstborn child?

EDIT: I pretty much know the basics (veggies are good, hooray for fiber, etc.), but I need help applying that stuff, because I exercise all the damned time and I get hungry a lot. And I think I need a bit of the personal attention/accountability.

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I'm doing the Portland to Coast this weekend...

and at the last minute one of our vans fell through. So we're left without transportation. It seems as though all of the van resources in the entire NW are drained because of this event.

By any chance, do you guys know of where I could find a BIG VAN for this weekend?? We're willing to pay AND realize there is a chance it won't be vegan...

We might just be stuck renting a mini van (which I'm told sucks big time...6 sweaty people squished into a mini van with overnight stuff = no fun)...still, I thought I'd ask the might DP oracle before we lost all hope.


oh nevermind, just drink!
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Web Accessibility Resources

Do you have any recommendations about resources for website design? I think I have a fairly good idea about what looks good aesthetically. What I am interested in is designing something that is extremely intuitive and easy to use--nearly computer illiterate should be able to use it and find what they need to.

Recommendations on books, websites, or you, if I can pick your brain for free, a drink/baked good of your choice, or dinner, depending on how much info or skills you give me, will all be much appreciated.

If it matters, the purpose is for a website that will list resources for low-income Portlanders and make it easier for people to find info all in one place.

Thanks, DP!

Your wipers are on, but why aren't your headlights?

Remember, ORS 811.515 and common fucking sense requires you to have your lowbeams on when it's raining or snowing, and at all times in tunnels and safety corridors. Turn on your headlights and shut off the highbeams, auxillary lights and fog lights unless you're not following or approaching other vehicles. Your vehicle lights are primarily for others to see you by, not for you to see by, and the extra lights are generally positioned for you to see better at the expense of extra glare for oncoming drivers. And just replace any blue or green lights with legal colors that don't blind people as badly if you leave them on accidentally.

Cyclists, turn your lights on, too, and if you don't have them, don't ride. It applies especially to you, since cyclists go from nearly invisible to readily noticable just by the addition of proper lights at night or in the rain.

Identity attack spreads; 1.6M records stolen from

(due to the broad range of victims of this, i found it to be worthy of warning for my fellow DP so they arent globally phished or extorted.... if you dont use dismiss this, if you do read this in the entirety)

By Gregg Keizer
August 19, 2007

The 46,000 people reportedly infected by ads on job sites may be only a
fraction of the victims of an ambitious, multi-stage attack that's
stolen data belonging to several hundred thousand people who posted
resumes on, a researcher said this weekend.

According to Symantec Corp. security analyst Amado Hidalgo, a new Trojan
horse called Infostealer.Monstres by Symantec (and Prg by SecureWorks)
has stolen more than 1.6 million records belonging to several hundred
thousand people from the job search service That data is
then used to target the users with credible phishing mail
that plants more malware on their machines.

"We are investigating the reports related to this Trojan and will take
any necessary steps indicated by that investigation,"
spokesman Steve Sylven said Sunday in an e-mail.

The personal information filched from includes names, e-mail
addresses, home address, phone numbers, and resume ID number, said
Hidalgo, who traced the data to a remote server used by the attackers to
store the stolen information. Infostealer.Monstres ripped off by using legitimate log-ons, likely stolen from recruiters
and human resource personnel who have access to the "Monster for
employers" areas of the site. Once inside, the Trojan ran automated
searches for resumes of candidates located in certain countries or
working in certain fields. The results were then uploaded to the
attackers' remote server.

"Such a large database of highly personal information is a spammer's
dream," said Hidalgo. In fact, that's exactly what the attackers are
using their newly-acquired data for.
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Temp Employment "Ins"? Also, subletting

Just breezing by on my way to Craigslist, I suddenly stopped and thought I might ask if anyone on DP has news of cool temporary or part-time jobs that are hiring. I know to check places like Adecco and ManPower, etc, but just thought I'd ask if anyone had something specific...

Also, what's the deal with subletting (on Craigslist)? I thought subletting was like, sleep in my crappy basement room for 150 a month; instead, I'm seeing "sublets" for at or above the price of normal rent. What's the difference between subletting and renting month-to-month? I mean, I'm fine living in my car for now (xept I get bored without the Internet), but if I could find a basement room for 150 a month I might be interested...

Anyway, thank you all in advance!

(no subject)

I've asked for computer help before and you guys were really helpful. Well, I need help again. I have a wireless network in my apartment. I have the network set up from my desktop computer that was connected to the Comcast modem and the Netgear. I did have it security-enabled until I got my Nintendo Wii and the only way I could connect it was to reset the network to unsecured. Well now my desktop computer has died on me and I have 2 laptops and my internet has been wacky lately. It will lose connection out of nowhere and I have to reset the modem several times a day. I really just want to reconfigure the whole thing, but I am just so confused how to go about it. I would like to connect my two laptops and make sure no one else can connect to my internet. I would also like to connect my Wii. I am really not sure what to do since I usually used my desktop to set up the wireless network. It would be sweet if someone can explain how to do this in stupid person terms.

Thank you!!