August 19th, 2007

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I live on a mildly busy intersection. Lately drunken assholes have taken to careening through the intersection and running into things.

A week or so ago some idiot broadsided my upstairs neighbors' van and fled. The crash woke me up but I looked outside and didn't see anything and sort of laid around in a half-conscious state wondering WTF. This time I ran RIGHT the fuck outside in the rain only in my PJ bottoms to get the guy's plate, but only half-saw the second 2 digits which looked like 77 on a white van before the guy threw it into reverse to try to get unstuck (he was spinning tires the whole time) and I ran back towards my house to avoid getting run over or shot or something. He got unstuck and sped off down the street -- in the right lane this time, he was stuck on the curb of the eastbound lane traveling west -- with sparks and loud noise coming out of the driver's side undercarriage of his van. Then he took a left heading south on the N-S street 2 blocks west.

Well I got back to my house, had to climb in a window because I'd locked myself out, and called 911. Then I put on clothes and went out to search for the drunken fuck. I found a white -minivan-, poorly parked with a flat tire and damage on the driver's side on the corner of said N-S street and the E-W street 1 block south, but the license plate was something that didn't match, and I was 90% sure the vehicle I saw was a van, and I touched its hood and it was cold.

Then I skulked around some more and noticed a white van that looked exactly like the one I'd seen in the incident parked well into the small lot of an apartment building, but I heard some noises and noticed the front door of a dark apartment hanging open in the building so I got scared off and walked around the block. Then I crept up to the van to verify the license plate: SE7 xxx (leaving last 3 digits out here). Oho. The van also appeared to have tools in the back, and I found a craftsman wrench lying in the road where the guy hit the curb, but I didn't touch the wrench. I also was NOT about to inspect the van for damage or a warm engine given the situation -- enclosed parking lot, nowhere to run, door of dark apartment left open. It was dark, the tires LOOKED inflated but I did not get close enough to do anything but check the plate and GTFO.

I called the police non-emergency line and reported the van but not the minivan (mistake I know, but the dispatcher didn't seem too interested and I was excited). I suspect they're not going to check out the van or do shit about it, but I am sick of drunken assholes careening through the intersection outside my house. Of course now I'm worried about the person coming back to find me.

Should I have reported this information to the police given the admittedly sketchy details and the fact that whoever owns that van is likely a neighbor?

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black dress?

Hi all,

I need to find a nice black dress. Today. In the dead of summer. Does anyone have a recommendation of where I could find such an elusive thing today? I've been to pretty much every store at Lloyd Center, Moxie on Burnside, and also a few on Alberta. My problem is that the "popular" style right now seems to be a crappy 70's throw-back where there's a tight band at the top and then just an ugly bag of fabric hanging below that. Does this look good on anyone? I really doubt it.

Anyway... help?

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Tour de Fat bike parade pics wanted

Did you ride in the Tour de Fat bike parade? I saw lots of people get off their bikes and take pics. If so, I want to see them. Maybe one of you is a DP'er? If you have them online somewhere, please point me to them. I would really appreciate it as I wasn't able to take pics during the ride.

Thanks in advance!

Entertainment books

Hey y'all. I ordered too many Entertainment books and they're going to be no good in a few months. If you want one, they're $9.99 plus shipping online, I'll take $10. Not quite what I paid for them, and still enough time to get your money's worth. I hate to see them just sitting in my office going to waste.
love your chub

femme affinity group pdx presents. . .

Come join us for food, games and queer summer fun!

Calling all femmes, homos and freaks!
F.A.G PDX invites you to Overlook park for a community picnic.
Swingsets, teeter totters and community building ..oh my!
Bring a potluck item to share and a small grill if you have one.
(there will be vegetarian and non-veg grills)
Group games and gay sheenanigans galore.

This is an all-ages sober event. Yay!

learn more about us here:
Xmas Socks

Pictures: Framing and Matting?

I took a picture of this cool stop sign the other day and my sister and I both want some larger pictures of the photo. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced place in Portland where I can get the photo matted and framed and possibly enlarged all at the same time? Thanks!

And... go!

Photo post

I was lucky to catch some nice weather on my evening off this past Thursday, and I thought I would share. In case you were wondering, this little bit of summer was caught on the Angel Rest trail in the gorge.

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