August 18th, 2007

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Need some pants?

Hey guys! I'm getting rid of a whole bunch of pants. Jeans, khakis, and some trousers from Hot Topic. Sizes 15, 16, and a couple 16W. Very little wear (some haven't even been worn more than once) other than some fraying on the bottom of the legs on a couple pairs of the trousers (too long for me, I'm short =P). If you're interested, leave a comment, email me at, or catch me on AIM at stfuitsnotlupus. I can take some pictures if anyone is interested. =)

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Hobo spiders.

So, after researching this online just now I wanted to see if anyone else is noticing or dealing with them same thing.

While walking around my neighborhood yesterday (I live in SE close to Milwaukie and Powell) I kept noticing all of these big weird web "nest" looking things in all the shrubs and bushes close to the ground - taking a closer look i see this huge spider in the center of one of them (there's about 10 web things in my front yard right now and it's a reeeeally small front yard) - it's like they all appeared overnight or something and it's freaking me out now that I checked it out online - because, well, gross - they're big spiders and they're everywhere, and 2) they BITE and apparently it can make you really sick.

Anyways, is anyone else noticing this in their garden/neighborhood? We kept having these massive spiders in our house and it's just been getting worse, but now they're all over the damn block! Ugh!

Bride to Be?!

Hey Everyone!

So I'd like to do something special with my step-mom to be before the wedding. I was thinking something like a spa, maybe hair/nails... massage? Facial? I don't know. But something to pamper us (her, mostly). Ideally, we would be able to be in the same room at the same time, so we could 'bond' a little. I would like to keep this as cheap as possible, but I want it to be VERY sanitary. The catch is that it has to be a place that wont make a couple of bigger girls feel self conscious. I want somewhere comfortable and welcoming of all body types. I don't want her looking at a lot of 'smaller' gals and feeling down on herself before the wedding. Any suggestions?

As usual, thanks in advance! :)
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public transit

I just moved here yesterday (thanks for your help!), and I show up for my first day of work on Monday morning. Until the 1st, I'll be camping on a friend's couch in SE and taking the bus into town, as my employer isn't providing a parking place. I've looked up the schedules, and they show the buses gliding into downtown with no delay... but I've seen firsthand how utterly sick your rush hour traffic is here. Really, it's worse than most of SoCal. If I'm busing it into downtown during rush hour, should I add another 20-30 minutes to the scheduled time, or is that given time somehow accurate (e.g., bus-only lanes, buses with monster truck tires, bus jump ramps)? As it is, I'm already aiming to arrive 30-45 minutes "early."

I'll be taking the #17 from Holgate, if that matters.
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wow, is it fall already? it feels like it right now. I just decided to quit smoking today! and there was fun sidewalk sales and plenty of free food/samples on hawthorne today! fun thing to randomly happen upon.