August 16th, 2007

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I am in need of a Coffee People frisbee.  I'm not sure when they were available (and it sucks that they were bought out) but I broke one that belonged to a friend and would like to try and replace it.

Google, Ebay, & Amazon all returned nothing.  Anybody have a clue?  

Description: red frisbee with a black Coffee People logo.  Pretty simple. 
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Veterinarian Recommendations?


A friend of mine needs to find an inexpensive veterinarian to check on her beloved cat. Does anyone have a recommendation for an affordable vet? Her cat is elderly and has lost a lot of weight, along with a few other symptoms. She needs to get her cat checked out, but doesn't have a lot of money.

Thank you!
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(no subject)

Ok, first I'm very sorry because I know this has been posted before. And, just like everyone else, I'm going to ask again! I was chewin some gum a while back and a filling stuck to the gum and opted out of sticking to my tooth... bastard filling. Anyway, so now I have a hole in my mouth. I'm absolutely terrified of dentists, have absolutely no money, and live near pioneer square. Is there a dentist that's near downtown? And will let me sit there and clench my hands while I scream inside my head as s/he fixes my mouth? And one who'll let me do payment plans! Thank you sooo much!! And thanks ya'll who answered the origami question I had a while back too =)
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Free Portland Streetcar rides from Friday through Sunday, and free Portland Aerial Tram rides on Saturday and Sunday! The freebies are in celebration of Portland Streetcar's SW Lowell Street extension opening on Friday. There is also a party at 11 a.m. on Friday. These Streetcar extension celebrations have been fun in the past.

2. Hawthorne Day! Street Fair this Saturday. I am sure that Hawthorne will be busier than usual on Saturday, but free music, samples, and general festivities may be interesting. It may be a challenge for me to visit all the areas from SE 12th up to SE 50th (although if I start low and go high, relaxing with delicious cocktails at the Sapphire Lounge may not be a bad idea).

3. Portland Metro's water- and tear-resistant 2007 Bike There! map of bicycle routes in the Portland area. in addition to color-coded (based on safety) map designating bike routes, there is a very good section about traffic laws and safety tips for bicyclists (including stuff that have been discussed here on damnportlanders). At $6 a pop, the map is a very good investment.

4. Being schooled by folks on a damnportlanders discussion few weeks ago about the importance of audiblizing or sounding a bell when passing other cyclists. Thanks to that discussion, I have outfitted my bike with a bell (ring-ring!). I have definitely found that this community can be very useful for learning important stuff.

5. The presence of easily accessible (read: across the street from a bus stop!) neighborhood watering holes in Eastside Portland. After a late-evening, six-hour cross-country flight from NYC, there is something refreshing and convenient about stepping off a late-night bus and walking right into a bar at 1 a.m. with suitcase in tow (beer is always a good thing to enjoy after a long-assed flight)!
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Affordable Flash Designer Needed

I need to hire someone that can make a few changes to my Flash website in the next 2-3 weeks, namely replacing some text and swapping out some photos. Pretty simple stuff I think. Maybe changing a link or two. But I need it affordable, or at least done *FAST*. Could lead to more detailed work in the future, possibly even a site redesign. MUST have an eye for good design.

Anyone know of someone? Recommendations? Portfolios?

Theater arts...

So, I don't go to many plays. But my dad really likes them, and I don't know what to get him for his birthday, and so I want to get tickets to something as a last-minute kind of thing. He likes pretty much everything, I think, but I'd say anything too artsy or indie (or without mainstream appeal, I guess) would be less his thing, unless it's just really good.

I guess I'm looking for a good place to start for info on theaters and such in Portland. I know of CoHo Productions and Portland Center Stage, but my google searches aren't producing great results. I'd like to spend under $30/ticket, too.


ETA: A place with reviews would be great, too, since I don't know what's good and what isn't. And I don't care when the play is, as long as it's after the 27th since we'll be on vacation.
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I have a tree/bush thing in my backyard that's growing waay out of control. I was going to trim it myself, but when I got back inside the bush I realized it had some pretty thick trunks. I'm also worried I might end up killing it if I just go all crazy with a chainsaw, despite how fun that sounds. Do I need an arborist? Can you recommend one? Are they crazy-ass expensive?

Dear Catalina's on Killingsworth

I had a fantastic time last time I went into your restaurant and ordered some Carnita's tacos. I thought the 7 dollar price was a little steep for 2 tacos rice and beans, but I understood the price as soon as I ate your delicious tacos. Not to mention the chips and salsa with guacamole on the side was quite tasty.

I thought you would be consistent. I was sadly disappointed by today's experience. I called and ordered the carnitas tacos once more anticipating delicious fare. As soon as you responded with 7.75 as the price I was immediately concerned. Why 7 dollars one day and 7.75 the next? I shrugged it off and figured that the food was pretty damn good. I mozied on over and came in to grab my food. I counted out the change and money and to my dismay your cashier said I didn't have enough. I contested that I had counted it correctly, and if she hadn't shoved it so quickly in the change drawer then it could have been recounted. I dealt with this for 5 minutes before you handed over the food. Success!

I walked home with dreams of yummy tacos. Satisfying my carnal cravings for seasoned slaughtered pig and lard laden rice and beans danced about my wits and I got home and sat down. I cracked open the steamy plastic container and looked at the tacos. Wtf? Carnitas are not consisted of the fatty part of the cut of meat fried crisp and a dark discolored shade of brown. To my knowledge carnitas are anything but the fat part of the pig fried to a crisp and shoved into a taco. I also observed your lack of guacamole this time with the chips and salsa. I was overcharged for shitty burnt fat tacos and no guacamole. K-thx.

Because of your poor ideas of what Gringo kids like me might notice as not being meat, I will not return to your establishmen near the corner of MLK and Killingsworth. Instead I will walk my gringo ass the extra blocks to La Sirenita and indulge in their consistently delicious inexpensive fare. I hope you don't pretend that the fat part of a pig is carnitas anymore because that's just fucked. And include the guacamole next time.

Sincerely yours,

Because so many of you DamnPortlanders like to sing/act like birds

Pica is looking for as many people as they can get their hands on for part of the Time Based Art festival next month. The piece they need singers for will take place on Thursday Sep 6th at 6:30 at Pioneer square. The work is entitled On the Great Migration of Excellent Birds written by Rindie Eckert. This piece is half written and half improvised. It is really rather easy and is going to be lots of fun..just as the title says it is about a flock of birds, so whistling, bird calls, wing flapping sounds etc. in addition to singing.

Rehearsals are Mondays Aug 20, 27th at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and Sep 2,3,4,5 at the First Congregational Church. All rehearsals are from 7-9 pm. If you would like to do this show you would have to come to this Monday the 20th rehearsal, and as many of the other ones as you can. There is no audition you just show up.

Also if you do this show you get a pass for TBA's the Works, which is there homebase with shows nightly through the course of TBA.

If you are interested please either just show up on Monday or write PICA at
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On the way home from OMSI tonight the Hawthorne Bridge, for reasons best known to itself, decided that what it REALLY WANTED TO DO was to go into full HAY THERES A BOAT UNDER ME mode. Only there was no boats on the river AT ALL and the deck didn't go up. Just the horns and the rails.

And then there was the chick at the 17 stop on 4th and Morrison who seemed to share the same perceptual set as the Hawthrone. She was arguing with the voices about them touching her shit, not sure who was winning.

Portland oh Portland, never change. :D
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LOST: name of artist

I'm trying to remember the name/website of this artist currently featured in one of the Everett Street Loft galleries. The paintings currently displayed are of water tower 'creatures' and buildings that look like they've just been knocked down. I liked them a lot, at any rate, and meant to check out his website -- but I lost his card. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks.

found. (the artist's name is Jason Greene.) thanks so much.
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(no subject)

my boyfriend is in need of some very temporary housing and very fast so he doesn't have to move back home... anyone have ideas?

sorry it's so brief.... i just need some help.