August 15th, 2007


Women's Bathhouse?

So I've recently moved down here from Tacoma and am deeply missing my Korean bathhouse. Are there any women's bathhouses in the greater portland area? It doesn't have to be Korean, just someplace, like a spa, where I can pay a flat fee and use their numereous saunas and hottubs without having pay for an overpriced spa treatment?

Double points for northern Portland or Vancouver vicinity.
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Query: anyone have experience with Underdog Sports Leagues?

Do any of the fellow damnportlanders have experience in participating in any Underdog Sports leagues? I am very curious about the flag football or kickball games, and it would be good to hear about others' experiences with Underdog activities.

Since I am feeling more active these days, I thought that it would be fun to indulge in sports activities this upcoming fall (in addition to bicycling), and I have been curious about flag football and kickball for awhile. It would be fun to relive some of the athletic-filled days of adolescence.

Thank you!
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So I have been searching for a job for a while now and last night submitted my resume at various places. Today I get a call from a place called Vector Marketing. I had never heard of them before, so I was not aware of the horror stories. They want me to come in for an interview today and as difficult as that would be today, I agreed. I told my boyfriend and he said I don't want to work for them. So I googled them and as my boyfriend said they are Cutco Cutlery. I have also found many web pages saying that Vector Marketing is a scam and "cult-like" and such and my boyfriend said he knows people who have worked for them and they are bad.
So my question is: Any of you have experience with them? Are they as bad as people say they are? I have already decided not to go to the interview but I am just curious if other people in Portland have had experience with them.
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Techie peoples

OK, so I have a website I want to put up, but I have Comcrapt Comcast and don't want them to host my website. Anybody have ideas for good hosting alternatives round here? I'd love to know prices, if you know 'em, but a link would also be great.

Austin, TX info on LJ

DP -

does anyone have any LJ friends in Austin or know of an Austin equivalent to DP on LJ?  I have tried the LJ community  search and it just says its searching and seems to freeze....

 I need some advice on what (else) to do during what is turning into an extended stay over ACL weekend... TIA
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Oldest Building in Portland...?

I discovered today that Pioneer Courthouse is open for public tours.  Very, very cool in there - and the only place in downtown Portland it seems that you can get some peace and quiet during business hours.  

Anyway, I went it because I had a question - I wanted to know if Pioneer Courthouse was the oldest building still standing in Portland.  No one seemed to know.  It was completed in 1875.  The Old Church was completed in 1888, so obviously that's newer.  

Can you think of an existing building that went up before 1875?

Help underage Meth Addicts Recover!

Dear Damn Portlanders,

I represent a local non-profit organization aimed at helping underage meth addicts kick their addiction. We’re in the process of putting together our first treatment center (we call them “Rose Houses”), but that isn’t enough. Meth is a widespread problem that requires a widespread solution and our plan is to bring our program nationwide in the next few years. But we need more funding in order for this to expand.

So I was wondering if any you fine Portlanders were interested in donating, know of any local business who would be interested in donating, or want to volunteer to help the cause. We plan on putting on a moustache competition in the next couple months, so if that sounds like something you’d be interested in let me know (leave your e-mail, so we can contact you when we have an exact time/place set up). Please visit our website at or e-mail me at for more details. I’m eager to hear what you all have to say.

Keep Portland Weird (and meth free)

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Apartment Hunting

So this is my dilema, I moved into a house about a month and a half ago (it's a month to month thing) and the landlord decided to drop on me a week and a half ago that he wants to sell the house. He's 70 and no longer wants to deal with renters apperently. So now I'm stuck trying to find a new place. I really dont want to pay more than about $600 a month for a 1 bedroom, preferably I'd like to pay less. The thing is that, last year I had a roomate that royally screwed over my rental history. So, that's why I'm looking for a month to month place, or someplace that is understanding. Anyone have any suggestions? Can any of you guys help me out? I'm looking for a place in SE, preferably not past 122nd. But possibly even Barbur BLVD or Beaverton-Hillsdale HWY. Thanks guys :)

Seeking graphic uncensored video footage....

Hi, I'm trying to create a school project and I need violent footage of women being hurt. This is NOT some fetish shit. I looking for any documentary video featuring muslim, hindu, or any other women being hurt by their male counterparts. I tried Youtube and Metacafe, but even they don't have much. I sure there's some footage out there....I just can't find it. help!
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Dumbass question of the week.

So, as someone who was born during the Eisenhower administration, I feel that I've done a pretty good job keeping up with technology in my lifetime. There are, however, occasionally questions that stump me.

Here's a blatantly simple and most likely extremely stupid example: If you take the cable that feeds your cable modem and plug it into a TV instead, do you get a television signal? I mean, is the signal just on a different subcarrier or something and coming through the same basic tube as your internets?

Taking it one step further, is it possible to just split the signal and feed your cable modem and a cable box?

I'd call Comcast but they strike fear into me.

Silverchair Bootleg!

I had a chance to record some "bootleg" video/audio for Silverchair on July 19th in Portland Or. for the local radio station 94/7 NRK.

I not only got to meet the guys but recorded some awesome stuff as well.

note that this is the first show in the North America tour...right after his laryngitis.

i also have a little "chat" with daniel after reflection of a sound. listen out for it.



Shanghai tunnels map?

Perhaps this is not an easy question to answer but I'll never know less I ask.... does anyone know if there is a map of the Shanghai tunnels online or at a library or available through the tour? It would be really interesting to see what it looks like in that perspective.
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