August 14th, 2007

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Searching for a Dietician/Nutritionist

Hey guys...

I just moved to the area and I am in dire need of a dietician/nutritionist as I am packing on some unwanted pounds. I need someone who is reasonably priced, supportive, and who has experience with restrictive diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc.).

My fiance and I want to meet with this person as a couple so they can help both of us reach our goals.

Any help appreciated!
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What is there to do in Bend? [things to do, places to see, men to seduce] My friend and I are planning an overnight trip there the weekend after next and wondering what kinds of shenanigans can we get into/fun we can have.
Haven't been there since 1997 [I was 13] and that was a long time ago.

DP related because there might be some of you Bend transplants in here that can help a girl out
Xmas Socks

Modest Mouse

I just found out yesterday that one of my favorite musicians (Matt Costa) is now opening for Modest Mouse at the Edgefield on the 27th. Of course the show is now sold out. I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone that had extra tickets. I'm keeping an eye out on Craigslist as well! Thanks!
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Dubya's stats

Hey gamers and geeks:

This question was inspired by a blog I read, and thought I'd repost it here to see what other people think.

If Dubya was a player character in D&D, what would his stats and alignment be?

Thought it would be easier to do this as a straight question rather than a poll, but cut and paste this template for your answer if it would help:



Keep in mind, 10 or 11 supposedly represents average human ability. Feel free to add more details/stats (nightvision? saving throws?), expound in explanation, or what have you.
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Aug. 20th... Girls Kick Ass at Ash St. Saloon!

Just popping in to pimp this event: Girls Kick Ass! Put on by MF Magazine, there are several great bands, and it's also a benefit show, so the proceeds go to shelters and organizations that help abused women!

It'll be fun and is for a great cause, so come on down and rock out. Who says you can't party on a Monday night?!

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This is going to be an amazing event in Portland. Amazing bands, rad designer, great friends and a perfect cause. What more do you need?

8.20.2007 @ 9pm, $5
Ash St. Saloon
225 SW Ash St., Portland, OR

Lovely Mess
Cootie Platoon
Tracy Klas
Fashion Show featuring Zombie Couture

More info at


I have a friend who was on a contract with Team Quest.. it's over and he tried to call and cancel it and now they are telling him it's $200 to take him off the "billing system" we pulled out contract and doesn't say anything about that. Just $200 if you cancel early. In fact his contract was up 2 months ago. And they wont stop pulling from his act.. what can we do?

Any ideas?
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ride to Burning Man

Hey everyone,
I'm looking for a ride to (and back from) Burning Man this year. I would really like to arrive on Monday/leave after the temple burn -- everyone else in my household got on the early arrival list but me :(. The amount of gear I'm bringing with me is pretty malleable since some things can arrive onplaya with my house/camp mates. I can pony up cash and if you have any more specialized contributes required then we can talk about that too. Otherwise I'm pretty small and I'll jam out to any music you put on.

Thanks so much.
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(no subject)

So I'm going to Manhattan for a few days in a few weeks. I have absolutely no plans except to see a Broadway show; I plan to mostly just bum around and explore for three days. Main question is: I know the city's been cleaned up in the last decade, it's not that dangerous anymore, etc etc. Are there still areas I should avoid going to? I'm your typical gawky blond-haired blue-eyed GoshGollyGeeWillikers kid from the Canadian Midwest, so my level of street smarts = not high.

Also, any places in NYC that have damnportlander recommendations? I'm not much for tourist spots, don't really plan on doing the Statue of Liberty/Empire State Building thing.


Silver Ginsberg Paper


To the lovely woman who picked up the silver Ginsberg poem that I had laid down at the MAX station and put it in a new place for someone else to read it on MAX:

Thanks for playing! It made my day that you took it, read it and passed it on.

"And you locomotive, you are a locomotive! Forget me not!"
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yet another goddamn dental question

but i promise this one's different.

ok so my question is: when those low-cost places say that they only provide "emergency dental care," when do they consider it an emergency? am i really going to have to wait until i need a root canal for this thing? i have a cavity and it probably only needs a filling at this point, but i have no insurance and won't until late october. because of my job, i probably wouldn't be considered low-income, and it's probably not an emergency at this point, but i have -$80 in my bank acct. so the situation kinda concerns me. thoughts/suggestions?


Hello my dear DPers,
Got a couple movie related questions for ya just for fun.
1. What movie(s) makes you cry every time you see it?

I have three The Laramie Project, American History X, and SLC punk.

2. What movie(s) makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

I would have to say Finding Nemo and Uptown Girls.
I am sure there are more that make me cry and make me feel good, but those are the ones I can think of just off the top of my head.