August 13th, 2007

Carmen San Diego

Walking to the MAX

I just moved to a new spot in NW, up Burnside. I love that it's close to downtown, safe, hilly enough to walk and get my ass burning a little, and I get free wi-fi! And Saturday I did a trial walk to the MAX and it wasn't scary at all! I thought it would be a ridiculously long walk but it was nothing! Sweet! I've always taken the MAX around town from work and such but now I can take it from home too. I love this city!
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A year later & still friendless

I have been living in Portland for a little over a year now, and I have befriended some coworkers, but I really am looking for people to have fun with. 

I am almost 22. I like shopping, going to bars and eating french fries, but going to concerts and other events is the main reason. My fiance hates going to shows, which was something I used to do so religiously back in Wisconsisn. I love all sorts of music from Talib Kweli to the Horrorpops and Against Me! to pretty much anything. I just hate going to concerts/museums/exhibits/dance parties alone!

Oh, and go ahead and snark if you must. :)


Need cheap craft supplies

where can i go to get cheap craft supplies that is accesable by either bike or public transit? I will not enter Wal-Mart, and I've been told about Jo Ann's, but when i went to the address over in hollywood that came up when i googled that craft store I found some tri level antique and a small shop full of beautiful t-shirts with depictions of the gods and goddesses of India on them.  But I wanted a CRAFT STORE!

so could someone please tell me where I could cheaply aquire needle, thread, twine,wooden beads, etc, all sorts of crafty goodness, in one ( or even several) places for cheap?
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The Northwest Service Academy is looking for PARTICIPANTS and VOLUNTEERS for this Saturday's exciting EcoGames!

Thrilling bike race??? Saving the environment?? All in ONE day!?!? HOW,
you say?

WELL - Northwest Service Academy is holding its 2nd Annual EcoGames and wants YOU to participate!

What is EcoGames?
EcoGames is a contest that combines the competitive sport of endurance
challenge with the finesse, brawn and know-how of environmental restoration. Teams of five will race along the Springwater Corridor and stop along the way to complete restoration challenges.

Immediately following the race, we will have a celebration BBQ and present
fabulous awards/prizes for 1st and 2nd place teams and best costume. All
participants will take home a t-shirt and a belly full of food and drinks.

EcoGames will be held Saturday, August 18th, 8:30am - 3:00pm and will be
starting at Sellwood Riverfront Park in Portland. There is a $5 entrance
fee for all current AmeriCorps members and a $10 entrance fee for everyone

Please see the attached participant registration form and a flier for

Questions?? Contact:

Ashley Hetrick
Volunteer Coordinator IP Team Leader
Northwest Service Academy/AmeriCorps
(t) 503.234.2383
(f) 503.232.0166

Another request

I'm just full of 'em.

Anyone out there good with Dreamweaver who wouldn't mind my picking your brain for a few minutes, in exchange for coffee or donuts or pie or lunch or whatever depending on how many minutes it turns into?

Long story short, I can't change the left nav bar here, and I really really need to. It's WAY more involved but I'll spare the gory details unless you call!

Thanks so,

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Is it just me?

Is it just me, or are there a lot more people on CL trying to run wire transfer/check cashing scams? I posted a few pieces of furniture up for sale and out of like 8 responses, only one of them didn't read something like this

"Hello, do you still have the above listed item available, if yes iemail me the present condition and the last pride you which to sale itout,
thanx. "

"Hello there,i will like to know if the above listed item is still available for sale?"

and this one's a real winner:


How are you doing today,I am interested in your item for sale,And
can you send me the last price of the item,And did you accept cashier
check as means of payment,And kindly mail me back o k if you accept
all this..

Awaiting to hear from you...

The responses are from email addresses that look legit, but obviously they are...well, not. I don't think it's possible for that many people to not possibly know how to conjugate correctly and have such improper grammar. Sigh. This makes selling my dresser that much more difficult. I swear, six months ago I didn't have nearly as many fake responses when I was selling my old entertainment center.

Oh, and for the record, I'm selling my dresser/nightstand set, if anyone is interested! Heh.
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is it gay to kiss on a male cat?

because I love to snuggle with my catter-friend "harry the cat." I don't want to be homo or anything but he's orange and he loves to put his paws on me. I don't mind it at all. I like to snuggle with him all day. he's my little chibi-lion friend. I love him, and he loves me. that's all there is to it. I don't care what anyone thinks.

Sweet Cheeks Winery

Does anyone know where you can buy Sweet Cheeks wine in Portland? I've only ever seen it around Eugene. It's my favorite and I can't find it anywhere! It's a Willamette Valley wine so I would think it would be easy to find.

is this going to kill me?!?

this is only portland related, because I am a portlander in lots of pain and in need of help.

anyone know anything about stomach issues?
for the last three days I've been getting horrible pains, wake up almost in tears, wanting my mama kind of pain. it's not gas, indigestion, or acid, nor is it anything to do with my ovaries.

the pain is a few fingers below the base of my ribs, and it feels like someone is grabbing my stomach with two hands and twisting it in opposite directions.

it comes and goes during the day, sometimes causing me to almost buckle over. and it will get really bad in the middle of the night. I think it may have to do with how much I'm moving. moving around=not so bad nor as persistent. sitting for awhile, or sleeping=will attack every few minutes for half an hour or more.
(and no, moving around all the time and never sleeping is not really an option, thank you very much.)

anyone ever delt with this kind of thing? should I buck up (and pay out) and go to a doctor? is there another community I should ask?

thank you so much for any advice.

EDIT: okay, okay, thanks you guys. I'll get my ass to a doctor. ugh.
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Sell my Car Please and get $100+

Yesterday, I put up a post to get rid of my car ( I called Foster and they only offered me $200, which kind of suçks for a car with easily $1000 in parts in it.

Anyway, I'd like $400+. If someone wants to try and get that for me, I will give you $100 at $400 and split 50/50 anything you can get higher than that. I'm insanely busy right now (especially during any normal biz hours) or I would do it. Also, I just don't seem to know how to do this with any efficiency.

Thanks, Julian
email if interested: julianchadwick at gmail

Home Movie Night in North Portland!

August 13 is Home Movie Night at Monday Movie Night.

View home movies from the 1920's - 1980's of the Pacific Northwest. Amazing selection of amateur films on 8mm and 16mm silent films. One-of-a-kind selections include:

15-minute home movie of the convenience store featured in Gus Van Sant's first film, Mala Noche, shot by Walt Curtis, Mala Noche author.

Drunken Holiday Party. Find out who was the most hungover guest on January 2, 1957 in this regrettable permanent record of an office party. Gambling, co-worker fondling and Jim Beam shots are all prominent here.

Rockaway Beach Carnival Scenes of the 30's, featuring timeless scenes shot by a local Portland family on vacation.

Portland Trains and Streetcars, amateur footage shot from the 1920's to the 1940's by local train enthusiast.

Drugs Kill, a Tacoma, WA high school film project illustrating the evils of drug abuse in 1981.

Plus many more home movies!

Spend a couple of hours under the stars as you view some of the finest documentary and educational films salvaged from the 20th century. The show begins at sunset, on the patio of Mississippi Station in North Portland. Local media historian and author Tom Robinson will introduce each 16mm print from his collection and play it on a vintage projector older than you are. See these original films the way they were meant to be seen, on a real projector, on a real screen, and drunk.

Monday Movies at Mississippi Station
3943 North Mississippi Ave.
Portland, OR 97227
Screening begins at sunset (approximately 9:00PM).
This is a free event. Full bar and menu. Rain or shine.

For a complete calendar of upcoming movies, go to

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Nice restaurant with fishbowl cocktails?

Those large-ass margarita drinks, lookin' like they on steroids? Do you know of a nice restaurant that serves them? Close to Portland metro is better. Thanks y'all.

EDIT: I'm actually looking for drinks known as "fishbowl cocktails". Has anyone heard of these things, and are they served in Portland?

(no subject)

I think this has been asked about and/or posted before, but I can't find it. As I recall, there was a website that one could use to get Portland area home/property value information (ie last appraised price, current market value, last sale price, year built, square footage, etc) by entering the address of the home or property. Did I dream this, or does it really exist?

Thanks for any help y'all can provide.

Curse you, methheads!!! *shakes fist at tweekers*

So I'm sick with a vicious cold for the first time in probably a good 8 months. I go to my local grocery store to get some cold meds, specifically ones good on the nasal decongestant front. I am a little wary to discover 'NEW FORMULA OMGZ!' adorning most of my stand by OTC meds. Fearing the worse I turn each and every box over to discover that Pseudoephedrine has been replaced by Phenylephrine. Having spent a lot of my life sick with vicious colds and having tried just about everything I was very leery of anything other than Pseudoephedrine, having found this to work the best for de-clogging noses. Nevertheless, I gave it a try. I am sad to say it does diddly-squat for clearing out nasal passages. I checked several other pharmacies around town only to find NO ONE is stocking cold medicine with the only bloody effective nasal decongestant ingredient. Yaarrrghhh. So does anyone know what the deal is? Have the meth heads proved too problematic and Oregon has banned pseudoephedrine? Anyone know if I drove up to Vancouver if I could buy some *REAL* cold medicine?

I'm using some wicked harsh nasal spray stuff now that's damn effective, but it lasts 12 hours and I've used it in the past and it gets hard to gauge my real level of sickness while I'm on it plus it actually *causes* you to be stuffed up after a few days. I'll welcome any and all general cold advice, but really, I just want to know the story behind this lack of effective cold remedies.

EDIT: I also just read somewhere that you can apparently get it with a doctor's prescription. No go for me as I don't have health insurance and can't afford a doctor right now and even if I did and could, would not got to one just so I could get some silly OTC nasal decongestant.