August 12th, 2007

Empty Room Dining Set

Banzai for Hunza!

Does any DP food connoisseurs/health food enthusiasts/vegans/hippies know offhand which grocery stores/health food stores in Portland stock organic Hunza mulberries and/or Hunza golden raisins? I have been unable to find this information through Google and Dogpile searches, and I hereby turn to the experts on damnportlanders!

While perusing the aisles of various health food stores in NYC (*drinks*), I noticed an abundance the delicious Hunza mulberries and Hunza golden raisins. They are both equally tasty, and I am wondering if I will need to stock up on these yum-eaux treats while I'm still here. If I can find these Hunza stuff back in Portland, the I won't have to stock up on the berries before flying home on Tuesday. I don't ever recall seeing Hunza berries in Portland before though.

Oh yeah, *drinks* (Manhattan-style!)
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getting rid of my car

I have seen where people will buy your car for $500 any shape or whatever. Would love to do this. My car could probably sell for more, but I'm tired of it and I want to be auto-free except for flex cars here and now.

Anyway, I have a 94 Camry. It is the XLE, meaning power everything and sun roof and v6, alloy wheels. It has been banged up a bit (thanks roomie!), and it seems to have a "cracked head".

It can drive about 20 minutes before it overheats and likely less on the highway. It might be a belt issue. I don't know. I don't care. I just want it gone, and some money for a bike and flex cars would be great.

Does anyone know who the parts buyers are, or how I could rid myself of this albatross by Tuesday?


Dear Portland Weather Gods,

First off, let me just say that you know I love you. Rain and cold weather have their place, and you provide them with wild abandon. And we all love you for it. We love it when Mt. Hood looks positively swollen with snow like a blistering boil about to burst. We love the light but constant drizzles of rain that don't necessitate the use of umbrellas, and we enjoy playfully mocking those that do employ their use in defiance of your will. We patiently endure your 9 months of relatively crappy (but tolerable) weather every year, just waiting and salivating for those magical summer months.

But my 22 years here, this is by far the coldest/most sunless summer that I've ever experienced. So what gives? Did we not appease you with enough new craft beer selections this year? Did we not meet our production quota of Tillamook Cheddar? Not really too keen on Tom Potter, are ya? (Neither am I. He's certainly no Vera...)

I just think that it's incumbent on you to realize that summertime is when every Portlander recharges their batteries for the long sustained winters that reach from late October to mid... whenever you say so. We don't *need* to go on vacation during the summer because we're already *in* paradise. So, with that being said, think you could crank up the therms a bit and give us a nice sustained burn like you did back in June? Because I'm starting to feel like a real wanker hauling my down comforter out of storage and wearing scarves and jackets in the middle of freaking August, and my vitamin D supply is running perilously low. Time is running out, and I beseech you for some relief.



Not specifically Portland-related, but I'm probably going to be flying out of Portland soooo.. yeah.

Any of you know which airlines offer the best bereavement deals/benefits w/o having to be family? Or is that a requirement... I dunno this is new to me.

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Portland contact lense wearers.

So probably a year ago I stocked up on Saline solution at a store that was selling it fir $.99 a bottle. I finally ran out. Now I can only find "Multi-purpose" solution. Well excuse me for wanting to buy the expensive stuff in small bottles and the cheap stuff in big bottles, and being smart enough to know when to use what.

So am I nuts or did normal Saline Solution get phased out and can no longer be found?
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wireless service?

can anyone tell me how good of a wireless phone service verizon has in north portland, specifically near columbia park[north lombard & chautaqua]? i was trying to find coverage maps that show what kind of signal to expect by neighborhood, but instead their site only has a map that basically blankets portland and says "yeah we serve there" which doesn't give a prospective customer any real indicators. they're one of the few providers i haven't tried, and most people seem to like their coverage from what i hear.

alternately is there another provider that gives way better service up here than the others? i've noticed they all tend to have blank spots, and i'm with AT&T now, and i'm especially sick of dropped calls happening all the time. oh, and don't bother to mention sprint. i will never purchase from them again.


So, is this a drinking post? I can't remember any more :)

I have begun a swimming program, and my babe got me a super-cool mp3 player so that I can listen to music, etc, while I swim! So far, I've listened to a history podcast (now I know all about the Children's Blizzard) and put on some of my own music, but I would love suggestions.

Keep in mind that I love everything from bluegrass to pop to industrial to classical to otherwords, ANYTHING. I just want it to say "hey, get off your fat ass and get moving!"

ETA: Bands good, songs better!

Patti Cake

Did anyone here see Patti Smith at the Bite of Oregon tonight?  I was tempted since she is an icon but alas did not.  Luckily I've seen her before in Seattle.  Kinda strange for her to appear at a place like the Bite.  It's sort of like if Bob Dylan appeared at a county fair.   Weird.  How was it?  What was the crowd reaction?  Did she play more old songs than new or vice versa?  Am I just asking too many questions?  =0  Just curious as to what I missed.