August 11th, 2007

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people think they are connecting to other humans when they reach out online, sort of. not really.
the same when they read news, watch news, hear news on the phone... sort of, not really.

it is an illusion.

real contact is looking someone in the eyes, and that is basic contact.

depending on the relationship, its expanded contact varies.

hands touching, shoulders touching, hair fixing, collar adjusting, tag hiding, high fives, kisses, hugs, sex, caresses.

voices on the phone are disturbed by static, dropped calls, phone tag, never calling, losing numbers, downed power lines, solar-flared satellites.

voices in person are felt to ring through the other person's body, to shake their bones, to sound in their heart, to flex their heart when gazing into their eyes, even if just friends, this is contact.

i had a good dose of it this week. i want more.

even if it's just the birds.

when did you last hug someone?
shake someone's hand?
patted someone's back out of a shared laugh?
who and when was the last actual human being you saw?
more importantly, do you know you made contact?
contact being - they felt connected to you
they felt seen
maybe even loved

anything to do with the internet, phone, newspaper, or tv do not count as being connected to the world and especially not human beings.

i will visit you personally if needed.

Where Do You Look For Apartments?

Where (other than craigslist and the Willy Week) do you go to find apartment listings? Do you know any good real estate agents who also do rentals in the NoPo area? Do you live in a good building and would recommend the complex?

I'm in search of a decent studio apartment in North/Northeast. I prefer ground level in a neighborhood where I can walk around at night without watching a crack deal or a stabbing go down. I'd like to pay between $450-600, depending on location and aesthetics.

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my partner and I are leaving the country in a couple of weeks and are having a yard sale to empty out our house and, hopefully, rack up a little money so that we can meet for a week in istanbul after five months on opposite sides of the world.

point is, enjoy the weather tomorrow by coming over to our place at 46th and Salmon (3 blocks north of Hawthorne) to check out a ton of really good stuff like
  • a kind of absurd amount of vintage clothing, dresses, boots, and handbags
  • lots of road bike frames, for men and women (Schwinn, Batavus, Stelle, Spalding), plus a couple complete bikes (Puch, Centurion)
  • bike parts including handlebars, saddles, single-speed wheelsets, cranks, etc.
  • really weird knick-knacks
  • televisors
  • books and graphic novels
  • chairs and other furniture
we'll be out there from 10am-5pm.  give a call if you need directions or answers to questions: 973 479 7029 - ask for Nick.

Immigration: tempest in a teapot?

Immigration is an issue lately, both in Portland and in the nation.
The question is, why did it become an issue so quickly? And is it really an issue, or just a blip on the radar?
I guess to me, the basic question is: how is immigration affecting your day-to-day life? Does the presence of immigrants, legal or illegal, from Mexico or elsewhere, affect your life? Does anyone here think that their employment has been impacted by immigrants?
And to keep this flame free, lets try not to talk about perceptions of various ethnic groups as lazy, sneaky or whatever. Unless you really, really have to.

I have to say for myself, I can't think of any way that immigration has affected my life, besides having many good friends who are immigrants.
Rain Forest

Bath Products

In regards to the post last night about if it was tacky to post a "FREE" ad on Craig's List giving away 1/2 used bath products: apparently not. I made the listing around midnight and the hit the sack. I woke up around 7 am checked my e-mail and had 30 + people interested in banging down my door for old soap. lol I'm just happy it's not going in the trash... =^D

So thanks Damn Portlanders for helping to keep all those other Portlanders clean!

somethin' to do...

It is a gorgous Portland day outside and I am gettin' antsy to get out and explore my new city a bit more.What are a few of your favorite sunny day activities here in the city? Favorite places to hang,to be touristy and take pictures,etc.

Thanks in advance.
Hope ya'll are enjoying the sunshine.
Worky Work!

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I'm looking for a place that will buy chunks of bronze. The copper market is quite high right now, and we're looking to unload some pieces.

I've tried googling for local scrap yards, but I'm not sure if they will accept bronze. It's worth quite a bit of money to the right people.

Any suggestions?

P.S. I live in Beaverton, but am willing to travel.

big sale to raise funds for medical bills

we have a huge sale going on today at 2027 nw 21st ave , its right on the corner of nw 21st and wilson!
we're raising money for Corys medical bills from testicular cancer.

we have camcorders
computer stuff
baby stuff
kid stuff
home decor
designer goods
lotions and perfumes
jewlery, body jewlery

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So, I've decided that it's time to explore music from other countries.

What do you guys suggest?  I'm pretty open as long as it's not hardcore death metal or rap or synthpop-sounding.

*Edit: I exclude this stuff ONLY because that's all we listen to in my house right now. Not because I'm incapable of expanding my comfort zone. :) Thanks guys.
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When doggies go running around the streets

This evening, I watched a cute little terrier almost get hit by cars about four times on 148th just south of Stark.  I pulled over and chased her down - but wasn't sure what to do next.  Multnomah Animal Services and the Humane Society were both closed.  Who should a person call to pick up a (not stray, but loose) doggie so that there's a good chance he/she might get home again?  Police non-emergency?  Should I have gone ahead and dialed 911 and called it a "sick or injured animal"?  It's hard to say it was an emergency, seeing as nothing had actually happened yet - but if I hadn't grabbed her she was going to get killed or cause an accident and get people hurt.

And if you lost a female terrier near 148th and Stark, she's with a family on 148th that had a kennel.  They'll call the humane society in the morning.
oh susannah!

Oh yeah, by the way.

I forgot to make a post introducing myself.

No hail & welcome's necessary.  Thank you.

I'm Antoinette (31), I look like my picture - just moved here from Baltimore with my boyfriend(31), dog(3) & cat(6).  We live in the NW area - it's a bit expensive for my taste but we hope to remedy that next year.  Unfortunately this is the only place that we could find that would take two people with pets and no jobs.  We now have jobs*, he's a schoolteacher and I'm working an ongoing assignment through a temp agency while looking for a permanent job.

I'm originally from SW Virginia and he's from Amish country PA.  We're an interesting mix and that's about all I can say about that.  We're both crass vegetarians who appreciate humor in it's lowest form.  We love swanky dinner parties**.  He likes sports and I like beer.  He doesn't drink and I don't cotton much to sports.  We're also both couchsurfers.  I think we're closet goths.

Surprisingly we're both really nice people so I hope that we can make it to one of the DP meetups within the next couple of weeks.  We'll have been here two weeks tomorrow and after driving across the country I'm frankly just tired.

I'm glad to be here though and have (fortunately) found a good pizza joint.  In case I haven't mentioned it in a previous post we love and want to legally marry Ground Kontrol.

That is all,


*I didn't want to post an introduction until we had jobs as I know the community frowns upon transplants without jobs...

** Or 40oz. parties.  Ask me about those if you're unfamiliar.
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Auto Repair - Recommendations?

So, my 2001 Dodge Neon appears to be having some brake issues and is long due for an oil change. Can anyone recommend a competent, decently priced auto repair shop, preferably in SW? isn't proving to be too helpful.

Thanks so much in advance!
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