August 10th, 2007

me: anorexia nervosa

mystery ?spider bite

So, I was runnning one of the trails on Marquam Hill just now when I felt this stinging pain on my shoulder. Something stung/ bit me. There's a small red mark and it still hurts. Should I be concerned? I'm probably way over-reacting, but I come come from England...and the wildlife here scares me a bit.

Job alert: Web Agency is hiring!

The web agency I work for has a few job postings open. This is a link to one of them for Information Architect:

I think we also have a QA position and a front end development (i.e. CSS, HTML) position.

This is absolutely one of the best (well, for me it is THE best place I've ever worked) places to work. The office is right downtown as well. We have the most wonderful people that work here. If you're interested in the IA position, please respond to the ad.. not me. The other two, let me know here and I'll get you the email to send your resume off to.

I can maybe field a few questions you might have.. although I'm a .NET developer, so I'll be giving you my experience of what the positions do.. not direct. Pay scale is not one of the things I can discuss.. since I don't know... so don't even ask. I can definitely answer any questions you might have about the work environment though.

Bring it! This is a great place to work!
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DPeeps! Who's doing Bridge Pedal this Sunday?

I'll be out there on a gold and black bike, wearing a blue and red bike jersey that says "SPEEDSTER 6" on it. Gimme a shout if you see me, or comment with what you'll be wearing and I'll, um, shout at you. :)

WHAT?! You haven't heard about this or signed up yet? There's still time. It's a routed bike ride over 6, 8, or 10 of Portland's bridges (14 miles, 24 miles, or 36 miles, respectively), this Sunday morning. Go here for registration and fee info, or here for route maps. Hey, you get free admission to the Bite of Oregon until 2pm that day when you register for the ride.

PSA for motorists and other folks who need to get over a bridge on Sunday morning (from the Bridge Pedal FAQ):
The following bridges will remain open throughout the morning:

* St. Johns: Both directions
* Fremont: Northbound (lower deck)
* Broadway: Both directions
* Morrison: Both directions
* Hawthorne: Westbound
* Marquam: Southbound (lower deck)
* Ross Island: Eastbound
* Sellwood: Eastbound

The Steel and Burnside bridges will be completely closed to motor vehicle traffic during the event. MAX service will not be affected. All buses will operate, but some will have detours. Detailed bridge closure information is available.
See you out there!
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Recommendations for a move-out cleaner

I'm looking for personal recommendations for companies that can do move-out cleaning on short-notice. My 800 sq ft 1 bedroom/1 bath apt. needs a move-out clean next Tuesday, August 14th. My partner and I are by no means wealthy, so something on the more affordable end of things is ideal.

Many thanks
the blood of fishes

bikes can save us! lol

ok, so i can't embed something to save my life (&i don't care), but i hadn't seen this
video here and i really had to share.

the thing is, everything he says mockingly, well, i believe to be true. it's HILARIOUS!
but he makes the democrats sound way cooler then they are. i mean, one million dollars
(picture earl blumenhauer rubbing his hands together and chuckling evilly) compared to
the millions spent daily on the war. WTF? anyhow, enjoy.
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I love kangaroos!

Garage Sale and Cancer Benefit

Hello Portland!

I just wanted to let everybody know that tomorrow (Saturday August 11th) there will be a HUGE garage sale on the corner of 21st ave and Wilson St in NW. My housemates and I have put this together to raise money for a friend of ours that was diagnosed with cancer last year. He and his wife have been struggling with insurance companies throughout both of his surgeries and chemotherapy. He has to go back in for another surgery in September and the co-pay is going to run them about $1,500. That might not seem like a lot, but to a new family with a small child it can seem astronomical. All the proceeds from the sale are going straight to them.

Many of our friends have come forward and donated stuff to the sale so there will be everything from lawnmowers to baby furniture, half a dozen bikes, kitchen appliances, snowboards, several tv's, movies, sewing notions, fabric, a serger, an absolutely ridiculous amount of clothes, plus much more than can reasonably be listed here. So if you're in the market for some random stuff, or if you're in the neighborhood please stop by and help out a fellow Portlander. We open at 9am, hope to see you there!
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More TriMet recruiting fairs

We have three more hiring fairs coming up in the next couple weeks:
  • Saturday, August 11 at the Gateway Transit Center
  • Tuesday, August 14 at PCC Southeast Center
  • Saturday, August 25 at the Beaverton Creek Park & Ride
All fairs are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Plan a trip to one of those events.

TriMet needs to hire up to 300 bus operators in the next two years due to retirements and those moving on to become light rail operators. We're looking for people with customer service skills to become the face of TriMet for the hundreds of thousands of riders who use our service. We train people of all shapes and sizes (short height is not a detriment) to become bus operators during an intensive 6-week full-time course.

Most transit agencies like TriMet only hire full-time operators from their current pool of part-time operators. Because of our huge need in the next two years, part-time drivers can expect to have the opportunity to move into full-time within a year. Part-time operators get full medical, dental, and vision coverage after 30 days of employment (as well as a free transit pass). And the pay is great too (effective June 2007 for part-time operators):

Training pay
$ 9.00 – first five weeks
1st 6 months
7th-10th month
11th-14th month
15th-18th month
19th - 22nd month
23rd - 26th month
27th - 30th month
31st - 34th month
35th month
$22.81 - Top Rate

To learn more about applying, visit or call 503-962-7640.

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rolling cart

I need a 19"x22" (minimum) rolling cart that is close to 3 feet high. Where's the best place to find such a thing cheaply?

ETA: Not a shopping cart, a cart with a flat top to put stuff on. Namely my new, first world decadent, non-vegan countertop dishwasher.
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Found this GREAT opportunity and thought I would share...

Not necessarily IN portland but close :)

Stream Stewards Program

Do you want to learn more about the environment?

Do you want to be involved in your community?

Stream Stewards is a learn n serve program through Clark Public Utilities' StreamTeam. It is a free eight-week course for Clark County residents who are committed to putting knowledge into action within the Salmon Creek and East Fork of the Lewis River Watersheds. The Stream Stewards program is a professional-level workshop series that provides lecture and hands on experience with local hydrology, geology, botany, wildlife, water quality monitoring and restoration. Stewards "repay" their tuition by volunteering 45 hours with the StreamTeam or one of our partners. All workshops occur on Saturdays, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the fall. There is a $10 fee to cover administrative costs. For more information contact or visit

Massage and mimosa anyone?

Saturday August 11th from 1-6pm The Black Rock City Boutique is having a Spa Day fund-raiser. It is really a fun and inexpensive way to get a professional massage package. We really need some local support and you get a wonderful day filled with pampering, good food, drinks and music. Please pass it on to family and friends.

RSVP requested:

here's some photos from last year's event:

and The Black Rock City Boutique
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Perseid meteor shower?

Hey guys, it's the Perseid meteor shower this weekend. It sounds like peak viewing time will be Sunday, August 12th, after 11 p.m. Anybody have a line on a good place within, say, 45 minutes of Portland to watch the show? I'm thinking we need somewhere with low light pollution, as wide-angle a view of the sky as possible, and probably east rather than west to avoid the coastal clouds.

Rain Forest

Is it tacky?

Okay so I'll probably get totally snarked for asking this, but here goes:
Is it super tacky to post on Craig's list FREE 1/2 used bath products?

For example I bought a thing of Dove liquid bath gel and decided that I didn't care for it so much after using it a few times. I hate to pitch it because it's perfectly fine but I just didn't like it, so I shoved it in the closet with all the other ones (guess I'm picky! lol) Anyway I hate to throw them out and I wouldn't come get someone else's bath products but would it be tacky to try to give them away? I mean someone might want them and I'm in super spring cleaning mode and just want to kibosh everything!

And since I know ya'll can't resist a poll - here goes!

Poll #1037219 Is it tacky?

Is it tacky to try to give away 1/2 used bath products via Craig's List?

YES! OMG that's freakin' disgusting!
NO. It'd be cool to check out some products that I didn't have to pay for.
Not sure... kinda on the fence about it.

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anyone have any idea what the loud bangs are in hillsboro area? is there a firework show tonight at the air show? i hear sirens, too. and tons of bangs. sounds like bombs dropping.