August 9th, 2007

mad-max motherfuckers!

have you noticed that a lot of Revolutionary-types tend to be way more prone to talk about bullets flying and civil war and how they have a bleeding chance in hell holed up in the mountains, etc, than about litigation, and the specifics of how to get recognized by other sovereigns, and which other sovereigns, and things of that nature? what's up with that? it's demoralising. maybe it's just the people I end up talking to. or maybe it's true!

question for anyone in art/writing/film school

what benefits are you getting that you can't get from, the public library, and experimentation with media and friends? (not to mention just sneaking into classes) do you just want to break your parents' hearts, or do you just not know what else to do?

On the Poverty of Student Life:
considered in its economic, political, psychological, sexual, and particularly intellectual aspects, and a modest proposal for its remedy
fat men

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My sweetheart's birthday is coming up, and I think she deserves a day of pampering. I'm not really "in-the-know" about day spas or massage places, how they work, shit like that.

Does anyone have any recommendations of places they like to go or would be thrilled to be sent to as a gift? Or any information about pamper-y type places and how they work?

Thank you...
Mi-mo-sa in Manhattan

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

I'm away from the fair City of Roses this week, but after spending almost a week out here in NYC, there are definitely some things that are good about Stumptown....

1. Fresh air in Portland. This sounds simple, but sometimes I take the air quality of Portland for granted.

2. Sensible choice of commonly-seen automobiles in Portland. Energy-efficient Toyota Priuses and other economy cars are to Portland what Cadillac Escalade and other gas-guzzling beasts are to Manhattan. I definitely prefer the former over the latter.

3. Vegetarian options at hot dog stands in Portland. Imagine how much killing Sabrett could do if they ever bothered to sell veggie dogs at their carts throughout NYC....

4. Abundant trees, greenery, and other vegetation in the Portland area. It's good to know that the city is not overdeveloped with concrete jungles.

5. The presence of recycling container in many Portland businesses and establishments. My hippy-ass got all embarrassed and stuff the other day after spending few minutes unsuccessfully looking for a glass recycling bin at a sandwich shop out here in Manhattan (my friend was wondering what in the hootin' holler I was doing wandering around the shop with an empty bottle).
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little blue dog

red bike!

Whatever you think of Sam Adams (the Commish, not the beer dude), it looks like he's backing a good idea that I think should be spread around a bit, so I'm a-spammin'.

It's Red Bike, a citywide bicycle sharing/renting program.

Old-school PDX'ers might remember the first time Portland tried something like this, with the "Yellow Bike" program, but evidently the new plan seeks to circumvent the problems that brought the former project down. Yellow Bikes were free, but as the linked article mentions, Red Bike will operate more like FlexCar: bikes will be unlocked via swiping a credit card to pay a "nominal" rental fee, monitored for repairs and vandalism, and recirculated among a system of kiosks to assure a distribution responsive to ridership demand.

The BikePortland blog also chimes in on this, including links to articles about the similar Velib' program recently adopted in Paris, and suggesting that the recent success thereof will boost enthusiasm for Red Bike in Portland.

Whaddya think?

The Commish's blog entry includes a Request for Proposals (linked right here) for interested parties who would like to design and/or administer the program (deadline Sept. 17). It also solicits feedback from the community, and there's already several discussion threads going. Speak up!
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Salty Licorice?

Is there a candy store in Portland or the western burbs that sells salty licorice? I'm specifically thinking of K&H DZ, but really, any Dutch or Scandinavian, strongly salted licorice would be a good start.

I have the worst craving for it, but I don't want to pay $20 for a pound (half of it shipping) by ordering from an online store.

Pillow Fight!

Come to the Portland Pillow Fight tonight! (Hopefully it will be of massive proportions.) It will take place at 6. Until that point, you must hide your pillow, whether in a stroller disguised as a screaming/pooping little angel, or putting it under your jacket or just in a bag.

Pioneer Courthouse Square is the location, and hopefully I will see you all there. ;)

By the way, rules include no hitting people without pillows, no heavy objects are to be hidden in your pillow, as well as just some common sense ones like "play nice."

Make it all the more fun by dressing in costume!
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I'm throwing a little lunch party on Monday for some of my friends and I'm serving ice cream for dessert.. So my question would be, is there a place in town that I can get stylish little plastic ice cream bowls, sorta like they have at Mio Gelato?

A few topics here

First of all, has anyone ever been to the Bite of Oregon festival before? If so, how is it and is it worth dealing with downtown and forking out $7?

Second of all, I have a special boy coming to visit this weekend. I want to do a semi-romantic dinner at a nice place (with fair prices). Anyone know a good place to recommend that can seat us in a reasonable time on a weekend?

Third of all, I just wanted to announce that I went bungee jumping in Amboy, WA last Sunday and it was amazing. So if any of you were ever toying with the idea, you should definitely go through with it. It kicked skydiving pretty hard in the ass.

And a side note: I just started my own pet sitting business here and I'm going to link my website (just in case!) So if you have pets and you like to leave town...consider me, eh?

Right At Home Pets

Thanks for the feedback.
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Oui Oui September 2013
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Can anyone enlighten me as to why for the past two days, numerous amounts of jets, most likely military are swarming the burbs of Hillsboro/Beaverton? Ok, maybe swarming is the wrong adjective, how about taking off and going on joy rides I guess.


Just curious as it is slightly unnerving, but mostly just obnoxiously loud.
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Am I the only one who has lost my interest?

This isn't meant to be a flame of anyone, because I am not saying anything is wrong.
But I have to admit that for whatever reason, most (but not all) of what people talk about on this community doesn't interest me anymore. Part of this is just part of my own current grumpiness and listlessness, but some of it I really don't understand the great cultural attraction to. When I look at myself, and my place in the world, there are certain things that just don't address my feelings about life.
These things include: new restaurants, new bars, bike punks, first, last, or middle Thursdays (or any other day of the week), tattoos, ipods, vinyl, Ikea, street fairs, massages, manicures, pedicures, cocaine, vodka, wi-fi, coffee shops, extreme sports, film (underground, independent or big budget), HDTV, DVDs, laptops, beer, and even the great outdoors (which was the last thing to go, for me).
Not that I am saying these things are bad. Some of them I don't really understand the interest in, and some of them I wish I was still interested in.
But really, I think that I would be about kicked out of Portland if I still didn't have my book habit...
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Please help.

I'm moving to Portland from Southern Oregon soon. My friend phrassie told me I should join this community. But I'm afraid of communities and also snark-ophobic and flame-ophobic. They say you should face your fears head on, so if you could please, leave me the snarkiest most obnoxious comments that you can think of. I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks so much!
Bottoms up!

What the . . .

I can't find that page that lists all of the liquor stores, where they are, and what times they are open.

Can someone link it to me AGAIN?


And I'm sorry.

Edit: Okay, I am hella dumb. It is right here.

navigating the kaiser maze

having health insurance is awesome! having to find a competent primary care physician not so much. has anyone had any really fantastic [or terribly awful] experiences with kaiser family practice doctors or internists? i seek a thorough check-up and a referral to a decent podiatrist. gender is not a factor and neither is location. sort of. i live in nopo*, but am willing to trimet to a truly awesome physician within the city limits. also, can anyone weigh in on the benefits of choosing one type of primary care doctor over another? спасибо!

*try not to e-stone me over an acronym.
dun dun... dun dun....

Portland related... well, because.


The human genome is about 3,120,000,000 DNA base pairs long, so half of that is in each spermatozoa. That gives us 1,560,000,000 base pairs in a single sperm cell.

Each of those base pairs can be an A-T bond or a G-C bond, and can be aligned in either direction.That means there's four ways each can be aligned and that can be represented in two bits of data: 00 = G, 01 = C, 10 = A, and 11 = T, for example.

Now, the average human male releases between 50 and 500 million sperm with each go. Rough average says that it'd be about 200 million, right? If we take all of this information and combine it with the wonders of mathematics, we have 1.560•10^9•2 bits•10^8. Do all the equational shit, and we have 6.24•10^17 bits transmitted in a single burst.

Thast's 78,000 terabytes, in what amounts to a half-minute-at-most event.

We could fit a digitized copy of the Library of Congress into your spooge. It'd only take about 20 terabytes.

So, your dick has a higher bandwidth than any internet connection that ever existed, and is ever likely to exist anytime soon. Now, imagine a machine that used your salt shaker to surf the internet.

Of course, god knows most of you would only use that power to surf for pr0n.

yes, x-posted

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lubed baristas
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Okay, so I guess I DO have a pet peeve.

Note: I am bored and this is not Portland-related. Read at your own risk.

I always see posts here about things that irritate people. I've always thought of myself as pretty imperturbable, but I realized today that I do have one thing that really gets me.

Every once in a while, when I tell people that I have kids, they respond with "well, we have dogs. That's almost like having kids!"

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