August 8th, 2007


Public transport me please

I live in Milwaukie off of 224 and I have an interview at OHSU today. Is there some place I could leave my car and public trans it into OHSU a little closer than where I am departing from?

ETA: I figured out a game plan for today but any advice on the best way to commute there once I get the job will be awesome.
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Casting Call for "Without/Within"

Hello everyone!

Kimyoo Films is still looking for five actors for its upcoming no-budget short, Without/Within, which will be filmed over four days (mid- to late October) in the Vancouver. Wa/Portland Or area. Flexible schedules are preferred, though not all characters will be needed for all four days.
For more information, please contact: casting.kimyoofilms(at)gmail(dot)com
(Please let us know what character you are interested in)

The parts needed are as follows:
SALLY: (either forties/fifties or twenties/thirties) The occupation that pays her bills is as an artist, but her calling is as a protector of sorts…the photographs from a special camera lead her to dangerous people, people that if not checked could devastate the world.

ISABELLE: (twenties) She is the next in line to Sally's legacy and though neither want that day to come, some day she will have to take over for her.

The INTRUDER (mid- to late- twenties) He's the father and husband of two of the dangerous people that Sally had to deal with.

JILL (WOMAN FROM PARK): (twenties / thirties) She's the mother of a little girl that Sally wishes to photograph.

LITTLE GIRL ALSO NAMED SALLY: (five or six) The little girl.

Due to the no-budget nature of the short film, we cannot afford to pay you for your time and talent, but you will get a copy of the film when it's complete.

Kimyoo Films is a production company based in Sarasota, Florida. Started in 1996 by Lori Bowen, while she was still in high school. After eleven years, we're ready to take the world by storm. Kimyoo Films strives for one thing: to provide good entertainment.
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Hi again. I'm moving up next week from a state immediately south of you, and in my post from last week, a couple people suggested mailing myself some of my stuff. As it turns out, I've decided to sell all my furniture and drive up with what I can fit in my car, so I'd like to mail myself everything else - "everything else" being several heavy boxes of books. So: I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how to do that as cheaply as possible. USPS? I heard Amtrak did something similar? Something else? A friend seems to think there's somewhere that will ship based on size instead of weight.

Portland-related because I need to figure it out soon and don't know where else to ask. :)

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A tornado in Brooklyn, and the entire freakin' NYC subway system ground to a halt because of *rain*.
Hey, synthcat, how're ya liking NYC now?? ;)

Good thing Portland doesn't grind to a screeching halt over the occasional rainstorm.

That only happens when it snows.

Got 2 kittens...

Whats the cheapest place to take them to get there shots?

There was a link to some place that was at diff stores on sundays that was really good price... but i cant find it (if only it was tagged :) lol)


I want to make up a bunch of "I'm an ASSHOLE, give me a ticket" stickers that I can stick onto the hoods of cars that almost hit me while I'm crossing the street on a walk signal or while passing over a parking lot entry. I am SO DAMN SICK of inconsiderate drivers. I get hit almost on a daily basis while walking or biking. I obey all traffic rules and STILL I feel like I'm in constant danger just trying to get around.
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In Just Under 30 Minutes, Daredevil Skywriting over Portland

From the Pearl Insider:

It's a Bird... err, a Plane... it's Cool Moon Ice Cream

Look to the skies above Portland tonight around 7 p.m. (weather and cloud-cover allowing). That small dot you see roaring over the horizon will be carrying a special message on behalf of a future Pearl District business. Suzanne Oliver, America's last remaining "free-hand" daredevil skywriter will attempt one of the longest and most complex skywriting routines ever performed...READ MORE or just go out and look quickly!

Old / Import Vid Games

Anyone know of any places where you can pick up older titles or consoles? (Especially imports...) I haven't been able to find any yet, despite my best efforts. NW, SW, etc...whatever. For a good store, distance isn't really an issue.
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Bike Rants

To the guy I saw on SE 10th-ish and Hawthorne around 9:30 the other night: Riding a fixed-gear bicycle, with no helmet, headlight, or tail-light; wearing headphones; and veering across into the left-hand lane without signalling and not even really looking:

Do you have an honest-to-god deathwish? Are you on fucking crack?

To every parent and child pair on bikes I've ever seen, where the kid was wearing a helmet but the parent was not:

So, you don't want your kid to die, but you're okay leaving them an orphan? Nice.

To people walking on the Hawthorne bridge: Please don't walk right in the middle of the sidewalk, especially during rush hour when there are three bikes trying to figure out how to get around you without ending up falling into the care lane or hitting another bike or you.

To other bicyclists: It would be awfully polite of you to ding a bell or say "on your left" when you pass me. Yes, I ride an ancient British three-speed (it's a 1961 Raleigh and I'm madly in love with it). No, I'm not in any particular hurry. Just let me know when you're going to pass so I don't accidentally get in your way or become startled.

To all the random bike riders, bus drivers, and pedestrians who tell me they love my bike: Thank you, you guys just give me the biggest smile. I do, too.