August 7th, 2007

On Ethnic Diversity, or Lack Thereof

Do you think that Portland's relative lack of ethnic diversity is a significant contributor to the ethos in our city? I'm talking about our high levels of civic engagement, being friendly with your neighbors, etc.

Robert Putnam, author of Bowling Alone and one of the country's leading scholars on diversity and social capital, found that communities that have a higher level of ethnic diversity have lower levels of civic engagement.  "...The greater the diversity in a community, the fewer people vote and the less they volunteer, the less they give to charity and work on community projects. In the most diverse communities, neighbors trust one another about half as much as they do in the most homogenous settings" (Jonas 2007).

eta: Apparently, you have to register to view the Jonas article I pointed out. Sorry.
eta2: key points from the Jonas article:

"In documenting that hunkering down, Putnam challenged the two dominant schools of thought on ethnic and racial diversity, the "contact" theory and the "conflict" theory. Under the contact theory, more time spent with those of other backgrounds leads to greater understanding and harmony between groups. Under the conflict theory, that proximity produces tension and discord.

Putnam's findings reject both theories. In more diverse communities, he says, there were neither great bonds formed across group lines nor heightened ethnic tensions, but a general civic malaise. And in perhaps the most surprising result of all, levels of trust were not only lower between groups in more diverse settings, but even among members of the same group."

What do you think, damnportlanders?
Buster Bluth

Any bug lovers out there??

I got a nasty spider bite this morning and I caught the little guy so I could identify him in case it becomes crazy-infected. Of course, my camera's broken, so perhaps I can just describe him to you:

Leg span - roughly 1"
Body size - roughly 1/10 of an inch wide
Brown in color
White markings on the body

The bite hurt like a mofo and is still stinging. I actually live in Eugene at the moment, if that helps you identify it geographically. I tried Googling for spider databases, but it seems they are only for those already versed in spider knowledge!

bruce lee
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Discrimination at The Alibi?

There has been a guy standing outside of The Alibi for several days over the past week or so. He's fairly short, and possibly Hispanic--I only got a quick look at him as I passed by, so it's hard telling--and he's wearing a sandwich board asking people not to go there.

According to the sign, he's having a discrimination-related dispute with them. Anybody know the story?

biker help?

So I built this hella fly cruiser bike out of a 70's Huffy Tandem

I just had it painted and while it was away I lost the disc brake caliper.

If anyone has one they can let go for a reasonable price, I'd love to hear from you.

I wanna ride, yo!!

Lake Oswego, anyone?

Hi, I am yet another soon-to-be Portlander who is relocating in early September to Lake Oswego to take an Americorps position. I guess I'm posting here because I'm looking to meet people who might be able to give me leads on where to live. Lots of people tell me to live in SE Portland, but I'd like to live in Lake Oswego, as that's where I'll be working. However, I know it's not the most likely place to find rooms to rent.

I have been on Craigslist but am looking for a more personal way to meet people. I'm a 24yo female who is respectful, professional, friendly, outdoorsy-type. I am very kid and pet friendly, and would love to contribute positively to a household. Do you know of anybody who might be interested in renting out an extra room for around $400/month to an Americorps volunteer in or around LO? It could be a temporary thing, 1-2 months until I find a place. Or longer if it suits both parties.

Don't hesitate to drop me a line :)

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Does anyone have any experience with IPRC (Independent Publishing Resource Center)?

I am attending their orientation/information meeting on Thursday night, but I wanted to hear personal experiences.

Thank you very much.

Gatherable and Growable Dyes from Local Sources

Pimping for the Garden again!

Two-day workshop! Have you ever looked at a bright flower and wondered if it might make a good dye plant? The first step is curiosity-the final step is the creation of richly colored fabric. In between is this fun workshop led by internationally known Master Dyer Cheryl Kolander of Aurora Silk. Cheryl will focus on basic principles of natural dyeing for home use-by the end you will know how to extract potential dyes, create and use mordants where needed, dye fabric, yarn and garments and test for durability. A world of color is waiting for you!

Saturday-Sunday, 9/8-9/07, 9:30am-5pm
$120 ($96 Members) Limit 12

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Thank you - and another question!

I just wanted to thank all the damnportlanders who helped with my previous question. It helped a lot, and I'm very grateful!

Now, onto another question, and I think it was posted previously here before but I couldn't find it! I was wondering where I could go to sell some clothes that I have. Some have not been worn (and still have tags on them!) and some others are just in really good condition that I would like to get rid of ASAP. Are there any really good consignment shops around here? I know that Red Light does them, but that's about it. Any help would again be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! =)
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I hate my glasses. I could get a new pair, but why not spend thousands more and get lasik?

So that's where you come in. How does one go about deciding who they are going to shoot lasers into their eyes? Where does one start?

And who of you have raving reviews of someone in town who sliced your cornea with a laser then sent you home the same day?

I have to put the $ in my works MSA to take advantage of beaucoup tax benefits, so I figure I should get the ball rolling now.

Thanks gang!

On the corner of NE Fremont and 15th

......there is a nasty anti-choice rally going on against that planned parenthood that's next to the wild oates at that shopping center. Yep, the circus is complete with nearly BILLBOARD size photos of severed fetus heads and the usual  Dominionist Christian slogans. I mean, I know this is all a part of free speech, the propaganda and the fear mongering and harassing all the people waiting at the nearby bus stops.....One of them came up to me and i said, but what would happen if there weren't little pockets of freedom like Portland where women can do as they please with their bodies? wouldn't there be a catastrophic drop in the population of hell, to the point where it might actually fade away  ? and don't you guys need that place to scare everyone to cower under your  fear-driven false binary logic of existence?"     I was thinking someone out there in Damnportlander land might want to go give these folks some more NEGATIVE attention.

Looking for a Portlander to adopt sweet cat who needs a new, stable home

My beautiful, 4 year old cat needs a new, stable home with an established routine. I’ve had her since she was a kitten and adore her sweet disposition – my current living situation makes me unable to provide her with the consistent environment she deserves.

The ideal new owner for her would be somewhat of a homebody who enjoys cat company. She loves to cuddle, is a great lap companion, and has bursts of playfulness that will make you smile. She doesn’t mind dogs and would thrive in an indoor/outdoor setting, although she is used to being only inside as well.

Please give me your email if you are interested and we can exchange more info. Feel free to ask any questions...


Hey, so I am looking for a tattoo artist for my first tattoo, and I was wondering if people who have had tattoos done in Portland would be willing to post pictures and tell me about their experiences with different artists. The design I have in mind is pretty complicated, and I need to find just the right person to do it.
Even if you don't want to post a picture, I would love to hear any info you can provide.
Thanks a lot, guys.

EDIT: Thank you to everyone who replied with helpful and supportive comments (and/or those who expressed their opinions in a way that was not hostile). To those (read: one guy with social issues and a lack of imagination) who were not very helpful at all, I am somewhat regretful of posting this because of you. However, in my naivety, I assumed everyone in this community would be open-minded. Next time, I'll know better.

The moral of the story: Don't judge other people. Get a tattoo or don't get one. It doesn't fucking matter and shouldn't to anyone else because it's not anyone else's body. Give advice when asked for it, but give it in a way that is respectful to other people as fellow human beings who have different ideas and values than you (and that's okay! Really it is).


I'm in the market for a climbing partner, preferably female. I am not usually the best about making plans, but would prefer someone I could call up and say "hey lets meet." If you can, you can, and if not, oh well...
Currently I have been climbing with my bf, but we have pretty different work schedules these days. I'm looking mostly for a gym partner (at the PRG), I don't have any gear. I have done some outside stuff, but only with the boy and his gear. It would be fun to get outside as well, but that could come with time.
I'm 5'2 and about 115lb. Someone of "similar" weight would be cool, but definitely not required.
Anyone interested?
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