August 6th, 2007


expunging records

I've tried googling, but am generally just finding websites for attorneys, so I was hoping someone here has gone through this process before.  I need to get my criminal record expunged (2 misdemeanors for trespassing from 9 years ago) and am not sure exactly how to do it.  The two charges are from two different counties (Washington and Multnomah) and I can't seem to figure out if I do this through the county or the state.  I'm really broke right now and the fees for expungement are going to be hard enough to get together, so I can't afford a lawyer to go through this all with.  Has anyone here gotten their record expunged?  What was the process?  Do you know of any good resources that could walk me through it (websites, etc.)?  Thanks in advance for any help!


recommendations for places that have vegan sushi options beyond "cucumber roll"? mmm.. ."spicy tempura sushi"?? *drool* preference to SE and cheap, but whatever really. thanks for your help!

East Side Baby!

Hallo! Does anyone have a great recommendation for a NON-Party camping area on the lovely east side of the state? My usual spot up on St. Helens will be cloudy this weekend, which really cuts the Perseid show. The desert will shine, however, if I can find a camping spot where ravers with strobelights (Jones Creek, I'm lookin' at you) don't compete.

Thanks, DP!
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Travel websites?

I'm looking to go to Canada with my significant other to visit some family & friends. We'll planning to do it at the end of this month/beginning of next month. I've been scouring NWA and UNITED online, but wanted to know, in damnportlanders opinion -- what's the best travel website (or even AGENCY in the area, preferably North / Downtown PDX) to go to get the best (cheapest!) price?

If you can help this girl out, it would definitely be appreciated!!!! =)


Hello Wonderful People
I am graduating on Aug 18th and need some help with where to go after wards for grub.  There will be about twenty of us and I really want to be able to make a reservation.  IT would be really great to find a place near PSU or possibly around Beaverton area as everyone is staying out there.  Any suggestions would be great except MnMenamins who have already proved to be wankers and won't take reservations or seat all twenty in the same area.  Thanks so much
NYC Subway Mo 1

[BST] Misery Mondays, Portland-Style!

After being here in NYC for just over couple of days, I realized how much of a smallish, culturally-backwards, podunk town that Portland is compared to a real city like NYC. Just thinking about how ass-backwards and Wonder Bread white the so-called City of Roses is, I've come to dislike PDX immensely over the last 2 days. I'm tired of all that "feel-good" Pollyanna shit that seems to be the norm for Portland! Thinking about how primitive Portland is makes me sweat with anger. I must go shower now after I finish posting this!

Since it seems to be the new vogue thing to be all angsty, whiny, and shit on damnportlanders, I thought that I would add my list of grievances about damn Portland. It's what all the cool kids are doing nowadays, right?

1. Fucking drum circle participants in Portland has no sense of rhythm! They all need to be schooled by *real* drum circles that are performed by *real* (read: non-white) drummers in the Central Park. Not only did the Central Park drum circle sound in rhythm, but there were no scent of hippy-ass patchouli like the ones emanating from Waterfront Park drum circle-jerks.

2. People in Portland need to stop driving old and ugly-ass cars. No cars older than 2000. Period. Seeing rust-covered vehicles on the road is a fucking eyesore. If you can't keep your car nice and shiny while driving around, then fucking take a taxi to your destination.

3. Speaking of taxis, what's up with the $30+ up-the-butt abomination of a fare from downtown Portland to PDX? That's 30 clams for a measly 20 minute ride to the airport! The ride from JFK to Manhattan is only $45, and it covers greater distance and time. Portland taxis are a fucking rip-off!

4. Nobody rides their bicycles on the sidewalk in NYC. If they do, they get their asses kicked by pissed-off pedestrians.

5. NYC doesn't have any nine year-old poser white boys on the subways frontin' like a bad-ass gangstas. If such were to exist, the whack-assed Caucasian punk would get his a Glock shoved up his ass.

6. People actually *pay* to ride mass transit out here. Damn right. Whether someone is riding going just stop over or through couple of boroughs, the fare is a flat $2. There's none of this "Fareless Square" bullshit like in Portland! The subways are actually cleaner and nicer out here because there ain't no free-loading, smelly bums or nine year-old gangsta wannabes riding the system for free, like in Portland.

7. 24-hour subway system rules. Fuck Portland and the "last train at 12:30 a.m." bullshit.

8. There ain't no culture on mass transit over there in Portland. What's up with all those English-speaking white people everywhere?

Let the mass bitchings and whinings begin. And...Go! ;)
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I just wanted to say how awesome craigslist was today. I have been trying to get rid of a couch and armchair for 2 weeks and no one wanted it so I put an add on craigslist for someone to take them to the dump. Within 30 minutes I had 10 responses and I had someone come to take the stuff away. Yay craigslist.
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Free Showing of Vintage TV Beer Ads Tonight!

Monday, August 6 Monday Movie Night brings you an evening of Beer Commercials!
Join local media historian and author Tom Robinson tonight at North Portland's Mississippi Station for a screening of old TV beer ads. Tom will show ads from Rainier, Hamms, Schlitz, Old Milwaukie and more.

Just added! None for the Road (Centron Corporation, 1957, Black & White)
Psuedo-science meets bad drama in this unintentionally hilarious film about the dangers of teenage drunk driving. See experiments with alcohol-addled rats performed by an actor dressed as a doctor, plus a sobering tale of inebriated teen fun gone awry that leads to shattered lives, an overturned car, and some bad acting. Features a memorable scene of teenagers doing drunk-driving skill tests on Aetna Drive-O-Trainers driving simulators. Watch out for that delivery man!

Monday Movie Night is always free, and features original educational and instructional 16mm films from the 1920's-1970's shown beneath the stars. Screening begins at sunset (approximately 9:00PM), on the patio seating area. All ages welcome. Full bar and menu available. Get there early to secure a table, as the event fills up fast.

Monday Movies at Mississippi Station
3943 North Mississippi Ave.
Portland, OR 97227

For a complete calendar of upcoming movies, go to

Joe Strummer laundry

(no subject)

Okay, guys. I really need some help figuring this out:

I've got a song stuck in my head. I think it's by Cake... but!! it doesn't have any lyrics. It's just instrumental. It's maybe a minute, two minutes long.

That is ALL I know.

I've been searching for DAYS to try to find it, any help would be awesome.
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camera adventure update- Nikon d200 remains under water

Ben, an adventurous DP'er, went fishing for my Nikon D200. He came back empty handed.  He said that the water was very cold and someone with a wet suit might have better luck, but it did not appear to be in the most shallow areas. The water may have swept it under the base of a rock. (thanks, Ben! you're awesome for checking it out.)

So, at this point, I guess it is open season... I am considering it gone, but if someone happened to turn it up in the next week, I'd be happy to pay $200 for its retrieval. The casing on the camera is pretty tight, and I think that the memory card with my family photos might still be retrievable, even if the camera is sitting in water and broken. I might be overly optimistic, but what the hell.  (I looked at my receipt and realize I didn't have the extended drop protection that I thought I did, but Nikon has been good to me in the past at fixing a dropped camera, they might give me a deal and I would pass on the benefit to a successful explorer.)

Ben said that he hiked in about 200 feet down stream and found a place to climb down under the bridge. He said it wasn't that rough.  Maybe he'll post more here about his experience. If you go looking, post here (maybe a few people will make a fun day of it?) If not, you should go out on this hike anyway to see the falls... they really are beautiful.

Directions from Portland (about 70 minutes)

1.Merge onto I-84 E / US-30 E via EXIT 300 toward PORTLAND AIRPORT / THE DALLES.  (41.6 mi)

2.  Take the US-30 exit- EXIT 44- toward CASCADE LOCKS / STEVENSON. (.3 mi)


3.  Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto WA-NA-PA ST / US-30. (.1 mi)


4. Turn LEFT onto BRIDGE OF THE GODS (Crossing into WASHINGTON ), $1 toll)


5. Turn RIGHT onto WA-14 / EVERGREEN HWY. Continue to follow WA-14.   (5.9 mi)


6. Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto WIND RIVER RD. (15 mi)


7. Turn right at Service Road 3062.  It is marked Falls Creek Trail.  This is a dirt road.  (1.5 mi)


8.   Turn right toward lower falls, which is service road 057.  Go ¼ mile and park in the lot.  (There's an outhouse here… it's kinda gross though.)

If you actually go down looking for the camera, be safe, not stupid. Take a buddy. The water's cold. The edge of the river is steep.

If you hike the 1.7 mi up to the falls, you'll see this... beautiful.  It's a nice family hike. A little bit steep if you're out of shape or a non-hiker, but still rated "easy" in the hiking guides.


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Looking for a job?

Momizza Pizza is looking for friendly restaurant professionals to join our team!

We have a variety of positions available:
· Pizza makers
· Telephone and Counter Service personnel

To apply:
Please apply in-person at Momizza Pizza (located at 5949 NE 30th, Portland, OR 97211)

Beer Blog

I made a new blog for fun that focuses on food and beverage, most predominantly beer so far.  I'll need to get up to Portland and review some places.  Anyways, I try to keep it objective, informative and fun.  Check back if you like it, I'm trying to update fairly often.

fedex ground RAGE

Does anyone have any experience shipping with Fedex ground... specifically dealing with claims with them?

I shipped a package to myself and had them pack the box. Five days later it arrived and had a huge hole in the side. The computer inside -- a server, made of thick 1/8" steel -- is all sorts of bent. They gave me the runaround on the phone today because I 'accepted the package,' when in reality my seven year old stepson signed his first name for it while I wasn't home. I'd like some ammunition when going at them tomorrow.
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Sea Tramp Tattoo Company

Hey, a question for you all.

Has anyone had any expierences with Sea Tramp Tattoo Company, on NE Grand? My other artists moved too far away for me to reach by TriMet and my current workplace isn't too far from the Sea Tramp, so I got curious.

Good or bad? Artist recommendations?

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