August 4th, 2007


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If you were looking to buy a car, where besides Craigslist would you look? Any good luck with oregonlive, vehix, autotrader? Anyone have some neat insider car shopping place?

Every car on Craigslist seems to be: "needs head gasket," "needs lots of TLC," "looks great at 20 feet," and "doesn't start but I think it just needs a battery, but I dunno."

It's obnoxious.


I heard some where it is free today (Saturday) is that true??
I looked on its site and on OMSI's site, but didn't see any mention of it.
Any enlightenment from the great DP masses "in the know"?

If so, anyone wanna' go check it out with me? I'm always up for meeting new people, and have a ways to go on the 52 people this year. *smile* I'll be there probably after 11am if you go, come say hi!

EDIT: ATTENTION! The Exhibit is NOT, I repeat, *not* Free today.
I had heard from a couple different people it was free... and just called OMSI to confirm for sure. The lady in membership services cracked me up, she said; "well, I'll be the horse today." After I said I wanted to hear it from the Horse's mouth. =D

Think of it this way... you pay $21.00 *not* to be trampled by a gazillion kids and various Portlanders. She also said its pretty quiet right now, so if you come by 10am its a perfect time to visit the exhibit, but after that until 3pm its crazy and you may not get a ticket.. just an FYI (she said the late evening is a bit better to).
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Dear American media,

Hillary's neckline is the most pointless and unintelligent thing you could possibly comment on in regards to the presidential race. For that matter, so is anything to do with her wardrobe.

Please talk about something that fucking matters.

Hugs and snuggles,

engagement rings

My partner and I recently got engaged and have decided that we want to get engagement rings.  Neither of us has any real experience purchasing jewelry and are looking for something simple like a silver band.  This is largely symbolic for us, so no need to have it cost a ridiculous amount of money like I know people often spend on these things.  Where is the best place to get this.  It is important that they are queer-friendly and won't have a problem with a queer couple purchasing engagement rings together.  Thanks!

8 grievances

Official List of my 8 DamnPortlander Grievances (add more if you wish)

(this isn't too serious, so don't get all crazy and call gia's cellphone begging her to immediately take this down because someone dared to ask a question not relating to tattoos, vegan marshmallows and oil changes in Beaverton)

1) We've all seen it happen. Gradually over time it has manifested itself. At first we kept quiet, because it seemed like it'd pass ---- yet it just grew stronger. We're annoyed to fucking death with it by now yet we don't say anything because these folks are just too nice. You all know what I'm talking about: THAT GOD DAMNED DP CLIQUE. That's right, synthcat, drjeff, yoopie, littlebluedog, and all the other people who will randomly reply to your post with some cheesy inside joke like "*drinks*, lol!*. Seriously, using this community to make a friend, cool. Using this community to be the cool kid, scary. It's too bad it isn't cosmicjohn (ie the guy who won't admit he's never been laid) or some other douche doing this, cause then it'd be easy to hate on them. But with folks as nice like synth and jeff, well, I guess we're doomed with their inside jokes plaguing this community. For now...

2) Another dig at synthcat. Thankful Thursday? No thanks. Maybe I'm just too young, but these lists SUCK so bad. And they are always the same thing, just different restaurants, names, locations. Example:

1) Excellent bike ride along the Springwater Corridor, beautiful sunset. (obligatory bike shoutout)

2) Excellent fruit at farmers market (obligatory organic fruit + support the locals shoutout)

3) Being recognized by random damnportlander and sharing a beer with them (obligatory "yeah, I'm still e-famous, bitch" shoutout)

4) Amazing dinner at [insert restaurant]. (obligatory I'm a hip dude out on the town, enjoying the local eats and soaking up P-town culture, yo's)

etc. Challenge to synthcat: Next Thankful Thursday you cannot mention the following things: nice portlanders, bikes (or bike rides), and ANYTHING food/coffee related. If you can do this, I'll personally suck you off in the middle of Pioneer Square WHILE taking your picture, just so all the passers-by will KNOW you are fucking famous both online and in real life.

3) bliccy. I hate to talk shit on her, but am I the only one who thinks she was a lot more attractive before she started posting every day? Maybe I just like obscure chicks. And man... those YouTube vids totally killed it for me, in a very bad way, like something you'd see on Nickelodeon.

4) Anyone who says "my google-fu is failing me". F U C K Y O U. Fuck your internet slang, and fuck you again. Google-fu is the most retarded thing you could ever type. And if I catch one of you fuckers saying that shit in real life, I'm gonna get physical!

5) meisterdorf vs dr jeff. Yeah, I'm going there, and not a single one of you can deny I'm about to drop some ICE COLD truth on you. Both of em older, middle aged men. Both of them very active on this community. Both of them residents of Oregon. The difference? Ok, how about this, I won't even name names and you'll STILL know who I'm talking about.

Middle age guy A: Handsome, funny, has the young ladies wrapped around his cool finger, can post a ridiculous, boring post and get 100+ replies.

Middle age guy B: Looks like he drives a large white van with no windows, posts about events nobody cares about, anytime a chick is looking to meet up with a stranger for coffee cause she's bored this dude is on it like white on rice (and she'll never reply back), and anytime he makes a post about anything, no matter how interesting it is, it only gets 2 replies (generally from people you've never seen post here before)

See? Told you, didn't even have to name names. Middle aged guy B needs to take some hints from guy A. Guy B is, I'm sure, cool and down to earth, but I'd be lyin if I said I couldn't imagine seeing that guy popping up on one of those Dateline internet predator shows!

6) Cosmicjohn. Who the hell posts encyclopediadramatica links to get a rise out of people anymore? Shit is straight from the 2003 troll playbook. Some willing dp female needs to give this guy a pity fuck. His virgin angst was cute with the toes icon. Now it's just sad.

7) Nobody cares about your trip to IKEA. No, really.

8) DP meetups. These things are the epitome of embarrassing. Aside from how clique-ish they seem to be, it appears to be the same people who go time and time again. When I scroll through the pictures that get posted 2 seconds after the meetup ends, this is what goes thru my mind: "Oh damn he's ugly.. woa she's fat... damn he looks nothing like his icon ... holy shit are those elbow rolls??? lol look how embarassed the big one in the corner looks... damn thats a lot of food on the table... how come everyone looks so uncertain?? AND HOW COME THERE IS ALWAYS SOME RANDOM FUCKING BABY THERE??!!!?!"

I then turn off my computer and take a few showers to rid the internet awkwardness from me.

If you have a DP grievance, share it. If not, feel free to tell me what a bad person I am.
Golden Girls

UV tattoo artist?

Yes, this is another tattoo question.  Are there any inkists in town that use the uv (blacklight) tattoo ink?  It looks invisible under normal light.  I know there are some risks, but I want a glowing Watchmen tattoo.

According to the ink maker's website, the closest place is hood river but that can't be right. 
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Four eyes!

Okay kids, here's the sitch: I don't have insurance but I do have bad eyesight. My last pair of contacts (purchased with the help of insurance before I left my old job)have finally gone kablooey. I have glasses so I'm not completely blind for now, but they give me a headache if I wear them for too long. So, beautiful and wise damnportlanders, where o where in this awesome city of ours can I find cheap-esque eye doctors who won't demand one beeeeelion dollars in return for little plastic discs I can slip on to my grateful sight orbs? Best response gets an E-HI-5 and mad props!


Tonight is the opening night for the 42nd Clinton Street Cabaret!

Doors are at 11:45pm show at midnight, so come dress up like your favorite Rocky Horror character and have fun!!!!!!!!!!

Clinton St. Theater is at 26th and S.E. Clinton
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Rainbow Six PC games

Who wants to sell their Rainbow Six PC games to a poor college student for el cheap? Looking for Gold Version primarily, but the other games are fine.

C'mon, you haven't played it since's just taking up space in your CD rack...
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happy velocity

Bike donation places

Anyone know of some places that'll take bike donations other than Community Cycling Center? I'm way the hell out on the westside and don't really want to haul it over to NE, though certainly if that's my only option I'll suck it up and do it. Just checking my options.

I am looking for a place that specifically deals with bikes, because I want to donate an older, but decent condition Trek Antelope 820 women's mountain bike, which I inherited a million years ago from a friend who moved out of town. The catch is that when she gave it to me, there was something wrong with it that needed to be fixed but since I don't ride mountain bikes, I never got it fixed and completely forgot about what was wrong, and I don't want to waste my time/a bike shop's time diagnosing it just so I can unload it on Craigslist for cheap.

Definitely not looking to send it to places like Goodwill since they'll just chuck it in their retail pile and a month later someone walks away paying for a lemon.

Satisfied Saturday. . . .

As I suck down a Sparks and eat chicken wings. I am sated.

1) Going on the OCAC Art Adventures Camp Art Walk while the surly almost-8th grader explains the technique for each piece she did.

2) Friday night sleepovers and, on a related note. . . . . . . .

3) Friends I can par-tay with without ending in Hooper, jail or with a suspended license. I laughed so hard, I hurt today.

4) MySpace messaging said surly middle schooler at HER sleepover to make plans for today.

5) Living walking distance from the coolest bars. NE rocks it HOARD.

6) Dr. Jeff

7)Snarky and snarkable posts on DP. I hate ya but I love you.

8) Nicole Richie

ETA: Jesusito Market. I bought a coconut ice cream bar that had nearly a whole coconut in it. Sofrito. Goya and Vigo everything.
What satisfies YOU this Saturday?
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lubed baristas
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A question inspired by an earlier post

Someone posted earlier about UV tattoos, and I asked the obvious, if stupid question: How do you see them?

I really do want to know. Do you have to be under certain light? Do you invite chix back to your pad to see your glowing tattoo? How does it work? I could use my Google.. uh... KARATE, but I'd rather hear it from someone who has SEEN it.
portland tatoo

Recent posts I made about our firend Chuck Paluhniuk, Sex talk, and a cool art event

bread and circuses

I found this flight of the conchords stuff from someone's post thing and watched a bunch of it on youtube then started getting disgusted with the live stuff then all of it just got boring and I need to LAUGH MORE. suggestions on funny/awesome/inspirational stuff that might be on youtube? already absorbed is mr show, arrested development, neil hamburger, let's paint tv.

EDIT: $10 paypal for something worth my time. give it a 'whirl!'
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roygbiv witchcraft lol

I had something really important to say but I forgot it
have you heard The Sun City Girls
oh? well let me recommend really anywhere you start is as good
as anywhere else but just keep on
right now is kaliflower, so I guess that's right now
see the awesome thing about LSD is that it never wears off, you
just get used to it
ophelia by nivi, 2012

art collectors.....

i'm selling some of my art. please feel free to browse through my flickr art set.

for those unfamiliar with flickr, as i have been until recently, there are larger resolutions available for view under the 'all sizes' link directly below the title when viewing an individual artwork's page.

Collapse )

each image lists the details of the artwork. i can be reached by email if you have any further questions, would like to inquire about prices/payment plans, and/or arrange to buy art:

thank you <3

Hate to...

Whore myself out like this.

But I am in desperate need of a place and soon. I just moved to PDX about a month ago and have a wonderful job, but nowhere to live.

I am staying with my friends right now, but my time here is running out, I have about less than a week.

I am nice, have a full tim job, a small sweet pug dog, not a lush, not crazy and can spend around $800 max on a place (be it shared house/apartment etc.). I am also up for temp. right now since I am in such a bind. I have also been all over craigslist and am trying my best it's just hard with a 40+ work week. So if you have anything, know of anything or anyone please let me know.

Thank you for your time.

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Was there a parade in PDX Metro today?

Some guy at Freddie's was talking about an injury that occurred when a girl fell through a float and got caught in the axle or something of the float she was riding on during a parade today someplace in PDX metro... what parade would that have been? I cannot find anything on this in the local news. Just curious