August 3rd, 2007

Flying Hunny
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On Garb

So it seems I'm attending a Ren Faire next week, and while I have a nice (new!) bodice and a fine skirt for the event, I am utterly lacking in chemises/peasant blouses. I could probably borrow one from a friend, but I kind of have a hankering for something specific.

I'm already planning on hitting up the couple of costume shops I know (which, this time of year, would be...just Hollywood Costumers on Hawthorne). But you guys know everything, so... where does one go for garb in this town? Unfortunately it's getting a little late to just buy something online, especially since I can't seem to find what I want cheap - is a red peasant blouse really so much to ask?
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web site questions

I've asked a question along these lines before, but here we go again...

I need to buy a domain name (TODAY), and I'm kind of unsure if it matters where I buy it from...I'm looking at DomainIt right now. I need hosting services and to be able to easily publish the site via Microsoft Publisher.


restaurant recommendations

Hey everyone- I'm looking for genuinely good Greek or Italian food in Portland, in the $150-$200 range for 3 people (wine included). Well, correction: My guest wants Greek or Italian food. I'm of the opinion that there is no such thing as truly good either in all of the NW, so prove me wrong? If the menu doesn't have seafood, and is 99% pasta, it doesn't count.

Thank you!

Shelves and Slatwalls for sale

Our wholesale business is moving to a different office, so we are selling some slatwalls (shelves included for free) and a slatwall tower.

10 shelved slatwalls are available, for 50$ each. We bought them at the orig price of 325.55 each.
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The slatwall tower is 30$ (originally, 259.75).
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You must be able to pick them up yourself. Please come by in the mornings, or the afternoon. There will be someone there to assist you. Sorry, DPers, it is in the Beaverton area.
Our address is
5647 SW Arctic Dr
Beaverton, OR

Call ahead at 503-351-8266

x-posted, sorry for the annoyance. (The sorry is even x-posted)

Maincures and selling DVDs

Are they're any places to get a GOOD manicure in PDX for under $15 or $20? Bonus points if it's downtown or on the westside.

Also, where's a good place to sell DVDs? I've got the first two seasons of Desperate Housewives on DVD and they're in perfect condition. I need to make some quick cash.

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i want i want I WANT

hfkljhklfl. it's been so long since i've said this: ROAD TRIP!!!


f****ng finally.

now, please help me choose a destination.

i want coast. he wants dunes. i want hotel. he wants hotel (thank gosh). i want interesting food. probably some book stores. astoria has been done...i loved it. i'm looking for uncharted territory here.


I am on a new diet

I am on a new diet.
I only eat peanut butter sandwiches, and I only drink orange juice.
(sometimes I have hummus and pita, because that is the same thing, really)
Does anyone know where I can get unsweetened peanut butter, whole wheat bread, and orange juice concentrate? I don't want to spend more than about 10 dollars a week on this.