August 2nd, 2007


Staffing Agencies

I am looking for two types of staffing agencies, do you know of any that cater to Engineering (this seems to be hard to come by, especially for a Chemical Engineer) and also any that cater to basic Administrative work (which I'd imagine there's a lot out there for this)?

Thank you!

to-buy list

* nintendo wii, sometimes there's been posts about where one is, anyone know?

* a nice pair of headphones, the kind that obliterate the outside world while resting comfortably, but also no EQ/extra volume nonsense.

* a usb soundcard for my laptop. the dumb bestbuy by the airport is the only place I'd know, but they've closed, and same with compusa nextdoor, and freegeek of course doesn't have anything like that. any other ideas? I'd rather a store around here than online purchasing but I may get this thing: :O AND it has ability to install other things on it, as well as a backup-to-defaults CD.... it could be my field recording device AND my soundcard! but a huge soundcard so no. but maybe. but 1k? .. anyhow, thanks.
straigt up gangsta

body worlds

oh, mighty dp ... does anybody have coupons to this show at omsi?
a woman i work with got some the other day via email, but she deleted it before she told me.  i figure she can't be the only one who got them ... so ... can anybody hook me up?

ETA:  found one online, courtesy of the hillsboro chamber of commerce
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Duct tape

Found ferret near 33rd and Killingsworth

My boyfriend found a ferret while walking through the neighborhood near 33rd and Killingsworth. She's female, very healthy and tame, obviously someone's escaped pet. Is she yours? Describe her, or better yet, email a picture. She's currently being cared for in Beaverton (we're experienced with ferrets, so don't worry!)

(no subject)

Hi. I took a trip up there a few weeks ago and decided to move from a state directly south of you at the earliest opportunity, for no logically defensible reason. I've managed to trick a company up there into thinking it would be a good idea to hire me, so it looks like I'll pull into town late this month. As I only half-know two people there (or fully know one), I have a couple questions. Sorry, I know moving questions get asked all the time.

1) I'll be driving up from Baja Ecotopia in a little 2000 Corolla that'll be overflowing with boxes. For obvious reasons, I'd really like to avoid steep inclines. However, I can't seem to find decent topographical accounts of the routes I'm considering. The most direct path is via Sacramento on I-5. However, someone told me I'll hit a big mountain right at the border if I go that way. Is the mountain that bad? Any alternate routes to suggest?

2) Aside from craigslist, where do all the cool kids go to look for housing and roommate situations? Many people here still use a local alternative weekly's ads section, and I figure there might be something similar there.

I can't wait to finally get up there. Those of you who are natives might not have much perspective on this, but you've got something pretty special going on in pdx and environs. I've lived in San Diego my whole life, and have been pointed to the NW for a while, but I got kind of disillusioned after finally scouting Seattle, which, socially, is like LA without the fake smiles. Everyone I met in OR, though was genuinely nice - aggressively nice, even, to the point where I kept wondering what they wanted from me. :) I'm also very much looking forward to participating in something greater than myself: the ruination of yet another burgeoning Mecca of awesomeness by hordes of boorish Californians. And I want to hang out with Ursula Le Guin.

Thanks in advance.
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PDX Pop Now! 2007  Ka-pow!

"Oh whoa oh!"  You moan, "What could there possibly be to do this weekend with my scant pocket change?"  Ooo!  Ooo!  I have the answer!  Pick me!

PDX Pop Now!
4th Annual Festival of Local Music

Nearly 50 bands, all of whom call our fair town home, on two stages over the course of three days.  It's FREE (no pocket change needed)!  It's ALL-AGES (steal some kids)!

PDX Pop Now! is dedicated to promoting participation in Portland music--all kinds, even though we have "pop" in our name.  (Think pop like population.)  This year we have some AMAZING bands, ranging in style from hip hop to jazz to folk to electronic to noise and yes, even the regular ol' rock and pop.  Music runs 6p-1a on Friday, August 3, and 12p to 1am on Saturday, August 4, and Sunday, August 5, so no excuses!

You can check out the schedule here: or trot through the cut: Collapse )

We're an awesome town to be able to host such events and I busted my nuggets to get this thing booked, so please come check it out!  Come for an old favorite band, stay for a new one.  Woohoo!

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Hello, DPers!

I live in Columbus, Ohio, but I have been reading this community for a while. Reading/seeing what goes on in Portland makes me want to move there. It definitely seems like it is my type of place.

Keep on rocking out, DPers.


Broken Camera

Hey you guys, I broke my digital camera and I am leaving to go on a trip soon (Thursday of next week), where is a good place to get your camera fixed, or at least an estimate of whether or not its even worth it to get it fixed? I live closest to  the Woodstock neighborhood of SE and would be much obliged if I could find somewhere within short biking distance (10 miles) who is trusted and can help my poor Fuji Finepix?!

little blue dog

alternate route(s) between Portland and Salem?

Hey damn people,

I drive down to Salem a couple times a month, and some of these trips coincide with rush hour. I take the 5 down, and sometimes it's taken 90 minutes just to get to Wilsonville.

Unfortunately, this is the only route I know. So I'm looking for other options.

For example, I messed around with googlymaps and came up with this possible route, following 99E down.

Does anyone have any tried-and-true alternate routes?

If you do, please let me know. A map link would be just peachy if you want to take a few minutes to make a map. Or tell me why the one I chose sucks. Or rocks. Whatever.

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drinks july 2007

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. 5th Avenue Street Fair in Old Town this evening from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. I may go check this event tonight. I wonder how much of First Thursday crowd would be spilling over? The downtown area may be festive tonight.

2. Hottest Day of the Year Ride community ride this Sunday. Even though I will be out of town during the ride, I look forward to seeing pictures of the planned "world record of the largest water fight ever recorded" afterward. I love Portland quirkiness.

3. Recently-installed on-street barricaded bicycle parking "islands" on SE Belmont Avenue and on North Mississippi Avenue.

4. Experiencing the intimate and cozy performance settings at the Mississippi Studios earlier this week. The experience was quite unique.

5. Seeing an advert list in Tuesday's Portland Tribune about "101 Things to do in Montavilla"--although I am not familiar with that part of the city, seeing a list like this gives me ideas and inspirations for new adventures and explorations! Despite my misgivings about certain aspects of "Avenue of Roses," it sounds like there are viable things to explore in the historical neighborhood.

6. Bonding with a damnportlanders friend over delicious desserts at Pix Patisserie--the ice cream social with lavender and candied citrus ice cream, with port-soaked fig topping was divine.

7. Spending a weekday evening in company of many damnportlanders folks for a birthday drink gathering. It is very encouraging to know that I have met my diverse yet social group of DP (and non-DP) friends in so many ways over the years--from work, the local music scene, by sharing similar interests, etc.), and through other friends. Some of the folks I have known for just several months, while others I have known for over a decade. I have always noticed the friendly Portland vibe ever since I have lived here. And I am also very grateful for messages and posts from other DPers who could not attend the drink gathering.

8. The wonderful staff at Maiden In The Mist for the free shot of whiskey on the house last night. Their food was pretty tasty too (yay for vegan Crispy Tempeh Strips with spicy banana sauce!). *drinks*
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The asshats in 320 are staging all their crap on the courtyard right now and they have 7 hours before the landlord changes their locks! Their stereo is on full blast still, but there's an end in immediate sight! Yaaay!
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Italian Soda

Hello! I'm in SW Portland and looking for that syrup that constitutes an Italian Soda. I've already tried Fred Meyer, Market of Choice and Trader Joe's, but no luck. Anyone know where I should go? I'm looking for fruity flavors like peach, strawberry, raspberry...etc.
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Mass = Density...

It was rush hour on a Thursday afternoon in the city. The MAX was especially crowded since it was shorter by one car plus running late. Commuters were crammed in standing shoulder to shoulder as they jostled and bumped along and tried not to make eye contact with each other.

I held my spot flattened against the wall near the door grateful for the bit of fresh air that blew in at each stop.

MAX approached the Skidmore Fountain stop. The doors opened and those on the platform could see that the riders had no where to move to allow new boarders.

A couple with two children who appeared to be visiting from the suburbs of outer Peoria stood on the platform. Mom held a young girl in her arms and stood behind Dad. The Dad used his SUV-sized stroller containing a young boy as a battering ram forcing his way onto MAX. The young boy from his seat in the stroller was smashed into knees, butts and briefcases. The father felt a particular bit of resistance and jammed and shoved the stroller repeatedly....darned...resistance.... The father shoved harder as he tried to break free of the obstacle. The resistance was the boy's foot entangled in the straps of my bag.

Dunadunadunaduna BAT- MANNNN

Security Work

So it seems that you need to get a "DPSST certification" to work security in Oregon. What exactly is it and how do I go about getting certified?

I did google it, but the sites weren't all too clear and it's easier to ask.


used dvd box sets

my pal and i are looking to buy ugly betty season 1 or LOST season one somewhere for cheap.

where do ya'll go to buy your cheap,used dvd's and box sets?

we live in tigard/beaverton-but MAY be willing to travel.

thanks in advance.

Pasta Salad plz?

So my dad and all his ~carnivorous~ friends are having a barbecue on Saturday and I wanted to make a pasta salad and maybe another type of pot-luck type item to bring with me since I'm mostly vegetarian and I'm not sure how many options I'll have there. Do ya'll know any killer pasta salad recipes? Or maybe an exceptional pasta salad from a grocery deli? Or just an exeptional dressing/condiment to add to some colorful pasta and veggies? My mom used to use this spicy corn relish for pasta salad that was delicious, but we bought it at Harry & David, which well, there aren't any up here.

Also, since they're going to be smoking meats and stuff, I thought I might bring some salmon with me since I eat fish. Out of New Seasons, Zupans, Fred Meyer/Safeway, which is a good place to find fresh Pacific salmon?
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I been searchin' every whichaway...

So, the unfortunate confluence of my absent-minded placement of my espresso maker near the edge of the counter and my daughter's developmentally-appropriate lack of gross motor control has resulted in the tragic loss of the carafe part of my morning drug apparatus.

This is not the machine I have, but the glass carafe is the same:

It dawned on me that one of you addicted bastards fellow coffee-drinkers might have one of these lying around somewhere. I'm loathe to buy a new one, as I'm guessing that there are plenty of blown-out cheapie espresso makers around that are no longer in need of their carafe.

I'll drive nearly anywhere to pick this little item up from you... even GRESHAM. heh.

Can anyone help a brother out?

ETA: Got one. Thanks!