August 1st, 2007

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Hopefully I am the first...


Don't go thinking it is time for a mid life crisis, you are STILL plenty Young Duck Dong.

...also have fun back in Ny C. :::raising goblet full of ale high to toast::: and *DRINK*

Plus, let me know when you get back so we can go get some of that yummy drinking chocolate or heck maybe hit up a bar or something some Friday/Saturday night, in fact how about trying that new Tapas place you mentioned then drinks my treat!!!
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Because we need a higher level discussion!

Well, this community has not been living up to its potential in the past 24 hours.
So I decided to spark some intellectual debate with a question that has been wondering me for a while.
I was going to ask everyone to pick a Portland or Northwest artist. (Examples: Sherman Alexie! Nirvana! Ken Kesey! Chuck Palaniuk! Sir Mix-A-Lot! Jimi Hendrix! Gus Van Sant! Shannon Wheeler! Craig Thompson! Darkhorse Comics! Brad Fitzpatrick! Linus Pauling! Little Blue Dog! Many Many More!)
And then, explain if that person is intrinsically influenced by the northwest culture and way of life (whatever that is). Or if that person just happens to be artistically gifted and resident in our area. In other words, was the atmosphere of Seattle conductive to Jimi Hendrix becoming Jimi Hendrix, or would he have been the same genius if he was from Columbus, Ohio? For some of these people, you can see a Northwest connection. For others, I think it is just coincidental.
Rain Forest

Population Statistics

Well now I'm curious...
(native: I guess then defined by the place you grew up... wherever you feel most native to)

Poll #1031667 Population Statistics

While I currenlty live in PDX, I am a native (born in and raised) of:

the state of Oregon
the state of California
somewhere else

do you have an old ipod?

I'm driving across country in the next few days and I REALLY need an ipod to make it tolerable.

But I don't want to buy a new one when they could be having new ipods as soon as tuesday (see

which is where you come in. In the ideal world someone would have an old 20 gb NON video ipod they want to update. In the ideal world I could buy this for around 75 bucks. more if it came with a car adapter.


and yes, I've checked craigslist but all they have are nanos (too small capacity for the price) and videos which are too expensive...
Yo Gabb Gabba

Recommend an ISP

So the boyfriend and I are moving into a new apartment and need to get an actual ISP (the free wifi from the neighbors is no longer guaranteed). We're currently planning on using Comcast as our ISP. Does anyone have recommendations about anyone else who provides intartubes? We're looking to keep it in the $50/month range. Thanks!
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Okay, LJ cognoscenti!

I'm tired of reading the same old LJ communities. I'd love to find a few new ones that offer entertainment, controversy, enlightenment, or at least some boobies!

What are your favorite LJ communities?

Oh, and in response to the Cali v. Or threads... I've lived in Oregon since 1968, but wasn't born here. Does this make me somehow superior to Oregon natives who were born after 1968? Or, can we all just realize that judging someone by using a map is pretty fucking stupid?
bruce lee
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High School Seniors! Get free things!

Perhaps I'm asking in the wrong place, but... any high school seniors out there?

We're needing some student reps to go to school and pimp our senior portrait services really soon. You'd receive free senior portraits in exchange, and the more people you refer to us, the more prints you get.

If you're interested, let me know your e-mail address, and what school you go to, and we'll give you more details.

Others, feel free to pass this along to people of the appropriate age. If they mention damnportlanders, I'll throw in an extra sheet of wallet prints. :)

Our website is:
Push Button For POPSICLES


My neighbor told me that there is a place nearer to our homes than Metro where one can take yard debris. The problem is that I'd like to go there, but I forgot what she said and she's isn't home for me to ask her.

So, people that live(d) in Portland, where is a place that I can take my tree parts that is nearer to Killingsworth & MLK than Metro?

Thank you for your time.

How should I amuse myself?

All summer long, I've been jealously watching all you youngsters frolicking around town, and thinking "I miss college".  Now I find myself, in the final weeks of my twenties, with my family out of town for a couple weeks, and I turn to you and ask: what places / activities would you recommend to the temporarily semi-single(*) / unencumbered?  Could be either specific events in the next couple weeks, or ongoing events / establishments.

General types of things I like:

* more-or-less any outdoors activity
* good food
* good beer
* good cocktails
* clubs / music of the industrial, electronic, punk, goth varieties (roughly in that order of preference)
* people watching


(*) Meaning, I don't have to worry about anyone else's schedule / needs, but also want to do stuff that's fun even if you don't have anyone else to go with.
Me at the beach

Posted for John

Do I have Your Bike? Were you involved in a single person bike accident near the OHSU campus recently? I gave you my name and number and told you I would keep your bike until you were ready to pick it up. Please call me, describe the bike and where the accident occurred and I'll make sure to get your bike back to you. John Chavez 503-228-4087.
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(no subject)

How do I get rid of an old mattress? In the last town I lived in, you set stuff on the curb and it either disappeared into a needy college student's house or the trash company came and got it.

Anyone wanna free double mattress and box springs? It's old and stained but comfy.

Porn Stores

A couple friends of mine in various cities have jobs at porn stores and I thought to myself, "damn, that sounds like a job for me."

So, where are all the porn stores in or around Portland? I know I live near Acropolis but that's about all I know of "Adult Stores" in the area.

((Katamari calls)) PS2... anyone? selling? ( fer cheep)

How I ever survived with out a PS2, I will have no idea! Well, borrowed a friend's PS2 and Katamri Damacey for a week, and am hooked.

I haven't gotten to play it as much as I thought I would, but it makes *great* for the changing of the gears, and decompressing. I'll play it for a few minutes then go do something else. Its great that way, where you can leave and come back at any point. Plus, since I've never figured out how to use my thumbs, haven't really played many games since the NES controller. (I would turn it upside down and play with my fingers, and KICK every one's ass mind you!! =) Now, I just suck... the wires between my thumbs and my brain were never hooked up. I don't even *know* how my plants survive me.

So... sadly waving goodbye to Katamari tomorrow (shit, what am I doing on here?) hehe! =) and am making a goal of finding an inexpensive PS2 just so I can play Katamari!! Its such a happy little game.

Anyone selling one?
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evil monkey, point

Dead fan...where do I dispose of the body at?

I have a dead standing fan (much like this) in my living room. Apartment manager does not like tenants disposing of furniture and such in the trash bin (and I know a lot of people just got repreminded for it recently), so in the course of running errands tomorrow, where can I drop this fan off?
If it's a trash dump that also has recycling too (I have a box of the boyfriend's old magazines to get rid of), that would be great. Distance is not a problem - and I seem to remember something I'm looking for near Swan Island, but don't remember specifics.

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Turban Varga
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moving/shipping boxes?

Hello DPers,

Does anyone in the downtown or NW area (this is necessary, as I don't have a vehicle) have any boxes you would like be rid of? I would happily take them off your hands... I only need a few, maybe 5-10? They've gotta be in good enough shape to ship stuff in.

Many thanks.

P.S. I have already checked craigslist and haven't found any offers in the requested vicinity.

car troubles...

Any automotive experts out there?

I know little to nothing about cars. As far as I'm concerned, they may as well run on magic. Normally I turn to my boyfriend and/or google, but they have failed me. Now I turn to you.

I drive a '99 Saturn SL2 which I have had no problems with until recently. Lately (as in a month or two), I've had to basically force the stick into first gear. It has also recently been making a lovely rattling noise. I don't know what it all means, but it feels and sounds expensive. It hasn't stalled or died or anything on me, it just sounds like it may in the near future. It would be preferable if I could prevent this situation. I've searched online and couldn't find anything remotely similar to my problems. Any ideas what it could be? Any ideas what this will set me back?

Also, what place would you recommend that will be good to me and my oblivious lack of car knowledge and not take me for all I have? (p.s. I'm in Vancouver) Or, if you, yourself are capable of fixing cars, please keep in mind I make a mean cheesecake. (Just kidding. I'd pay you. But the cheesecake could be your bonus. Think about it...)

Of course, thanks in advance, as always.

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