July 31st, 2007

Tray Smackdown aoi_namida


To the asshats in 320,

Thanks so much for waking us up at 7 a.m. with the melodic strains of gangsta rap. Everyone should have neighbors as considerate as you...I mean, we were merely an hour away from waking up to our alarm clock! Having a framed lithograph fall directly onto our heads from the walls rattling is definitely the highlight of our day. Why you wastes of sperm haven't been evicted yet is beyond me. How you can even afford to LIVE here, when all you seem to do is sit around all day, listen to your stereo at top volume, and holla at girls who walk under your window, is also beyond me. I personally can't think of a better candidate for justifiable homicide. I guarantee you will not be missed.

the couple in 306

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Thrift stores?

Someone posted a while back about a thrift store that sold clothes by the bag?  I thought I saved the entry as a memory but I'll be damned if I can find it.


1. Does anyone know of any thrift stores in PDX that have good prices?  So far I've only been to the one on Glisan and their prices suck.

2. What are your favorite thrifts and why?


By the way, I'm going to make a post introducing myself within the next week or two.  I'd like to check out one of the meetups.
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Frame Repairs?

Good morning everybody!

I call upon you, my fellow Portlanders, for a little bit of guidance for this poor wandering* soul.

Where in Portland can I get good, preferably-very-affordable-but-I'll-take-what-I-can-get (I am the stereotypically broke student type), bike frame repairs.  I'm located in SE, but can and am willing to transport if need be.  Double plus good if they work quickly.

*Mostly bikelessness induced wandering
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drinks july 2007

[BST] A Field Guide to damnportlanders?

Since there have been numerous posts about damnportlanders sightings as of late, I thought that it would be amusing if there was an online field guide to various species of damnportlanders. I suppose these specimen could be specific members or archetypes, but a field guide would be hilarious.

For example:

Species: synthcat

Range and Habitat: Mainly seen in SE Portland, although can be found in downtown Portland during weekdays. Often seen migrating from SE Portland to downtown on a two-wheeled contraption (machina bicyclus) during weekday mornings, and in opposite direction during weekday evenings.

Physical Characteristics: Often found in presence of machina bicyclus or with a 16 oz.-sized libation vessel in hand.

Food: Generally flexitarian, although gravitates more towards vegetarian and vegan offerings. Attracted to Pacific Northwest alcoholic libations, such as microbrewed beer and wine. This species has been known to avoid or shun inexpensive alcoholic libations and carbonated beverages which contain high fructose corn syrup.

Nesting Habits: Spends nocturnal hours in repose, generally accompanied by two specimens of Felis silvestris catus. During waking hours, the species synthcat can be found near an Internetus Connectivus portal apparatus (generally while imbibing liquid), or outside. In latter situation, the species can be found transporting itself via machina bicyclus or nesting in a domicile brewhouseus.

Okay, back to work. Maybe there will be a damnportlanders Trading Card post! ;o
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Okay, kids, let's have a chat.

A bit earlier cosmicjohn posted a link to a fairly gross video - people lighting fireworks in their asses. Literally.

I've already gotten a couple of complaints about it, and linking to a video like that without something more specific than "NSFW" as to its content is pretty close to what I call "general dickitude" on our userinfo page.

I have not yet deleted the post, however, because if it WAS more clearly labeled then I'd be inclined to leave it be, on the grounds that this IS a read/post-at-your-own-risk community, and anyone who clicks a link that says "OMG people lighting fireworks in their asses!" and expects to see fluffy kitties and bunnies and rainbows is an idiot anyway. So for the moment, he gets the chance to edit his post and be a bit more specific about the contents of what he's linking to.

But I thought I'd drop a note and get thoughts from the community in general. What kind of policy would you guys like on links that are not just NSFW, but intentional attempts to gross you out?
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hello portlanders

I'm from LA and have been toying with the idea of moving to Portland so i've been watchin' this community for a while. I'm wondering how many of you don't own a car. Sorry being from LA where everyone I know has a car if they want to really get anywhere. And for those who don't, aren't you scared of being attacked and held at gunpoint and robbed if you need to go somewhere late at night? I hear the larceny rates up there are decently high and I know in LA it doesn't matter how nice an area you think you're in, its a possibility. SO how do you deal with that if at all? If I'm overreacting about it's cause my boyfriend was recently heldup at gunpoint and my old boss and 2 co-workers while walking were also held up in nice areas and i really hate robbers which means they'll probably have to beat me up or shoot me.

p.s. im asking this because i think riding instead of driving is a great idea!

Camping near the coast

Some friends and I are planning on going camping this weekend on the coast, preferably in the Florence area. Can anyone recommend a good campsite? We're not doing the RV thing. Just a nice spot that's preferably not too expensive or crowded. Thanks!

bicycle light laws?

Does anyone know what the current bicycle light laws are in Portland? And where one can officially look them up?

As far as I've known since I moved here four years ago, it's been that you need a front (white) light and rear reflector. But I've heard some talk that you now need a rear (red) light instead of just a rear reflector. I found this lawyer' site with information that confirms my belief - http://stc-law.com/bikelighting.html

But getting some more input and some sort of more official city source would be better.

EDIT: Just so you all know, I have front white light and red rear light for my bike, and a spare one even (as a back up or for friends to use), but it's good to know the actual laws since cops (and non-bike likers) can often be so full of b.s.
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hey web page coders!

I'll be more long winded inside the cut, but ah needs me a web page coder/experience unimportant as long as you can make something spiffy. Currently I have a site that is php, needs a bunch of work/changes et al... but I'm open to someone completely rewriting it in another language their ideas sound good. So, details inside.

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stop it

(no subject)

One of the guys I work with suddenly had to take two weeks of vacation because it was "USE IT DAMMIT OR LOSE IT MMM K?". We (mainly me) have decided that we need to do his desk in a golf theme for when he comes back, mostly with the idea of "if you'd just go take a couple days off to go golfing every once in a while, you wouldn't have had to leave your desk unattended for two weeks and thus give us the chance to do THIS".

What I'm looking for is an office putter thing that I could buy locally. I've seen them in catalogs and stuff, but does anyone have any idea where I could look for one in Portland? We're bouncing the idea of covering his desk with Astrotuff, which I know I can get at Lowe's or wherever. Any other idea? Jim's going to kill me for this and I want to make it WORTH IT. XD
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