July 30th, 2007


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Does anyone know if Outside In,or any other community based organizations serving low income people,offer any G.E.D. programs? I am intrested in furthuring my education but the fact that I didn't complete high school has been a hurdle that I have yet to conqure.

Any information would be appreciated.Thanks.
windsor ruins broke my heart

OMG!!1 it's the billionth post about tattoos!

my question is a specific one: those of you who have been tattooed around portland, do you have a particular Artist (i'm not asking for a shop, but a person) that has done black ink for you and done it well? i know some artists flourish in different areas, such as detail or color. what i'm looking to do is turn that profile photo (the columns) into a tattoo, but i'm no sketch artist. i need an artist to work on it with me and get it as i see it and then to be done in black and varying shading.

thoughts? recommendations? i've previously been tattooed by scott at Atlas.
BOASAS drums

drum lessons

Looking for more drum students of any ability through Cadenza Academy in Portland, OR or by house call in Eugene (or anywhere between the two). Cadenza Academy can be reached at 503-963-9600 or reply to this post to contact me.
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someday b/w


Wednesday, August 1st at 7pm:
Brews and Board Games
At the Lucky Labrador Beer Hall
1945 NW Quimby

I'll make sure we have a sign, so look for it on our table (since the Lab is a place where people often play board games, this way, you'll know it's us).. You can also just look for me, the tall, funky, redhead playing dominoes (or if you come later i may be onto another game!) We'll try to be outdoors if you wanted to bring your well behaved dog, but if there isn't a spot we'll go inside (FYI.. they don't allow dogs inside).

copied from http://www.pdxers.com

(I'm not the tall readhead but you can look for me too but I'm not sure if I'll be on time)

Remodeling joys

I'm in progress of restoring and remodeling a 1915 craftsman bungalow and working on finishing the basement and attic spaces into usable space, part of which will require a dormer addition to the roof and some structural support additions. All the plans are drafted and ready to go to permit, but I need bids first to set up financing and all that jazz.

I was referred to some contractors, but I can definitely use more to set up appointments to bid. So, do any of you loverly DP members recommend licensed...

  • General contractors/framers to do the major structural pieces (or if their bid is reasonable enough, the whole project).

  • Plumbers

  • Electricians

  • And why you think they are competent?

    Thanks in advance!

    HELP!!! I am a fat ass!!!!

    Short version of a life long struggle (man I am going to get some snarky responses I am sure of that)

    I have always been a chubby girl. Two years ago I lost about 40 lbs and was feeling good. I kept the weight off for awhile (6 months or so) but slowly got lazy about the whole eating right and going to the gym thing. ALL the weight has come back and it brought friends. I can no longer stand to look in the mirror or at pictures. I am looking for a workout buddy and/or personal trainer. I have a membershihp to the Bally's downtown (I live in SE)but may be able to switch it to another location if that works best for you.

    I need to get control of myself again.... Anyone interested in helping me?

    In 1941, No One Wanted Their MTV

    August 1, 1981, MTV brings the music video into the homes of Middle America.

    October 7, 1952, American Bandstand launches the first live music TV program geared to teenagers.

    January 1941, the Soundie makes its debut in pre-War US bars, diners and roadhouses.

    Soundies were three-minute black and white mini-musical films that recorded the American music, dance, fashion and social history of their time. Made to be played on a self-contained coin-operated 16mm rear-projection machine, they covered all genres of music, and included swing, big bands, jazz, blues, country and western, hillbilly music among others. More than 1800 of the Soundies mini-musicals were made during their brief peak of popularity in the 1940’s.

    Tonight, July 30, 2007, Monday Movies will bring you over 20 original vintage Soundies, including many rare reels of black American Jazz and blues performances unavailable anywhere else.

    Join us for an evening of musical greats such as Cab Calloway, Ray Charles and Spike Jones. The show begins at sunset, on the patio of Mississippi Station in North Portland. Local media historian and author Tom Robinson will introduce each 16mm print from his collection and play it on a vintage projector older than you are. See these original films the way they were meant to be seen, on a real projector, on a real screen, and drunk.

    Monday Movies at Mississippi Station
    3943 North Mississippi Ave.
    Portland, OR 97227
    Screening begins at sunset (approximately 9:00PM).
    This is a free event. Full bar and menu. Rain or shine.

    For a complete calendar of upcoming movies, go to http://www.myspace.com/mondaymovie.


    i think i asked this last year, but i'm a-askin again.

    where can i rent a humane cat trap?

    the cute little kittens in the yard won't be cute little kittens for long and there's only so many cute little kittens i can handle before wanting to become inhumane....
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    Possible DP Sighting?

    I think I saw synthcat on the MAX this morning, dressed all in tan.

    I would have said something, but going, "HAY DONT I KNO U FROM THE INTARNETS?!?!?!" & having it turn out that it is not the person you thought it was doesn't appeal to me. Especially when the train is standing room only.
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