July 29th, 2007

Mariana in the South

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DamnPortlanders, I just got 14,000 Things To Be Happy About. It's awesome for randomness.

What are your favorite things to be happy about?

forcing candy on unsuspecting [or perhaps rather suspecting] co-workers
sleeping in on the weekends
hair toys

Mondo Croquet

Anyone going to Mondo Croquet this afternoon??? Anyone interested in going but needs a bowling ball? I have an extra... If you see me say hello. I will be dressed as the Queen of Hearts and my boyfriend will be dressed like the jack of diamonds.


What's my next step?

Oh Portland. I need your advice!

Long story short, friend was driving my car and got in an accident. Totaled the car. Insurance isn't paying off the full amount of my loan. Sucks, right? Splitting the remaining bill in half with the friend but I want/need it paid NOW and she is in a position that she can only make payments.

Being upset doesn't fix anything so I'm trying to figure out my next move.

I JUST put my savings for the past 3 years into an IRA. The whole amount. And I really REALLY don't feel like throwing 10% of the amount I would draw back out down the potty. So, brings me to my question.
Do I:

a - Take out a personal loan for that amount that I'll owe on the loan (almost 3k) and probably another grand for a down payment.

Pros: Payments aren't an issue, helps build credit, fast resoultion.
Cons: Debt to my name. That's about all.

b - Wait the fews months it will take to save up the money & a down payment.

Pros: Not taking out another loan.
Cons: Stressing about timelines and all the other yuckiness of having to THINK about money constantly.

Money isn't the issue, my issue is time. I don't want to be without a car for longer than I have to.

Give me ideas!!!!
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[BST] A (ball)pointless post: Write here, write now....

So, just out of curiosity, what are the favorite writing implements of fellow damnportlanders? I've had this conversation with a fellow DPer the other day, and my curiosity is churning like a hungry oven....

Mine is the venerable Uni-Ball Vision Elite with 5mm ("Micro") point. The elegant piece of machinery is very sexy, smooth, and is refillable. There is something about reliable and comfortable pens which boost writing confidence. I tried to learn how to use those old-school, elegant fountain pens back in college--mostly for aesthetic reasons (i.e. wanting to look Goth and morbid!), but immediately discovered that I was getting ink spills all over my hands and on lecture notes. And writing in calligraphy style was time-intensive--my writing speed could not keep up with the frantic and rapid-fire pace of the lecturer/instructor!

Oh, to keep the post Portland-related, I like scoring my Uni-balls at the PSU Bookstore or Office Despot. :)
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I couldn't find this answer on the Library's website, so I come to you, oh wise ones.
If I needed a book for an extended period of time, how many times would the library let me renew a book in their system? It's a textbook for a class, if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance. :)
green turtle

Need to find a doctor

my requirements:

  • a female doctor

  • preferably in the Hillsboro/Beaverton area.

  • is a family doctor

  • won't ridicule me for being overweight

  • won't make me feel bad about myself

  • someone I can feel comfortable talking to

Needless to say I have had bad experiences with two different doctors and I need to find one that I am comfortable with and won't make me cry when I leave their office.

I'm due for a yearly exam in September and the thought makes me want to hyperventilate!

Thanks in advance!


I have a facebook account because I follow the crowd.

There is a new facebook feature where you can play scrabble with people! Scrabble is my favorite game to play; I like it even better than cribbage. Anyway, if you have a facebook account you should add me as a facebook friend and then we can play games of scrabble, because only two of my facebook friends have currently enabled scrabble-playing, and I am not nearly satisfied.

Portland related because portland is full of good places to play scrabble. (computers, beds, kitchen tables, floors, forests, bridges, parks, etc.)