July 28th, 2007

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walking website

is there a walking map online?

basically like using tri-met.org except it solely shows how long it would take to walk somewhere depending on how fast one walks on average?

so say it's like hopping a bus except you're hopping yourself.
you select walking speed options, enter point A & B
then you receive a map of point A to point B, & an estimated time of walking* travel.

*it could even include wheelchair speeds, skateboarding, rollerblading/skating, bicycles, anything not a bus

does this exist?

it should.

Calling Amateur Videographers!

Hi all!

I'm with the Tragedies, a sketch comedy troupe which is putting on a show you may have heard of, called, "...And The Horse You Rode In On." We're halfway through our run (last three shows are tonight, next Friday and next Saturday at 8pm), and we've been video taping all the shows for posterity, but being a sort of video nerd myself, I'd really like to get multiple angles of one of our shows which I can edit together and make it into a really nice looking DVD. Unfortunately, since we're mostly starving artists, my MiniDV camera is the only one that we've got, and so I am reaching out to my beloved damnportlanders to see if there are any other video nerds who might want to have an enjoyable night out and help out some local artists.

What I'm asking: anyone out there with a MiniDV camera (HD not necessary, and not preferred unless you're willing to loan it to me so I can dump the video to my computer) who can come to our show this coming Friday (show starts at 8, but get there at 7/7:30 to set up), video tape our show (we'll provide the tape) and hand us the tape at the end of the evning. Use of a tripod is preferred, but if all you've got is a camera, steady hands and the desire to help out, that's great. I'm hoping for 2 or 3 people to supplement my fixed shot.

What I'm offering: a fun evening of comedy, a resume stuffer if you're looking to become a professional videographer, free admission to the show for you and a friend, a copy of the final DVD (and maybe an ISO of it if you want to burn your own as the resume stuffer. Oh, and I'll be your best friend.

The show is at the Crimson Theater (formerly the Village Ballroom) at 700 NE Dekum. Come tonight if you just want to see it and have a drink at our bar. It's a fun show, so if you're looking for great entertainment, you're sure to enjoy yourself. If you're looking for something deep and meaningful, I think that Waiting For Godot is playing at the Theater Theatre on Belmont. But if you can help out, so much the better. Please let me know, either through posting to this forum or emailing me at BEN at READYASSIST dot COM.


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Old Nintendos

Let's say I want to have an old Nintendo system or Super Nintendo like.. oh, today or tomorrow. Ground Kontrol apparently has a waiting list and ebay is a gamble. Is there anywhere in town where I might be able to get one this weekend so I can spend unhealthy amounts of hours playing Mario?



Just in case anyone is still looking for wii's, all Best Buy's will have them in stock tomorrow (Sunday). It will be in the Ad so the minimum will be 12 wii's in each store.

Just an FYI. Oh and they open at 10am.
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"incredibly cool thing" of the day

If there are any other nerds out there, you will be blown away by this amazing bit of code. And if you're not a nerd, try it anyway cuz it rocks.

Go to an arbitrary website (amazon.com works well.) Then copy and paste the following javascript code into the URL box, and hit enter:

javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI=document.images; DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i-DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style; DIS.position='absolute'; DIS.left=Math.sin(R*x1+i*x2+x3)*x4+x5; DIS.top=Math.cos(R*y1+i*y2+y3)*y4+y5}R++}setInterval('A()',5); void(0);

It doesn't work on all sites, and if your computer is old, it'll work real slow or not at all. (takes up a lot of system resources...)

(original post from destructoid.com)