July 27th, 2007

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Mission: parent proof apartment

My parents are coming to visit me for the first time in 5 years of living in portland. I need to parent proof my apartment. my parents are VERY clean and nosy. my apartment is clean for a college student.  They are staying at my place... What do i need to remember to do before they get here... im looking for those little things that always get forgotten  ( ie put away porn and pot etc....) or what do you with older children look at when visiting .....

On a related note does anyone have a carpet cleaner i can borrow before the 24th of august?

Dress Alterations! HALP!

Ok, I know this has been asked before, but LJ seek is not cooperating with me, and dammit I'm in a hurry!

Does anyone have any recommendations for a GOOD shop to do a simple dress alteration (specifically, to be taken in a little), and quickly? "Quickly" would mean dropping it off this morning or Monday and having it done by Thursday of next week. I have no idea how much alterations cost, so price = meh. I just need it done, and if it's pricey but quality, so be it (but I would prefer that the seamstress/tailor be a vegan, kthx).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. While I'm sure *some* of the guests at this wedding would get a kick out of my dress consistently slipping off my chest, I'm not sure I would be so amused. :^\

Vegan Bake Sale Saturday 7/28....

Cheap Vegan Bake Sale Tommorow! Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where: SE Division between SE 22nd & 21st (across from Red & Black cafe in the Butler Promotions lot)

When: 11am -4pm, during the Division/Clinton street fair~

What: vegan cupcakes, cheezcake tarts, chocolate peanut butter goodness, cookies and more!

I'll be making my own creations, and treats from the upcoming Veganomican by Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Romero. 

Stop by if you get the chance and feel like a vegan cookie, okay?

I hate clothes shopping

Hey there. I'm new to the area and loving it...but now I need the assistance of the oh-so-snarky DPers.

I need clothes. And as I'm of the not-skinny variety of girl, I'm having trouble finding stuff that doesn't look like it was made for a 70-year-old dumpy farmwife. I've been to Walmart, bleh. Torrid I love but can't afford. Anybody got any tips for interesting/gothy/fantastic fat girl clothes in a WalMart price range?

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bizarre highway art

= = =

There's a strange quartet of bronze sculptures to the side of U.S. Interstate 5, about 20 miles south of Chehalis, WA. They're positioned in a clearing oriented all in a row, facing south, backed up against a forested stretch of highway. They kind of look as if they're guarding the woods against entry.

Here they are on google maps.

I can't find much on this installation, except that it's called "Gospodor Monument Park." Here is a 2003 article from a Longview newspaper, and commentary from a flickr user explaining that a reclusive millionaire commissioned these monuments to commemorate Jesus, Chief Seattle, Mother Teresa, and the Holocaust. Of course.

Collapse )

So, DPers, what kind of bizarre highway art have you seen? Post pics and info if you've got it. :)

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Warning! Jehovah's Witnesses activity in NE Portland!

Specifically, Concordia. Two male and one female Jehovah's Witnesses are canvassing in the Concordia neighborhood.

The men are a middle-aged, tall, stocky man wearing a white dress shirt and gray-silver tie, with a younger, tall, thin man with short hair, white dress shirt and red tie. Both are white.

The woman is a medium-skinned Hispanic wearing a flowered long skirt, in her 40s.

Rally at Niketown?

I'm not a PETA fan, but I'm also not a fan of companies supporting jerkoffs who include themselves in animal abuse. Vicks can say "not guilty" all he wants to, but he was placed at the scene & that in & of itself means he doesn't deserve to be a spokesperson for anything other than general asshattery.

I heard tale that PETA is organizing a rally on the Monday the 30th at every Niketown. I would like to attend. I'm an animal lover, in the most platonic sense of the word, & the descriptions of what happened to those dogs made me sick.

Does anyone have any information on this? I hate going to the PETA site & would like to avoid it at all costs. Sometimes they post icky pictures that break my heart & make me cry.

Also, if you have not done so yet, please go answer my post from yesterday. Pleasepleaseplease!

FREE BOX ( scabies not included)

I'm cleaning out my room and I have tons of stuff that just isn't worht it for me to haul all over town trying to sell. So it's FREE! I'll be putting the box(es) out on Failing, between Vancouver & Williams. If it doesn't all get adopted, it'll go to the Free Porch over the weekend. Please stop by and recycle some cool, uh, stuff. Said stuff included lots of female clothing (smallish mostly), fripperies, flim flam and books. Enjoy.


I can't believe the Red and Black is moving!!!! I love that place. They have the best vegan sandwiches and dragon bowl. I was told yesterday that the building sold and they have to be out by September. They had a jar for donations. I just really hope they do move and not disappear.
Ok I'm sad now.
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Camping Emergency

Oh noes! I'm going camping this weekend, but I lack an essential camping ingredient: vegan marshmallows. I stopped in at Food Fight this morning, and they said they aren't carrying them anymore because the tasty ones are too expensive and don't go fast enough. They redirected me to Daily Grind, which carries a less appealing variety, but they're out and won't be getting more in until well-into August. Anyone have any leads for where I could get them today?

We might just have to eat sticks and leaves, I guess.

(I know, I know. A vegan question! LOL!!!!1!!!1 *drinkdrinkdrink*)

Edit: Crisis averted. I called around and found that Alberta Co-op carries them and has some today. People's does not carry them at all, but I was told that they get this question a lot, so perhaps they will have them in the future.

NO DOWNTOWN MAX this weekend

Another friendly reminder, folks. There's no MAX service through downtown while they install track crossings (there's one sitting there in front of Mrs. Fields right now, looking like God's own pound sign).

Never fear, though.  There's going to be a bus that will shuttle your butt between 9th and Yamhill and Rose Garden, should you need to cross downtown.

Check it all out here.

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Where can I find . . .

a store that carries water sports wear? I don't mean black latex or patent leather cat suits. I mean wetsuits, goggles, flippers, board shorts, rash gaurds, etc., the kind of stuff people wear to go wakeboarding, surfing, and scubadiving.

Also, what is your favourite sporting goods store and why?

House of Dreams

Want a kitty? Want to support the troops?

Portlanders: Even if you disagree with the war, you might still feel compassion for the soldiers being forced to risk their lives for this atrocity. One soldier, being shipped to Kuwait, is desperate to find a good home for her cat. Can you help?

Note that I don't know this individual and she may very well disagree strongly with my views of current US foreign policy. I'm reasonably certain the cat doesn't care, though.

Update: Whoops! Turns out the owner is with Mercy Corps and going over for a literacy program, not for the military.
When We Were Colored cover

booksigning this weekend for 90-year-old blind black female writer

My grandma, Eva Rutland www.evarutland.com, just republished her memoir "When We Were Colored, a
Mother's Story." Originally published in 1964, it tells the story of a middle class black woman who grew up in Atlanta, GA before the Second World War, moved West after the war and raised her children in Sacramento, CA in the 1950s and 1960s. It is not the story of lynchings and sit-ins, it's the story of being the first black man in a prominent position previously all-white work place, the first black woman in the PTA, the first black child in the classroom. Grandma wrote the book while her kids were in school and she was worried about her children entering a newly integrated world that was a little scared of black children. In her book, Grandma tried to tell white mothers that her children were no different than their children, just as precious and just a vulnerable and to be nice to them. Eva Rutland is now 90-years-old and blind but she continues to write and has published over 20 novels.

She will be signing books in Portland on:

Saturday July 28th 4:00 PM
Talking Drum Bookstore
446 NE Killingsworth St.
Portland, OR 97211
(503) 288-4070

Sunday July 29th 6:30 PM
the Old Oregon Book Store
Located inside the Fine Arts Building
1017 SW Morrison, Ste 414
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 997-1980
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There must be more to life than stereotypes....

An anecdote from yesterday evening that made me think:

I was riding my bike on SW Salmon (in downtown) towards the Waterfront Park. At the stoplight just before the park, I wanted to ride straight to the water fountain, so I stopped in the middle lane as the traffic light turned red. A shiny big, silver SUV pulled up to the right of me (in the right-hand turn lane), and the driver rolled down her window to say something to me.

I was expecting some unsavory comments about my riding (legally) in the middle lane, especially in the light of several articles alluding to "bikes-versus-cars" in the local press last week. I almost thought the driver was going to give me unsolicited hell for riding in the middle lane.

My jaws almost dropped when the driver kindly offered, "Would you like to turn in front of me, before I go?" I told her that I was going forward to the waterfront, but I appreciated the gesture and offer.

So much for stereotypes of SUV drivers. I learn something new every day....
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Renamed streets ahead

So the latino community would like N Interstate Avenue renamed N Cesar Chavez Avenue. I'm not against renaming a street after him, but I have to wonder: Why North Interstate? Wouldn't Stark Street between 181st and Fairview Parkway or TV Highway west of Cornelius Pass be more appropriate, given that's where the big Portland latino enclaves are? Seems like enclaves are how streets are usually named in most cities and probably the only reason Rosa Parks got the old Portland Blvd instead of West Fifth and Sixth Avenues on the transit mall...
It's All About Me!

Backpack requests

Hey gang, where's the best place to get a backpack that isn't too expensive and will hold a laptop that's 16 inches by 11 inches (it's a widescreen laptop)? I'm not interested in REI (because they're too pricey) and I'd like something that's durable as well.


,,,and GO! XD