July 26th, 2007

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Has anyone else had a car broken into while parked downtown at a Smartpark? My question is, is it even worth pursuing through the "Questions? Comments? Call us!" number that the attendant gave me? I can't imagine a scenario where me calling this number does anything but gets me riled up and frustrated.


"Dark Island"?

So I keep driving by this mysterious traffic island on the corner of N. Columbia and N. Delaware (which you use to access N. Interstate to or from N. Columbia Blvd). It is a triangular shaped traffic island as you can see here, and in the center is a concrete column that says "DARK ISLAND" in tile with blue lettering (reminds me of the street names in New Orleans). Does anyone know the story behind this? I keep meaning to stop by on my bike and investigate, but I usually don't bike over there.
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Cyclists are cool and appreciated

Free taco today from Por Que No at 3524 N Mississippi.

From the owner:
"In celebration of the return of summer, and with the goal of adding city bike parking stalls in the car parking spots in front of the restaurant, I am giving one taco away to everyone who rides their bike to Por Que No tomorrow, Thursday, between 3 and 6pm. Yes, it can be shrimp, and no, you don't have to buy anything else, but it certainly looks to be margarita or fresh cantaloupe juice weather (Marcos and I just bought incredible cantaloupes at the downtown farmer's market), so show up on a bike, I'll make some extra room for parking in the street, and enjoy a taco for being part of the solution!"
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(no subject)

hey guys!

do any of you have suggestions for a work-friendly restaurant that can seat 25 people? bonus points if we can be slightly loud and they have good beer... i'm having the hardest time finding a place for a party this large!

This may seem redundant...

but it actually isn't.

Please, answer. Honestly. I swear I am going somewhere VERY RELEVANT with this. I'm starting up a little project. I would love to get some DP'ers involved.

Would you rather be a pirate or a ninja?

In before vegan!

Please, pick just one. I would be a ninja-pirate sailing the high seas & screaming "HEEEEE-YARRRRRRRGH!" too, but this is not the answer if you would like to get involved.

Vikings are also awesome, but not included in this particular survey. SORRY GUYZ!
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Art + Food= Delicious!

My special lady friend is having an art opening during Last Thurs. on Alberta St. from 6-8 pm.  For the details see under the cut. 


You know you want to eat muffins, cookies, cheese n' crackers while looking at surreal drawings!

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coffee shop

I'm looking for a coffee shop that has a separate room where 4 people can have a meeting.  Preferably in inner-SE, but anywhere within 5 miles or so of downtown would be fine.  It would also be nice if this side-room was able to be reserved so that we don't show up and find someone else is using it :).  Thanks in advance!

Larch Mount
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Impeachment Rally

There is an Bush and Cheney impeachment rally going on right now near the corner of NE 7th and Oregon Street near the Lloyd center.

I am in the Portland State Office Building across the street and they seem to be gathering a decent crowd.

Get a free balloon, air your disgust at the current administration, good times had by all.
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

So, I'm really curious about what other folks are thankful for? The Portland area has so many things to express gratitude about. I've seen info on so many awesome upcoming events on here during the past few days....

1. Discovering nine wooden tokens (from previous years) for the Oregon Brewers Festival in my jar of change. Thank goodness that tokens are reusable over the years!

2. The Division Clinton Street Fair this Saturday! I look forward to checking out the Ice Cream Social at Pix Patisserie during the fair (grown-up shake of Cognac, banana, and vanilla ice cream? Habanero Nut ice cream? Hmmmm!), among other goodies!

3. Having a wonderful opportunity to check out Terroir Restaurant & Bar last weekend with a fellow damnportlander. The verdict was positive. :)

4. Meeting many friendly faces at the damnportlanders meetup last Tuesday. The yummy cakes from Whole Foods Market were awesome!

5. Shift2Bikes' Breakfast on the Bridge event tomorrow morning (from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.), on Broadway and Hawthorne bridges. I am piqued about this, and I may ride to work earlier than usual to catch this gathering.

6. A free performance of Dido and Aeneas (put on by PSU Student Opera) at Mississippi Studios next Monday evening. I am looking forward to checking this out.

7. Just being thankful that my neighbors are decent and awesome people (instead of white trash).
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kombucha mushrooms

hey there

Just wondering if you guys might know if anyone in Portland is selling a kombucha starter kit or the mushrooms. I just want to stay local instead of going on Ebay, ya know!

thanks in advance!

Tiffany Sterling Silver 1837 Ring for Sale

Hey everyone...because of my total tardness, I have overdrawn my checking account and need money ASAP because I don't get paid until Tuesday and currently have $7 to my name.

I have a six month old Sterling Silver 1837 Tiffany ring for sale, size seven. Link below goes the exact ring.


I also have the original Tiffany Box AND Bag. Sure to impress your girlfriend, mom, whatever!

I'm asking $65. I would need the money tonight or tomorrow before 9:30am. I'm in NW Portland, and can meet you somewhere in the area for an exchange.

Thanks, damnportlanders!

PS: I'll be without computer access from 3:30pm to 6:15pm this evening.

ah, thank you portland

for constantly keeping me entertained.

this young boy (i estimated about 7 to him, but that seemed to make him even more amusing):

threatened to "pull out my nine" after i asked him to turn down his music on the max. after i patted him on the head, and told him he was "awwww, so cute", he threatened to have his "posse" meet me at his stop - lombard (coincidence, mine!). i laughed at him even more.

here's your chance to have a laugh at his expense. beware, he may pull out his "nine", or maybe crank up the treble on his PSP, so that you can hear the high-hats of the angry music he's playing.

for the record, his "posse" didn't show. i'm supposing that they were grounded?

A certain type of bar

I know there are a lot of nifty bars in Portland, but I'm looking for one sort. I want it to look Euro-smooth. Glass, chrome. My dream bar for this search features blue glass.

Of course, there's a lot of information on Unthirsty and other sites, but aesthetics isn't high on the list. Do you have any suggestions?

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(no subject)

Hi again,

Can you recommend a real estate agency? I am trying to figure out how much a +2000 sf older house or apartment (in need of renovation is fine) in a decent enough location would cost in Portland. I realize it varies a great deal depending on a number of things but I'm just trying to get a general idea. Coming from San Francisco, anything within the city limits is a minimum of $600 000 (for a tiny little shack), which, needless to say, is way outside our budget.

Thanks much!
Moon (Hannelore)

internet challenge!

Does anyone have a link to one of those stupid Sonic Burger commercials? I'm specifically looking for the Cookie Dough Blast ad, but any featuring the dorky bald man and the dubious blond woman having ridiculous debates in the front seat of their car will do.

Youtube and Google video didn't have anything I could find under "sonic milkshake ad" or similar search strings, and Sonic Burger doesn't post their ads. I found parodies, but I want the real thing. Perhaps someone on DP has a digital copy of a show and accidentally grabbed the ad? It's a long shot, but DP is full of magical wonder like that.

There's a purpose, I swear. It involves semi-public embarrassment as suggested by the intended subject.

Thanks, people!

tennis at Tabor?

Recently I aquired two tennis rackets! My roommate and I have been going up to Mt. Tabor to hit the ball around, but we are terrible.

Would anyone like to meet me at Mt. Tabor some evening to play tennis with me? If you know how to play, maybe you could show me how to correctly serve the ball, do a backhand, keep score, etc. Or we could just hit the ball back and forth.

I live close to Mt. Tabor, and I usually have the evenings avaliable (like from 5pm til 10pm). Who wants to play tennis?