July 25th, 2007


Nice people

To the lovely lady who stopped carrying boxes to offer to take a group photo of my friends and I (who were all dressed very gothic / lolita-esque):

Thank you so much. After living in a town for so long where people would rather mind their own business, it's moments like these that make me love Portland even more. I've been going back and forth between my town and Portland for years, but I never stop being amazed by how friendly people are. So, once again, thank you! That really added another plus to Portland's score in my book =)
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Conspiracy Theory

Interesting that I was able to use Typepad services several hours before Livejournal or Vox became available to use.

Want to take bets that someone at six-apart was commanding the staff "Typepad = lots of money for us, dedicate all resources to that system. Livejournal = mostly free users, dedicate staff to that after big money is back online. Vox = all free users, dedicate resources to that last."
best friends

bed bugs

To all those who have had bed bugs, can you recommend a good exterminator? Reasonably priced, thorough, effective? I heard fumigation is your best bet. Please, I'm desperate. These things are life-ruiners.
mmmmmmm good coffee

LJ is getting my dander up!

"Sent Invitations; Error; Only community maintainers are able to edit membership lists. You are not a maintainer of..." given community.

Um what? I created the freakin community. Grrrrrrrrrr... Apparently a creator of a community cannot update it, invite people to it or add interests that could help draw others to it? All I can do is change a few settings and add userpics?!


So, was last night the Night of Shitty Service for anyone else?

Movies: Inept jackass rang up our tickets wrong & took 5 minutes to correct the error. His excuse? He didn't get the fact that when my Dad said, "Old guy," when ordering that he meant...senior. Yeah, I see movies with my Dad. Shut up.

Shari's: If anyone knows Amber who works at the 181st Shari's, tell her to do her job & stop flirting with the busboy. She apparently wasn't listening when my table & the 3 other tables in her section loudly told her so.

Wendy's: COULD YOU BE ANY MORE SURLY, ORDER TAKER GUY?!?!?! FUCK! We know you work fast food. It is not our fault. Please direct your anger to the responsible party. Yourself. Stop interrupting mid-order to give us our total. As a past worker in the fast food industry, it's kind of a standard thing to take a long pause as the integral moment to ask, "Is that everything?" However, since there were no pauses between "2 orders of chicken nuggets & a medium frosty," you failed.

Please excuse me, I'm avoiding homework.

On a completely unrelated note...

IKEA dies!
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Free Movies and Classes


Homebuyer's Class - get a free copy of your real credit score, and see what's out there for first time buyers and investors (meaning, what's out there under $250k). 7-8 pm, 1730 NE 10th.


Esther Short Park

Pioneer Square (I'll probably be at this one, hoping it turns into a sing-along!)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Sellwood Park (although this is tempting too...)


Jurassic Park 3
Westmoreland Park
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Need moving help!

Me and my fiance are moving to Beaverton tomorrow and we need help unloading our UHaul. We can unload most of it ourselves but we have a few fairly heavy things that I cannot help him move - an electric piano, a futon frame, a couple couches and a wood armoire.

Anyway, would anyone be willing to come out for about an hour and help us move stuff into our apartment? We are thinking around 5-6pm. We really just need one kinda big/strong guy for about an hour. The apartments we are staying at are called Willow Grove and they are about two blocks from a Max stop though I am new to the area and I'm not really sure which stop it is!

We will pay you $50. :)

Attention IKEA shoppers

Please do everyone else a favor who gets paid by the mile or has places to go and people to see on I-205 while making your trip to IKEA:

  • Know where the hell you're going. Your exit is the last one in Oregon. Washington starts at mile 27. Figure it out.

  • Don't leave the right lane. You know your exit is going to be packed. Just because hopping into the faster lanes to stop in traffic and merge right at the last second for Airport Way West might get you there faster doesn't mean that the 45,000 drivers behind you aren't inconvenienced for several hours as your slowdown crawls backwards in traffic thanks to your selfishness.

  • Are you nuts? It's a damn store, people! Wait a month, then go out to buy your wobbly CD racks, rancid meatballs and supercolliders missing key safety components. Trust me, IKEA will still be there then. And if you're that impatient, go take the train: Your TriMet ticket is worth $10 off delivery. DO NOT take your furniture in a box on the train: TriMet is not a moving van, it's a peoplemover. Take the delivery discount and let it meet you there.

Thank you, drive thru!
She Learned the Hard Way

Tell me! The best place for ______ is...?

I'm kind of stumped on all of these, and would really appreciate some recommendations to get me started. I have a strong preference for places that are close-in. Thanks in advance. :) Okay, go!

1) BIKE REPAIR! After an unfortunate collision during the Naked Bike Ride (yes, that's right), my front wheel is totally bent out of shape. The guy who ran into me disappeared into the night, and will likely not be helping me pay for repairs, so I'd love to find a place that is affordable and friendly!

2) CLOTHING ALTERATION! I found an amazing vintage wool and velvet coat at Goodwill, but it's too big. I need some recommendations for experienced, quality alteration shops.

3) BERRY PICKING! I haven't gone u-picking since I was a kid, and seeing all of the fresh berries at the Farmer's Market is just making me want to go pick my own. I'd love to know about places that have several kinds of berries (blueberries, raspberries, maybe more...), and are pretty. Anywhere around Hood River or Sauvie's Island would be great.

4) SELLING CDS! I have tons and tons of CDs that I would really like to sell. Where have you had luck with this?
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If I was cool I'd hate IKEA

Oh, well. I don't hate IKEA. In fact, sistermaryeris and I headed on over there this evening at around 5:30, just to cruise by and see if there was a line of IKEAZombies working their way toward the store.

Turned out to be easy to park, and easy to get in. Once there, we did our duty by buying a hundred bucks worth of cool stuff and wandering around for an hour or so.

I was tempted to slow down on I-205 just to piss off a bunch of damnportlanders, but we took the easy way in from 82nd Ave and hit no traffic at all.

So, all in all, I say go to IKEA if you want. If you don't, then, hey, just stay away! Funny how that works.

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& Daggers!
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I love you guys.

A rotoscoped animation using unscripted footage from a hike in the woods with [artist's] 8 year old brother Julian. [He] rotoscoped it by hand drawing every frame, using a wacom tablet, even the titles. If you have time, visit [his] illustration website at: http://vocaleyes.com/benarthur.

Portland-related cause littlebluedog and............tattoos...and........................sushi, GO!!!!snow!!!111GOGOGO!

(No, but really I find this video catching and poignant. I can't keep from watching it repeatedly. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have. :))

Have you taken the GRE?

What's your methodology for studying and maintaining self-discipline? Did you take a class, in person or online? Do you have any recommendations for kicking the GRE in the testicles? Do you want to tempt me with a reward for a high score?

My problem right now is that the Kaplan CD I'm working with right now isn't giving me the high-level strategy to get the kind of score I want (above a 90th percentile), which could serve to ameliorate (GRE WORD) my chances at getting into the schools I want to attend. This is what I half-assedly used to prepare last time, and I got in the upper 70s. This time I would like to prepare with my whole ass, using the best materials out there, except my penurious (GRE WORD) financial situation means I can't afford in person tutoring or a classroom setting. At least that's what the Princeton Review price schedule told me.

Are you trying to study for the GRE? Want a study buddy with alacrity (GRE WORD)? I'm your dude. And by dude, I mean non-gender specific generally cool person.