July 24th, 2007


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From the Democrat/YouTube debate thing tonight. My quote of the night:

"But the first thing I want to say -- and I want to speak for everybody, I believe, on this stage -- anybody who's considering not voting for Senator Obama because he's black or for Senator Clinton because she's a woman, I don't want their vote. I don't want them voting for me."
- Sen. John Edwards.

That man's got class.
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photo booths

(my apologies if this has been posted previously)

i'm looking to compile a list of the locations of all the photo booths in portland.

if someone has already done this, please point me in the right direction.

if not, have you seen on recently?

let me know where you've seen them, pretty please.


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changing kitty

stray cat update

the cute little kitty i posted the other day?  well, we managed to get her into a carrier and took her to the oregon humane society on columbia, as directed.  well, that was a big waste of time, because they only take animals by appointment, and they're not making appointments until september.

so, the poor little kitty is going to multnomah county humane society.  i hope they don't kill her.

ETA:  kitty was taken by  a woman who does foster and rescue
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Pet shops?


The kids and I missed out on "Reptile Man" at the Central Library today (too many kids showed up). I wanted to take them to see some reptiles. They love looking at animals.

Can anyone recommend a good pet shop for us to go and see aniimals at? The closer to Downtown, the better.

Noah Levine?

Did anyone go hear him at Powells last night? What did you think? I thought it was too short, could have listened to him all night, however I left feeling inspired and at peace. I ran into a lot of people I hadn't seen in a long time, a great way to reconnect.

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Well, hi.

I'm not sure if this sort of post is especially frowned upon. Please delete if it is.

I'm originally from Portland, but my childhood took me far away from it and eventually dumped me on the east coast. With college graduation coming up, I've started Ye Olde Quest for Post-Graduation Cities. Naturally, I've toyed with the idea of returning to the place of my birth.

Since I was never able to fully appreciate Portland during my formative years (and never able to take advantage of all it has to offer) I'm asking you to give me recommendations of things to see that are off the beaten path. I've been to the major attractions, but I'm looking for more interesting holes-in-the-wall. I will be visiting from the 15th through the 24th and will have at least a few days to bum around Portland (after doing the necessary family visits, driving along the coast, and soaking up as much Shakespeare as possible in Ashland.)

Vegan eateries, interesting bookstores, ridiculously beautiful spots, and fun stores are much appreciated!

Thanks so much!
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dun dun... dun dun....


I almost died without my LJ! Died, I tell you!
Of course, if I were out with the cool kids at the Meetup, I'd never have known that it was down for hours... but who's got to pack for his move this Sunday?
*le sigh*

Back to it, then. Have fun, peeps!


artsy-related job

This might be up somebody's alley. Note: I don't know anything about this position, just passing along the word.

Public Art Assistant PT (20 hours)
General office support for public art staff including organizing applications for artist selection processes, data input, and meeting arrangements. BA/BFA/BS or equivalent experience required. Full description www.racc.org/news/opportunities.php. Submit cover letter, resume, & 3 references by 7/25/07 Attn: PA Assistant Search, 108 NW 9th, Suite 300, Portland, OR 97209 or pajob@racc.org.
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