July 21st, 2007


to the splendid example of portland bicyclists

just south of russell at mlk.

great job running that red light and putting not only yourselves but other people at risk in the rain. it was a pleasure to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting you, and an even bigger pleasure when you shouted a medley of "fuck you asshole" as i managed to not take you out.

here's to hoping the the next red light you run will have cars with just as good of brakes as mine, as i would hate to see such great law-abiding bicyclists have any harm done to them.

ps. my other car is a bike.
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hello damnportlanders!

Hi all,

I've been lurking for quite a while now, and thought I should finally introduce myself! I'm Janice, 23, and just came to Portland from the East (Minneapolis) to come visit family & friends for a month or so.

This community's been really helpful with a lot of things for me -- from knowing what to do on certain nights, to finding a job.

AND! Speaking of jobs : just wanted to say that if anyone needs any data entry work / babysitting done while I'm here (until September), I'm your girl! =)

Empty Jail

Woah. We have a 59 million dollar jail that was completed 3 years ago. And it's empty. It also costs us 300,000 dollars to maintain it standing empty. What's with that? Supposedly our county doesn't have the money to open it. 8,500 inmates have been released from local jails because of overcrowding.
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Almond-Scented What?!?

From yellow fever to DDT (and now west nile virus), mosquitos are definitely NOT a favorite animal anywhere. There are, however, a variety of cool bugs around Oregon, the names and variety of which constantly astound anyone other than an entomologist. It wasn't until recently that I bothered to look up much about God's favorite creatures, but there are scads of them that every Oregonian doesn't even know they know until you use a common name and watch folks' eyes glint in recognition: pill bug, mosquito hawk, daddy long-legs. Collapse )

Traffic cop warning

To anyone driving across the bridge from Vancouver into Portland today, DO NOT SPEED. There are eight traffic cops sitting out there pulling people over, at the direction of one guy with a radar gun and a walkie-talkie. Mucho evilness.


After spending half of my lkfe divided between the East Coast and the mid-west, I am ready to escape! And, I'm heading for Portland in either early 2008 or 2009 (depending on finances).

An LJ friend suggested that this was THE community to join so... here I am.
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do i get to mark the 1,000,000th housing question?

well, i have one, and it's very specific. i also have a second question.... about a vet, down below this first one.

my roommate and i live in goose hollow, with a billion other college students. basically, we're sick of it. we've been trying for forever to find housing to replace this apartment, but craigslist yields us no luck in finding anything near the downtown area. we don't want to live in NE portland on 67th ave, thank you craigslist. we'd live in nw, sw, or se, but we can't find ANYTHING that isn't on the outer edges of portland or straight up in another city. the other sites i've visited to look for apartments yield too many ads and too many corporate-owned apartment complexes geared towards those with low income, which we don't qualify for as we're college students. our other two requirements: it has to be $1000 or under for the both of us (not including utilities...we could go to around $1100 with utilities or some utilities), and it has to allow one cat.

so help us! if you know of any specific apartment complexes to try let us know. we're also willing to live in a house, or duplex, whatever. just not here.

my other question is about finding a vet. i know i could search, but i want a pretty specific answer with this one too. i need to find a different vet, and price is an issue. i will definitely pay good money for a good vet, but i paid $145 for a vet visit to look at this tiny bald spot on my cat's head and all they did was test it for mites, and look at it for 5 minutes. i paid, but this is ridiculous, and i'm not going back. they also have stacked extra charges on my bill before that i had not authorized (and in fact, charges for things that they didn't even do) and i've had to go through it many times before paying. so, in turn, i need a new vet, and soon, because it's about time for my kitty to get some of her boosters. i have a car, but i'm not willing to go outside of the downtown area for a vet. anyone have any suggestions? personal experiences with good vets AND their pricing would be awesome...

thanks to the 3 people who decided not to be rude and offer advice nicely at the bottom.
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Chair Upholstery.?

We have a chair and a couch dating from the 1930s-1940s. They badly need re-upholstering, re-springing and cushions.

What places have you used, and how reliable are they? We've been to Starky Phan on NE 102nd and Digs on Alberta; any other places we should check out?
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(no subject)

After finishing grad school in San Francisco in a few years, I am planning to stay in the Bay Area or move to either Santa Barbara or Portland. I work in the field of holistic healing and realize that the cities mentioned are all hot pockets for yoga, bodywork, different forms of therapy, etc.

In your experience, how does Portland compare to San Francisco? How about Santa Barbara? What do you like/dislike about any or all of these cities?

Thanks much!

Best Place to Sell Your Used Books

I just moved to Portland and, in the midst of unpacking, found a whole bunch of books I want to sell.

Now, I would prefer not to sell to Powell's, not because I don't want to support their business or their overly aloof staff, but because I've found nothing but poor reviews on their sell-back price.

Do you guys know of any good places to sell your used books? If some of you want to change my mind on selling to Powell's, I'm more than open to that.
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So I was thinking about it tonight. I see pretty much the same things 14+ hours a day.. my desk. This is where I work, play, blog, read the snark that is DP.

So when you see me post, just like now, this is what I see.
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So, dear Harry Potter fans, how many of you finished reading The Book?

How many feel like they were kicked in the stomach by harmless old JK Rowling?

Update: this thread will contain spoilers.