July 20th, 2007


stupid, unoriginal, white kids

My first Portland hate crime!

For you clownshoes who yelled "fucking foreigners" to me & my husband when we were trying to parallel park on 3rd a few minutes ago: why don't you get out and say it to my face next time and I'll show you how we sort it out where I come from.

K, die, thnx!

Also, thanks to the kind black gentlemen on the corner when it happened who yelled back at them in our favor, "Calm down with that foreigner shit. If you sit and think about it, none of us are from here so fuck you." And thanks further for making a cop pull over and tell them those stupid kids performed a hate crime and sent the cop after them.

I need assistance!

And I hope someone can help me. My google-fu is not working for me this morning, and I desperately want to show a friend of mine the "I'll fluff your Garfield" clip from 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' Sadly, anything I can pull up links to a youtube video that is no longer available.

Can you think of ANY other video hosting sites I may want to check out, or do you happen to know offhand where I can find this seemingly elusive clip?

Many thanks!
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Nike Protest

There will be a gathering put together by the Humane Society of the United States today on the entrance to the Nike campus in Beaverton urging them to drop their endorsement of Michael Vick due to his dog fighting charges. If you are unfamiliar with the case here is a link:http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601039&refer=columnist_woolner&sid=ax1H7mQbjxyU

The gathering begins at 1pm today. Here is a link from the HSUS:https://community.hsus.org/humane/notice-description.tcl?newsletter_id=12203519

PS..Please excuse my lack of fancy linkage, I am half awake.

Now Hiring: Optician

Reynold's Optical is currently looking for Opticians for their three locations (Downtown, Hawthorne & NW 23rd). 

We’re looking for someone with a great work ethic who takes initiative, pays attention to detail and truly enjoys sales. Optical experience will be helpful, but we’re willing to train the right person. 

Our business is rooted in the long term relationships we build with our customers, and we need someone who will help us develop and maintain these relationships. 

We offer a competitive wage, paid time off, fully paid medical benefits.

Drop off your resume in person if you’re interested: 800 SW Alder Street, or fax your resume to 503-248-9607.

Tell them Karla told you about the opening :)


Scottish anyone?

Anyone have inside info on the Highland Games?  My girlfriend wants to go, but works all evening tonight and until probably 4 or 5 tomorrow - so we'd only be able to get there for the last couple hours, tops, which makes the $14 admission look a little steep.  Anyone know if they reduce admission near the end?  Or if there's some secret place we could go to see some of it without paying - not as cool as paying less and getting in, but...

help a pal out

I've got a friend out here looking for a place that he can work that will pay for him to get his CNA license.
He has poor computer skllz in general...and my google-fu is sucking.
Anyone have any experience with this kind of thing

EDIT: CNA as in nursing...not computer stuff...
romano- female

(no subject)

Hey guys! Is anyone going to be going to the Powells on Burnside for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows release tonight? A few of my friends and I are going to be there, and I just wanted to see if any of you will be as well. =)
the sun

passing on thanks

i got my 'thank you' from pge renewable power, and i'm not going to use most of them, so i offer unto you

1.  20% off $50 or more at elephant's deli
2.  2 for 1 - bike, ski or snowboard tuneups at "joe's"
3.  2 for 1 - 1/2 pound of coffee from world cup
4.  10% off any class package or membership from yoga pearl
5.  free week of diaper service (5 for the price of 4) at tidee didee
6.  free 25' tape measure with $10 purchase at parr lumber
7.  10% off parts and accessories at river city bicycles

all offers expire 10/31/07.

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Xmas Socks

Cotton Candy?

Listening to the radio, the DJs were mentioning that they ate dinner at a restaurant in the Portland area where they serve you cotton candy with your check. Does anyone know the name of this place of deliciousness?

Potter Party!!!

Hey everybody.  I know there's gonna be a ton of book release parties for Harry Potter 7 but I'm wondering 1) Where the best ones in the area are as far as special activities go (dressing up, giveaways, etc.), and 2) Are there any parties that are a little more adult-oriented where you won't feel so awkward being surrounded by a bunch of little kids and tweens.  This geek is curious for an info.
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Free Movies

I know there are a few people out there who won't be part of the Potterdammerung this evening; if the weather doesn't completely suck you could check out these free movies...

Friday July 20th

Fort Vancouver

Pioneer Square

Willy Wonka
Dickinson Park

Saturday, July 21st

Stomp the Yard
Lents Park

thankful for portland...

i am thankful for portland, and it's not because it's friday
(one that i've got off while the majority of y'all have to work)
not because there's more hot people in funny costumes than you can shake a stick at
and not because or grass-roots this, that, and the other thing.
it's not even about the beer.

i fucking love portland because i can walk into a shoppe on hawthorne,
look down, and find figurines from the original dragon warrior games
for twenty.five cents each, and manufactured by square enix.

thankyou, portland, for allowing me such nerdtastic glee,
and all for less than the cost of a pint of beer
(unless it's pbr during happy hour).

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making it comfy for the celebrity

well, since it's been confirmed that lokidecat is indeed an LJDP celebrity, and he's moving in with yours truly starting in September, there are a couple things i need to do to make his new domicile as fabulous as it should be.

the current housemate is taking the Comcast-compatible modem and router with her (no, i don't have the make and models right now) and i need to replace them. if anyone has some used or spares lying around, programmed or not (i can handle that part), please let me know - i'll take 'em off yer hands!

also, the housemate is taking most of the furniture. if'n you see fit to let go of a modestly-proportioned kitchen set or a comfy couch or chair or two, please let me know.

thankee, DPers!
Golden Girls

Harry potter reading frenzy?

When the last Harry Potter book came out, Reading Frenzy had an 18+ book release party called "Punks for Potter".  I got my book in 20 minutes and avoided most of the Powells mob.

Does anyone know if they're doing this tonight?  It isn't on their website and they don't answer the phone during the day so I was hoping one of you might know. 

It seems doubtful, but I would like to know for sure.
My nerd plans hinge on this.