July 19th, 2007

In defense of Lake Oswego

So I was just reading a discussion on dp_snark, where Lake Oswego was discussed, with the usual stereotypes thrown in.
As someone who has lived in Lake Oswego in two different places in 1994-1995, I have to say that most of the stereotypes about Lake Oswego are not really warranted. Yes, Lake Oswego is a suburb, a rich suburb. But the way that people talk about it, it sounds like it is some locked-off fairy land where the richest white people live. Actually, from having been to Lake Oswego and just about every other Portland suburb, I think Lake Oswego has a bell curve of income, and it is shifted about 25% to the right of the average income in the Portland area, but it really isn't that different. There are some ultrarich houses in Lake Oswego, but there are some ultrarich houses in Laurelhurst five blocks from Belmont, too. I really don't know why Lake Oswego got this reputation in a way that, say, West Linn did not. The only real difference between Lake Oswego and the other upper-income suburbs of Portland is that Lake Oswego has less ugly commercial development.

Exotic pet vet

Can anyone recommend a vet that specializes in exotic pets? I found one that's called Southwest Animal Hospital Exotic Animal Practice on Murray. Any experiences here? I need to take my guinea pigs in today but I wanted to double check to see if anyone had any recommendations

thank you

Unfortunately Southwest Animal Hospital doesn't have any openings today, but I made an appointment at PetSam.
My babies appear to have had a fight last night and there is blood on their fur.. Luckily the one that is also missing some fur around his mouth area seems to be acting normal, but I don't want to take any chances :( Thank you for your quick recommendations, it means a lot.
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Apologies to Damnportlanders

didn't realize it was such a big deal. just wanted to get the word out about a show that I was proud to be taking part in. I assume the use of the word "bombarded" was probably a bad decision but I've noticed that posts get pushed back fairly quickly so I figured I would post it once a week or so until the actual show so that as many people as possible would see it. I guess it does fall in the category of an "advertisement" so for that I'm sorry. I'll keep my art show postings off of here.
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horseback riding

so, after 15 years of not riding, i've decided to start riding lessons again. any recommendations of where to get some affordable english-style riding clothes? just need to get some boots, half-chaps, etc.

For those interested

I'm having a show on September 6th at Sugar Gallery in The Everett Street Lofts. I think it would be cool for some of the readers of DP to show up. It would be nice to meet some of you that I've only seen through icons and "snark" comments. Here is a link to the Flyer.

sorry again and in the future a simple "hey, you may want to make that smaller or put it behind a cut will suffice, the "snark" seems a bit childish
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Local Tattoo Artist

Any recommendations for a local tattoo artist?  Someone that will draw something up (underwater scene) and has a wonderfully artistic imagination.  I like to walk in with an idea, and let the artist take over from there. 
I have heard Tiger Lily on Sandy is good and I have looked through their books.  Anyone have any experience there?  

I don't mind a wait list and I realize that I get what I pay for so I'm not looking to be cheap. 


Specialty watch shop?

Hello Damnportlanders,

I'm looking for a local watch shop, preferably something like an old man (or lady) who spent their life working on watches, clocks and the like. I've got an 80 yr old pocketwatch where the hour hand keeps slipping a little bit, and since this is an antique, I'm looking for someone who would treat it with respect, and I would rather give my money to a local than a large chain. Thanks in advance.
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Hot Tram

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Seeing the wonderful visuals from last Thursday's thunderstorm here on damnportlanders (which came in handy since I had slept through that gorgeous act of nature!).

2. Peaches and Cream event at Portland Farmers Market at Ecotrust (Pearl District) this afternoon (I am counting down the hours until I finish work today)!

3. Meeting various awesome damnportlanders at various gatherings during the past week. There are too many folks to mention, but I am extremely thankful that I have met many cool DP folks in person over the years!

4. Geek Fair 2007 at Free Geek this Saturday! Strangely enough, I found out about this while hanging out with aforementioned awesome DP folks last weekend!

5. Cool shade under the canopy of trees on SE 15th Street (between Hawthorne and Stark)--the shade was very welcome during the excruciatingly hot evenings last week!
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purple tree

Portland Weddings

Hello! I am trying to plan a wedding in Portland, and am hoping someone here has any suggestions?

Specifically, I am looking for a location to have the wedding at.  I would like to have the ceramony and reception at the same place if at all possible, outdoors would be nice as well.  We are having a small and inexpensive shin-dig.  I would prefer to NOT have it at a hotel.

Any suggestions would be awesome, and thank you!

Beach House

Anyone have recommendations for a rental beach house that can sleep about 5? I've checked CL and a few other similar sites, but not a lot of luck, partially due to availability on the weekend I am planning- Aug 11, 12 (soon, i realize). If you have a company you've had a good experience with or if your family/friends have one they would rent out, I'd love to hear from you. I can vouch for myself as a good renter. Looking mainly for a nice beach view and a big porch/deck, maybe a hot tub, around 2 hrs away. Thanks!

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I don't know what happened, as I was asleep I guess when it all went down, but if you were part of the apparent 2 car collision at 28th and Hawthorne last night that decided to make my car an unwilling 3rd participant in the accident...and NOT leave a note or anything....screw you. Seriously.

As I said, I wasn't watching it or anything, but a nice big scrape and damage to the rear end of my car, and vehicle debris in the road (broken lights and I think a side mirror) suggests that they hit each other and plowed into me at the end of the collision. And really, if it happens, it happens. I understand during an accident you don't really get to make these decisions. But to not leave a note? To basically treat it as a hit and run? Not cool. Because now I get to pay for it.

That's all. Nothing really constructive.


I'm not sure if this a common occurence in Oregon but if anyone is looking for a Wii, I randomly stopped at a Walmart off of exit 62 on 84 and they had 5 of them (excluding the one I picked up just because that's the first time I've seen them in stores).

Thank you Portland Police Bureau!!!

My most heartfelt gratitude goes out to a PPB motorcycle officer that had 3 people on bikes pulled over in Ladd's Edition today to issue them tickets for running the stop sign!!!


Thank you PPB, your the bestest!!

PS: Can you please come pick up the crazy fuck that walks by my house every day!

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The weather right now. At this very moment. 5:54 pm. Is perfect. It reminds me of my hometown on the beach. Slight breeze. 76 degrees. Broken clouds and sun. Yay. Also it takes me 2 days to eat a whole chicken. Rip Chicken.

repost from last week, just in case...

open august 1st, $450/mo

80th & Woodstock
fairly quiet neighborhood close to bus 14, ~25 minute ride into downtown
pretty easy access to Reed College, just a few minutes away
close to Woodstock shops and culture
close to a Freddy's, a Safeway, and a local-grown produce market
sorta close to Trader Joe's on 39th
house has got cable/wireless internet
shared bathroom and kitchen
cement-floored dry basement - lots of storage
garden area (to be expanded)
my cat and i live there now, the homeowner and a dog are moving out
washer and dryer in the basement
carpeted bedrooms, lino kitchen, hardwoods elsewhere
street/driveway parking - no garage

i am a laid-back, fully employed 34 year old guy, soon to be back in school. i like traveling and go away for some weekends or longer trips. i make and enjoy drinking beer, but don't do the 420 or other stuff. i smoke hand-rollies outside. the housemate/homeowner is taking most of the furniture with her, so it'll be a little bare until i populate the common rooms with comfy chairs, a sofa, and a kitchen table and chairs (your furniture is welcome). i am looking for someone sane and employed, male or female, queer or not, around my age with interest in staying for a year.

additional deets: utilities run about $50-60/month - there is also a quarterly water bill of around (iirc) $100. not looking for a couple or any more pets - the place is just the right size for me, mah cat and one other...

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To the asshole on Park and Alder who stole my car, I hope you know the entire thing was caught on security cam and the cops are now reviewing it (ps harry dies) and since you're such a bad person I'm sure the cops probably already know who you are anywyz.
Worky Work!

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Now here we go from the top
Second verse of the same song
With the conclusion,
all should be happy for the ding-dong

This song makes me happy when I think of my personal investment in it. Not TOO personal, but personal enough. Long story.

What's your song / story? I need cheering up ...

blogs and livejournal

Do you have an open live journal/blog?

I used to post regularly, and rarely would lock entries. Then I found out my younger sister was reading them. Then I had a jealous ex-boyfriend who didn't like my posts. Then I got a job as a nanny, and all my entries are locked. I have stopped posting all together.

I would like to start again, to keep up with friends, ask questions, share opinions, and have an outlet for how my day went without having to talk my boyfriend's ear off.

What do you do about this? How do you deal with your families and employers finding your live journal?
How do your friends who do not have a live journal read your entries? I messed around with a website a while back where there would be passwords and seperate blogs and such, but it was too confusing.

Maybe I just don't know how open to be. I have trouble limiting myself and find that I am always deleting things later because I was too open. Maybe I just need an editor. Someone to screen my posts before they get posted.

Any advice?

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any a ya'll ever drive up to vancouver for the purchasing of liquor ?
what time do the liquor stores close there?
are there any liquor stores nany a ya'll know about open past 10 in portland???