July 18th, 2007


Dear god, what has the world come to? I'm actually participating in LJ drama

It looks like I got here too late for the Harry Potter spoiler. Could somebody please repost it? I'd really like to read it, so that I can care about Harry Potter for one brief moment and then go on with my not caring about Harry Potter life.

Also, why is non_agenda allowed to make a post with comments disabled? Isn't that in violation of the few rules of DP? Why was the spoiler deleted, and not this violator?

My two cents: If the experience of a book or movie is ruined by knowing the end, then it is flawed to begin with. Good storytelling does not use surprise as a gimmick. If suspense is drawn out in an artful manner, you will be able to feel and appreciate it even if you know what is going to happen.

Take Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho for instance. Most people in this community are young enough that by the time they saw it, they already knew that the main character was going to get killed in the shower, and possibly even that Bates' mother was dead and stuffed. But, when you watch it, despite knowing these things, the suspense is still present, and there is a real climax upon reaching these points in the story.

In fact, knowing what is going to happen only creates more suspense. Using Hitchcock as an example again, he described two possible scenarios for a scene from a film (forgive me, I know this is a terrible misquote,) in one, people are on a train, they're talking, watching the scenery going by, having lunch, and then all of a sudden a bomb goes off, and they're dead. In the other scene, you know the bomb is there before you know anything about the people. Their conversation takes on a different meaning. You don't care about the scenery they see as much as what they don't see. This is suspense. It's not ruined by knowing what is going to happen, it's only enhanced. (the same goes for comedy. Bad comedy: a man unexpectedly slips on a banana peal. Good comedy: a man delicately places a banana peal on a stage. You know somebody is going to slip on it, but you don't know who or when. Or, you do know who and when, but you don't know how, Or, you do know who, when, how, why, and of course where, but still, when it happens, you laugh, because it was done artfully and not as a cheap gag.)

Okay, I've said a lot for not having seen the original post. Maybe the guy who wrote it was just an asshole spammer troll. But, if it was just some random DPer having fun, I don't see why it wasn't allowed. I have to admit, I think the idea of giving out Harry Potter spoilers is very funny to me, and I do hope somebody tells them to me in +7 font. I know a lot of people who are into that shit, and I wonder why, when there are so many great works of literature that have been read by so few people.

neglecting the lj-cut, 'cause that's how I'm rollin' tonight.
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power cord for a Mac?

When I left Hanoi last week, I managed to forget my Powerbook G4's power cord/charger wrapped neatly, sitting on hotel bed. Of course I didn't realize this until I was in China and by then it was far too late to turn back. Now that I'm stateside, I checked out the price for a new one and horrifed to see that it'll set me back at least $70. Anyone have an extra, unused, unneeded cord that I can buy off you for half that price? Pretty please.

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Hang Gliding

I am thinking of learning to hang glide and was wondering if anybody on here has any personal experience with instructors. I googled and looked around on a few websites, but they just didn't have very much information on them. I was wondering how much the lessons ran you and how much equipment can run and if anybody has any positive or negative experiences to share with me before I start calling random people off the internet.
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Signage/Decal Help...

Dear DPers,

My day job has asked me to help locate a place (local!) that makes decals. We need decals made of our logo that will be going on some painted metal vendor boxes (like what you see newspapers in). I think we will ultimately need about 60 in various sizes (approx. 12" x 24"). The logos are already designed. I just need to find some choices as to where they can be made, a place that will take the image and turn it into a decal. I'm guessing vinyl??? Or whatever material decals (sturdy ones) are usually made out of.

I have started searching, but more input is always welcomed!

Thank you, oh wise DPers!
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Intentional Communities in Portland

I currently live down in Eugene, which I love, but I'm relocating for an awesome non-profit job up in Portland starting September 13th. I'm casting the net looking for collective housing situations in Portland. Does anyone have any leads on housing co-ops, communes, cohousing, or other communities in Portland they could link me to? I know there's a co-op next to Black Thorn Bookstore on N Mississippi but I'm failing googling the name. I'm particularly seeking a eco-, queer-, and activist-friendly communities.

Thanks for any help you can give!

(no subject)

I need one of those digital hand held digital voice recorder things

I'm recording a friend tell stories that I'm gonna transcribe into a book so it needs a good mic, or the ability to hook up a good mic, it needs to record or output to MP3 and it needs decent storage space.

and can I have one that you just have sitting around  for free?



If you had $200 to your name and no job/place to stay.. what would you do? I'm scared but trying to stay optimistic, help me make good decisions!
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How to go about renting a room or two.

So my two roommates are moving out at the end of August. I need to rent out the two rooms in my house but I have never done this before. So I ask for the help of you dear damnportlanders. Does anyone have any recommendations for renting out rooms. I own the house so I need to make sure that I don't get myself in trouble here. Do people sign leases? Is it okay to ask for people to stay a certain amount of time? Do most people include utilities with the rent? Should I have an open house sort of thing for people to see the rooms and the house or should I just have individual meetings with potential roommates? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Jeweler for custom work...

Hi DPers, I need your help!

I have a loose precious gemstone that I need to have set in a very simple white gold setting (ring).

I will either be melting down a ring I already have for the gold, or purchasing a new setting, I'm not sure yet. It will depend on cost and I know gold is expensive right now.

I'd like your suggestions for a jeweler with design skills who you've had a good experience with, or heard great things about. I'd like to go with a local mom and pop shop, not a mall jeweler.


credit counseling/debt consolidation

Does anyone know of a good/decent credit counseling/debt consolidation company?  Not just one that treated you/someone well for the first few months but one that got you through to the other side?
I've got a friend who thinks she may have gotten duped by one (Hess Kennedy - anyone have experience with them, good or bad?) - she's paid them over $5000 in the last year but suffered through countless phone calls from creditors to her own home & cell phones, her family, her work place, her landlord.  just got a phone call this morning from someone saying he was from a law office and threatening a subpoena.  Googled online and found some frightening stories, but didn't want to go ahead and jump to reactionary conclusions without more info/research - seemed like a good idea to talk to someone with a good reputation, maybe at least find out some of the questions to ask.  Not quite sure where to go from here.  Any input/advice welcomed.
Barter system, anyone?
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laptop hunt

hi DP :p

So, I need to replace my laptop, and would like to do so for under $1000. I'm not terribly picky about goodies, but I will need 1GB memory. I don't want to touch anything that has Windows Vista, as I have heard nothing but bad things about it, and besides I have a 2003 Office Suite I want to use. All I really need is wireless internet and a dvd player.

OH, would prefer 14" to the monster 17"ers that are so prevalent these days.

I'm looking at the Gateway MT 3421, Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527, and Acer Travelmate 2480-2705. Anyone know anything good or bad about these?

Related to Portland b/c: BTW, has anyone heard anything about this citywide WiFi network supposedly going up?
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Hey guys,

I'm doing a solar power awareness presentation to a group of college students and it requires the use of solar cells! (go figure...) Anyway, I need to buy about 10-20 solar cells - the small kind enclosed in plastic with leads on the back. Relatively low output is fine. Anyone know where I can get cells locally? It would be fantastic! I don't want to have to order online cause I'm afraid they wont get here in time.

Thanks so much!
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Portland Area Folks (x-posted)

My name is Thomas. I just moved to the Portland
from the Bay area and am having quite a hard time
finding any sort of trans resources. I am in
need of getting my blood work done and renewing my
perscription for my T. I am 23 and quite broke
(havn't found a job yet and am staying on friends couches
until I do) and without insurance. I am also needing
to find resources (if available) to help me get my
name changed.

Two other guys moved up here with me,both
insurance-less but both are over the age of 25 (27 and
32) and they are having a really hard time finding
clinics who can accept them as well. Apparently Olde
Town Clinic only accepts paitants with insurance at
this time.

If you have ANY information for me,that would be
AMAZING-and oh so helpful

Thanks Guys

Cello for sale

As much as this pains me, I'm in a tight bind, view my journal for more info...

I only have one thing left of any value and as much as it pains me to do this, I'm putting it up for sale.

A few weeks ago my sister gave me her cello, saying that she wouldn't have the chance to play it anymore and that she wasn't all that good anyway. As much as I would like to keep the cello, I'm really a violinist and the cello seems strange to me and I'm not very good at playing it either, and it just doesn't feel right in my arms like my violin does.

So I'm selling it, the whole kit, bag, bow, rosin, first level Suzuki book, all for $450, which is a good price seeing as the cello alone runs about 500. It's a nice carrying case with room for two bows, a good strong bow, the is book is Suzuki Cello School, Cello Part Volume 1, and there's also the work book for strings book one, cello, there's a few pages with pencil marks on them but, not too much. The case also has a shoulder strap, and there's a spot in the back for books. It's a great teaching/learning cello, full 4/4 size.

If you're curious why I need the money more than the memory, I'm trying to leave Portland, but my unemployment has been indefinitely halted and I have no resources left to make my voyage away.

Please let me know by email if your interested, I'm hoping that she will find a good, better home with a more avid player within the week.
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(no subject)

where does the rocky horror picture show play these days? still at clinton?

also, i'm sick of bank of america fucking me over. where do you do your banking? have you had a wonderful, fair, or poor experience with it?