July 17th, 2007


DP celebrity Poll --- last chance before results post later this afternoon...

This experiment has been fun!

I posted this rather late... 49 have filled it out so far. I'll post the results later today. You can fill it out here if you didn't get a chance and would like to: Who are the DP Celebrities?

So, tell me... your definition:

What is a DP celebrity anyway? =)

Q: Is there a way to change the viewing options of a poll after its been posted, or will I just need to copy/paste the results for everyone?

Au revoir......

I am going away from this community....................................

So I shall leave ya with a little pressie,before I go....................

Double Penetration

So whom shall you find to be snarky about now?

Who will be the up-coming shock-jock?

Who will try and raise to the mantle of "Hey my opinion is so much better than yours because I am the uber pretensious one?"

Who will reply to this...stayting something about bad grammer and/or bad spelling?

Who will be sitting at their PC,wondering oh look...lets mock someone,show how hard I am,show how cool I am to poke this person who is sat at their PC trying to maintain some sense of sanity?

Frankly I don't really care...go on with your little 'oh so leet speak,comp nerd snarkiness'snark?,why not just say I am one with a certain sadness,that tells me to criticise those who may or may not have problems as I don't because my life is so fullfilling?....no because unlike me,who knows about confessing your faults and shows no shame in it,you hide behind a mask of in-difference suggesting their is no real venom behind your attacks as that is what they are when actually you wear this mask like a thin negligee' and those who see through it,see a certain ugliness they contend with,much like you witness at a car crash......

There are some people on this community I have time for as they have taken the time to find out about me,they have my respect,as for anyone else 'what-ever'.......

And can I be oh sooooooo shocking?

Go give yerselves a broken glass enema!

Terence Bruce Balfour

Returning to the real world.



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Poety Readings

are there any places around town that have readings of political poetry, or poetry readings in general,without everything being totally 'slam' poetry oriented?  where all you have to do to read is sign up and you'll be allowed to?
Just Jack


My office is hiring, we are looking for someone with Import Brokerage experience preferably. If you are interested, please email me for more information and how to apply.

Sigg bottles

My nice Sigg water bottle was stolen last night and I need to replace it. What is the best place to buy the 0.6 liter bottles with basic designs? I've seen them at New Seasons and Whole Foods, but they are always the fancy ones with flowers and stuff like that printed on them. Any suggestions?
make an impact


I miss throwing pottery, and would like to start again this fall, but I seem to be lacking in a potter's wheel and kiln. Is there someplace in Portland that I could go throw some bowls and have them fired -- like, rent a wheel and kiln space?


anyone know of any biographical wikis on which the biographed person speaks, in the "discussion" section?

not portland related, and go or don't, I don't really care.
cute lil duck

West Nile

I received an this e-mail today at work... has Anyone else heard anything about this?

"In late June, a dead crow found near NE 63rd and Sandy
Boulevard tested positive for West Nile virus and was the
first appearance of West Nile virus in Multnomah County
this year.

According to county health officials, dead corvids, such as
blue jays and crows, can carry the virus. Residents have
reported a large number of dead corvids in the area between
NE Killingsworth and NE Fremont and Martin Luther King
Boulevard and 82nd Avenue."

A community education forum will be held on Saturday, July
28 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon at 7600 NE Glisan, Portland.

Wednesday is the singles thingy at the Lucky Lab

(copied and pasted because frankly I lack the work ethic required to write the darn thing myself)

The idea is a fun way to get to meet other people without having to go to bars or do personal ads. The events will always be fun and interactive so even intraverts can get to know other people!

This wednesday the 18th is the first event. We'll be at the Lucky Lab in SE playing fun games. I'm bringing Operation, dominoes, and skipbo. Others are encouraged to bring their favorite game from their childhood or whatever fun game they want. Please check out our website www.pdxers.com for more information about the event.
Rain Forest

Pedestrian Down

Does anyone know what happened to the poor pedestrian that got hit yesterday on N. Albina and N Humbolt? I can’t get it out of my mind and just want to hear that they were okay.
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ahhh help!

I live at work, and I was just fired. Does anyone know what this means for my housing? Legally, when do I have to be out? She automatically takes housing out of our wages every month. Since I'm no longer employed here I'll have to pay rent, right?... but I've been fired so I have no current wages.. I'm freakin'.

I tried calling the police station and they were no help and my boss/landlord is a scammer which is one of the reasons I'm now unemployed.

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richard ayoade is a god.

Has anyone else in this community seen Garth Marenghi's Darkplace? I just started watching it this afternoon and have only seen the first episode, but I have to say it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I can't even describe it... it's like Remington Steele meets Police Squad meets The Kingdom. Here's the intro:

Portland related because I think most people here would find it particularly humorous.
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Alrighty folks, meetup is a week from today! Tuesday, July 24th, 7pm, at the East Bank Saloon at 727 SE Grand Ave!

I think we liked the location last time, so we're trying it again - and this time I made sure the guy actually wrote down that we'd be there, so his poor waitstaff wouldn't have to deal with us without any advance knowledge. (Last month they had no clue, even though I'd called, and one waitress in particular got a bit snippy because she was having to stay over her shift.)

Minors are welcome; meetup faq is here.

The weather report currently says Tuesday'll be sunny, so if it stays that way I think sitting outside would be good again - easier to fit us all out there, even if we do have to shuffle around tables. If it's rainy, we'll have to work ourselves out inside.


Jane of all trades looking for information on any sort of cabaret/burlesque type goings on in PDX that are recruiting volunteers?  I don't mean traditional strip clubs.  Something like this

I dabble in sewing (I can do very simple costume creation and repair), makeup, I do laundry, try to keep the peace and I know how to roller skate.   I'm looking for a way to put all of my useless super awesome talents to good use.


P.S. I tried looking it up online and all I found was this link to the Clinton Street Cabaret (Rocky Horror - plust I don't think the site has been updated in a while) and standard strip clubs with cabaret in the title.

There are a lot of articles that mention revivals but I'm looking for suggestions and opinions on places worthy of volunteering.
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Hello neighbors.

Does anyone happen to have an old at&t/cingular phone laying around? I am willing to trade you for something... I don't know what you want tho. I have a lot of things.

anyway, email me

dottedcircles at gmail dot com if you have a phone...

external drive deals

Hey gang,

I need an external drive or two. Does anyone know if I can score a better deal anywhere online, as compared to schlepping around to CompUSA and other big-name electronic stores?

(I'm looking for new, not used.)

If the specific type of drive matters, I need something with a FireWire connection and about 250GB or bigger. It's for my Mac.


acoustic-electric geetar

I have a barely used Rogue acoustic-electric guitar that I purchased for myself for Christmas last year that I don't use very often.

I'm moving to California in a week and I need some extra cash a.s.a.p so i'm getting rid of it.

Along with the guitar you have the option of purchasing 2 mics, a male/female splitter for abovely noted mics (for recording & what-have-you), and an input/output chord that I have lying around.

Without the extra stuff the guitar is $100 and the input-output chord comes with it free.

Guitar is in perfect condition, plays well/sounds excellent when plugged into an amp and rarely used.

It's got a few minor aesthetic scratches on the back of it, but they're barely noticeable.

- Addison.

Attn Trimet Riders

This is a special message to all my favorite people who decide to go into to public, put themselves into a confined space with me, and make my day pleasant.

To the fat chick who rides the Yellow Line MAX for no apparent reason all day long- you are NOT entitled to two seats, you need to understand that other people are around you and would like a space to sit and they're not being racist because they asked you to move your bag onto your lap.


To people with cell phones- I have cell phone there nifty little devices, and its fine to have a normal volume short conversation on the bus or MAX. But please stop SHOUTING every word, cell phones are designed to pick up your voice at a normal level you do not need to try to actually yell to the person on the line with you.

To the fucker on the 12 with a cell phone- I had to listen to you talk on the phone for 45 minutes. Of course it wasn’t just like the rest of the irritating people calling everyone in their entire phone book you decided that you didn’t feel like putting the phone up to your ear and would use the speaker phone so that we could listen to both sides of your retarded conversation with 40 different people who did not seem to like you. I also hopped that your normal speaker on your phone was broke but alas you proved me wrong when someone could not hear you and you switched the phone into the normal mode and had a conversation that way.


To Airport MAX riders- I'm glad you chose the MAX to get to the Airport, but let’s set a few things straight the MAX is not a Taxi; we are not required to give you 1/5 of the train for your luggage nor is the Priority Seating area also luggage storage area. Also when someone with a wheel chair gets on it is required that you move it, and next time the rest of us could do without your demands for us to make room for your 80 bags.

To people with Assault Strollers- Shut the fuck up. I am NOT going to make room, I am NOT going to move, and you do not need to bring the crib with you. Also having your MAN try and help just makes things worse because now we are being commanded to make room. Oh and yelling that you're going to call the police won't help, were you the same person who called 911 for getting the wrong fast food order?

To the guy who was riding the 6- Um... Why did you piss yourself then try to carry on a normal conversation with me? Could you have at least tried to clean yourself up before boarding the bus, it runs every 15 minutes I’m sure you would have been fine. Please, this goes to all people, don't piss yourself then get into a confined space with the public, it sucks for everyone.

To the man who yelled at the blind man for invading his space- You my friend are a mega prick.


To the old man who thought you deserved the entire priority seating area on the bus- No Sir, you do not get the entire area in the front of the bus, I'm sorry that my existence was a problem for you even though you still had 3 seats.

To homeless and smelly people- First, Don't talk to me. You smell and 90% of the time you are crazy, I doubt you'll see this, but none the less, fix the problem of your smelling. Please.

To people who like loud music- I'm glad you enjoy listening to music while in transit, I do the same. But please show some curtsey and turn it the fuck down, there are times I don't have my music device and I would prefer to listen to the sound of the bus then your shitty music, turn it down or go deaf please.


To the lady who decided to sing on the MAX- Shut up, also were you on crack or heroin because I would like to know which drug to avoid...


Thanks for Reading, Please follow all advice above and contact me if you need extra assistance understanding the above information.

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Poll Results... (sorry about the mess... ) but its here

Poll #1022165 How many DP "celebrities are there? Who are they?

Name all the DP "celebrities" you can think of...
solteronita -- none
lunesse -- zzzz
yoopie -- LokideCat, LittleBlueDog, DrJeff, Giapet
tmcm -- zoe-trope, onda-dog
pygmymetal -- dr_jeff
fiercerose -- yoopie, lbd, drjeff, lokidecat, meisterdorf, synthcat, gelasia, giapet, rarebit,
fauxxrobot -- drjeff
friskyegg -- synthcat, bluedog, drjeff, galasia, varro, cosmicjohn,
skittles44 -- drjeff, phasmaphobic, littlebluedog, synthcat, gelasia, giapet, prettymuchjulia, krazyfelioness
glowing_fish -- tmcm, littlebluedog, drjeff, glowing-fish, gelasia, synthcat, giapet , krazyfelioness
lokidecat -- drjeff, littlebluedog, giapet
lifefullofwords -- lodikecat
trtlgrl -- dr. jeff, littlebluedog, giapet, lokidekat
bluejayway -- lbd, drjeff, synthcat, krazyfelioness, the guy with the plastic chairs as his icon
diffuse -- lokidecat, drjeff, littlebluedog, synthcat
socktree -- cosmicjon, littlebluedog, miesterdorf, gelasia, giapet
offloe -- lokidecat, drjeff, littlebluedog, goddammit I don't understand why I can't think of anymore.
dana_pants -- drjeff, littlebluedog, cosmicjohn, meisterdorf, giapet, bellybalt, jef182, baloo_ursidae, lokidekat
deathlock -- ballouariside,littlebluedog...uhmmm some more I can't remember!
winter_in_asia -- slimem88 / cosmicjohn, littlebluedog, dr_jeff
damiarayne -- dr.jeff, littlebluedog, gelasia, cheekylittlemonkey, winterinasia, the guy w/ dr girlfriend icons
sleepyguy22 -- drjeff, littlebluedog, lokidecat, giapet, miesterdorf, YOU
virtual_anima -- Your mom! (begone evil poll)
wakemeupinside -- DrJeff, Littlebluedog, Lokidecat, Yoopie
kellibunny -- Not a single one.
catfever7 -- Dr.Jeff
poptopia -- jef182
elric_dewisant -- bennetfox, littlebluedog, drjeff, winterinasia, giapet, lokedecat, phantasmaphobic
stephen_h -- drjeff, littlebluedog, tmcm, synthcat... probably others.
gelasia -- i don't pay attention really
phasmaphobic -- Your Mom
remix79 -- deathlock, gelasia, drjeff, littlebluedog, giapet, cosmicjohn
burntblueseason -- drjeff, synthcat, lokedicat
brucix -- your mom
mattdeath -- not your mom.
moonchylde -- littlebluedog
princessdisdain -- DrJeff, he is so hot
evilsimon -- other people
outfcheeseerror -- synthcat, drjeff, littlebluedog, lokidecat, yoopie, phasmaphobic, cosmicjohn
littlebluedog -- everyone who wants to be!
metamadman -- If by celebrity you mean loser than most are celebrities.

ran out of space?.... list the rest here...
solteronita -- none
lunesse -- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
fiercerose -- broknashleydoll, bellybalt, windfaerie, halloween, dappleshark, YOUUU!
skittles44 -- meisterdorf, rarebit
glowing_fish -- But really in my hear, you are all celebrities, because I celebrate you all every day!
damiarayne -- boyasunder, the guy who's always snarky, moer but I tend to remember the icons not the names :(
gelasia -- there's a new one every couple weeks, i'm sure :)
phasmaphobic -- Your Mom
princessdisdain -- DrJeff he is the hotz

Do you consider your self a DP "celebrity" ?Collapse )
yes, and so does every body else.
3 (4.8%)

34 (54.8%)

what's a celebrity?
6 (9.7%)

3 (4.8%)

16 (25.8%)
& Daggers!
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What are you doing right now?

Is Twitter eating one else's brain? Or just mine? ...probably just mine.

Twitter is a site that's for 140 character-or-less blogging via web or cell phone. You can choose to get certain friends' updates via text message or e-mail. Objective is to log the various things you're doing at that very moment. It was news to me as of a few days ago, but I was surprised at how many people I know already had accounts. It's um...FUN. :/

Oh! And, my account is here: https://twitter.com/bliccy

Safe Deposit Box

I'm a newb at this. How does one go about leasing a safe deposit box at a bank? I'm going to need one while I get myself situated. Any banks in the downtown area offer that service? And how much do they generally cost?