July 16th, 2007


Medieval gear

Anyone know of a store in the Portland area where one can buy medieval and / or  renaissance gear?  In particular I'm looking for a medieval-style leather bag / pouch - and general accessories for a costume.

I know there are tons of vendors online but this is for an event next weekend (Faerieworlds Festival in Eugene), so there isn't really much time to do online ordering.  Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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Want to make a few extra bucks?

Anybody want to do some easy-but-boring, data-entry type work to make a few extra bucks?

Basically, I have to add some products to a client's new online shopping cart system. It's easy, but it's rather time-consuming and tedious, so my time would be better spent doing things that require my 1337 design and coding skills. I had somebody on Craigslist offering to do it, but she seems to have flaked on me.

I would, of course, pay you for your time! More than minimum wage, even! I need this done sooner, rather than later, so whoever thinks they can get it done fast wins points.

Give me some contact info, and we'll go from there!

EDIT: Yes, this can be done from home, and if all goes well, I might have similar stuff to throw at you in the future!

(no subject)

I'm tired of commuting on my heavy ass, thick wheeled mountain bike and am in the market for something more road bike-like. However, I don't have the $450 to fork out for a new one so I'd like something used. I've been watching craigslist for weeks but my schedule is pretty hectic so it's hard to find bicycles my size that are available when I have time to look at them. I've been told there are recycle bike shops that build "new" bikes out of discarded parts but I don't know where these places are. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


[edit] I'd like to stay around $100 but I suppose I could go up to $200-250 with the sale of my mountain bike, which I hope to glean at least $150 out of.
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Anyone know where I can get New Belgium's Sunshine? It seems to have mystically disappeared from stores, and its not supposed to be a seasonal. Bonus if its in North Portland or Downtown.

Have any Crown-molding hooks laying around?

If you live in an older apartment building like my self, you probably do. Most people don't use them, so I was wondering if any one had some piled up in a drawer, collecting dust that they might want to part with.

I'm going to go wade through the cob-webs in the basement to see if there are any down there, but I'm going to need a lot of them.

Or, do you know where to purchase them, and how much they might run?
I'm very happy to trade/barter as well.

*thanks all*

Here's a bad picture of an example: "S" hook...

I Love You Helen

I felt compelled tonight to publicly declare my love for Helen (Bernhard Bakery).

I've ordered several custom-made cakes from Helen's over the 5+ years (including my wedding cake) and enjoyed many assorted baked goods from them. All have been stellar and the women that work there are the sweetest, most pleasant employees I've ever encountered at any retail food related establishment.

But this weekend I was presented with a surprise birthday cake for my 80s-theme bday and Helen's has totally won me over even more after seeing this: Collapse )
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(no subject)

TV shows these days don't have theme songs.. what the hell is up with that?!!

so, my question for you is this:

What do you think is the greatest tv theme ever? Or if not the greatest, what are some of your favs?

um..... go?

EDIT: As for me, I think the theme to 'Twin Peaks' is the greatest ever. some other favourites are 'Hill Street Blues' (even though I've never seen an episode of the series), 'Laverne & Shirley', 'Cheers' and the gay boy in me loves 'Dynasty' (I got hooked on that show when fx rans episodes when I was a teen)
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[BST] The Snarky Dance!

Inspired by the damnportlanders topics today, I hereby present The Snarky Dance, the unofficial dance of this community! Here are the lyrics!

The Snarky Dance
(a parody of "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats!)

We can snark if we want to, we can leave your Flist behind
'Cause your friends don't snark and if they don't snark
Well, they're no friends of mine

Say, we can post when we want to, ask for a free dentist we'll never find
And we can act like we come from outside Stumptown
Leave the real PDX behind

And we can snark

We can post when we want to, about the weather that'll make you cry
And we can ask for free vegan boots to fit our feet
And 24-hour place to get the best fries

Say, we can reply if we want to, if we don't nobody will
And you can act real rude or totally removed
And I can act like an imbecile

Say we can snark, we can snark
100 responses out of control
We can snark, we can snark
We're doing it to piss the trolls
We can snark, we can snark
Everybody post about their bands
We can snark, we can snark
Let's dis on celebrities' fans

Snarky dance
Well, it's snarky dance
Yes, it's snarky dance

We can snark if we want to, we've got no lives, that's fine
As long as we abuse it, we are never going to lose it
Maybe it will start an LJ-fight
I say, we can snark if we want to, we can leave your Flist behind
'Cause your friends don't snark and if they don't snark
Well, they're no friends of mine

Say we can snark, we can snark
damnportlanders have sucked up my soul
We can snark, we can snark
Witty sarcasms are my goal
We can snark, we can snark
We may be jerks but we're never bland
We can snark, we can snark
Hoping that we don't get banned

Well, it's snarky dance
Yes, it's snarky dance
Well, it's snarky dance
Well, it's snarky dance
Yes, it's snarky dance
It's snarky dance....
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Searching for a temporary home for our cats!

our cats
Originally uploaded by dharmabum23
My wife and I have a problem. We're moving to England next month, and our two wonderful kitties can't join us in until the beginning of January. We thought we'd arranged everything, but then our one cat failed to develop enough rabies antibodies 6 months prior to our departure, and we had to inoculate and test her all over again (the Brits are very strict about this!), and our four potential caretakers all fell through for various reasons. If we can't find a good temporary home for our cats, we don't know what we'll do!

They are seriously some of the best cats imaginable, and I'm not just saying that because I'm totally, hopelessly biased. We are looking for a loving, temporary, and totally INDOOR-only home for them. (They've never lived outdoors, so they would have NO survival skills. They'd die immediately, trust me.) If we could find somebody who really checks out (good vibes, good recommendations, good environment for the cats), we would be willing to pay $150 per month in compensation for their care, in addition to covering all food, litter, veterinary bills, etc. (Also we would cover a pet deposit if you needed to pay one in your apt building/house/whatever.)

We'd been hoping to board the cats with someone we knew, but evidently that isn't oing to work out. We'll want to carefully screen any potential caretakers, because we dont feel comfortable leaving our critters with just anybody. But if you are interested or know anyone else you think would be an awesome candidate, please let me know ASAP. Email me at nkoren@gmail.com or just comment here.

Thank you for any and all help you can give!
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