July 15th, 2007


Does anyone know the deal about FyreJam? My wife wants to go. All we know is it's held under the Morrison Bridge from ten to midnight, and it's supposedly tonight. Before prowling around downtown after ten, I'd like to know what we're looking for. Thanks
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dirty restaurants

Given the massive condemnation of OTH by so many fellow dpers... And the mention of a rat-sighting yesterday... Oh, AND the fact that I saw "Ratatouille" last week:

What restaurants should one avoid, strictly on the matter of hygiene/rats/loose floor turds in the Portland area?

Jobs - Call Centerish

Anybody have some leads on call center jobs in Portland? If memory serves right, there was a call center place downtown that was nearly always hiring.

I have lots of phone experience. My most recent experience is in medical insurance billing, but I doubt I'll find work in my field, so it's back to the basics!

Hey if anyone knows of a Plaid Pantry location that is hiring, or any other sort of menial jobs, let me know!
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(no subject)

Anyone get pics from Sand in the City in Pioneer Square? Is it worth going in now (bus-hopping I'd get there in about an hour) or are the sculptures being taken down already?
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Kitty problems!

I need to find a very nice girl kitty a no-kill shelter A.S.A.P. I know you guys know of some, but the entries are pretty far back...

She's was abandoned in Seattle at Fisherman's Terminal, which is no place for a pretty little girl like her. She's super thin and was very dehydrated. I couldn't just leave her up there where there are a lot of dogs and crazy old fisherman, not to mention lots of construction and other non-feline-friendly goings-on. She ran up to me when I go to the dock and hasn't left my side since. I would love to keep her, but I've got two cats already, and she hasn't been a happy camper since she got here. They love her, but that feeling isn't so mutual. So I turn to you, DamnPortlanders, to guide me to someplace that will suit her needs better than my already chaotic home. I've been calling her Stella, which I figure is the feminine form of "Seattle". She's very affectionate. In our three days up there together, she only pottied in the makeshift litter box I made for her. The only thing she clawed was me, but that was the happy/purry/sleepy kitty type of kneading. She's vocal and is a perfect lady. I'm gonna miss her, but I think it's for the best. Thanks in advance!

And here's a picture of her (plus part of my foot and pant leg):
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PDX Souvenirs

I'm going to see pals in the Midwest in a week and want to find happy fun inexpensive PDX trinkets/gifts to bestow. I'd love to take beer and vino but i know it won't survive the plane trip.

Specifically, I need stuff for small kids - (5 yr old boys, 3 yr old girls)
I was thinking Tshirts

Any place to get like goofy snow globes and the like for cheapish?

(no subject)

I live in California but am visiting Portland in august with my family. I was wondering if there's any teens in this community (16ish-19ish) since it sure would be nice to make some friends. Who can tell me where I should hang out to take a break from my family? So yeah, i need the teen hot spots, since I'm 17.. not 18. :)

How many DP "celebrities" are there? Who are they?

Being some what of a 'newbie' I figured I'd find out who all of the celebrities I hear about now and then are...

This is a blind poll... results of the poll will be posted after the "tally". *smile*

Poll #1022165 How many DP "celebrities are there? Who are they?

Name all the DP "celebrities" you can think of...

ran out of space.... list the rest here...

Do you consider your self a DP "celebrity" ?

yes, and so does every body else.
what's a celebrity?

Mean while... I am curious to hear the past stories of why the famous DPer's are famous. What's the DP history I've been missing? =)
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Queer Boots

I have a couple of questions for everyone....

(1) What's the best place to find a pair of black, steel-toe boots, 10 or 14 hole? Besides the Doc Marten store. Good prices and in town preferable. :)

(2) What are some good queer hang-outs in Portland... clubs, coffee house, parts of town, etc. for my 18-year old sister?