July 14th, 2007

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Early-morning flights, yay.

I am flying to Detroit in two weeks, and my flight leaves at 5.20 am. I don't have a car, and I'm not too keen on the idea of taking the last MAX in to the airport Friday night and hanging around for six hours if I can avoid it. Are there any cabs or airport shuttles that would be able to pick me up at, say, 3am and take me from Beaverton to the airport for a reasonable price?
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I've checked with the Portland parks and rec website, and it says that in public parks barbeques are allowed. But does this apply only to designated picnic sites? Or can I bring a bbq to any ol' park?
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Need a job?

Don't know if this helps anyone but here goes........

3 Monkeys has a full time position available and is interviewing all this weekend.
If you or someone you know has a flair for fashion, loves people, and has experience in retail then send them along with their resume anytime between 11am and 6pm to:

3 Monkeys, 811 nw 23rd Ave (between Johnson and Kearney). Ask for Chris or Thom. No calls please.

We offer generous discounts, a hideously fun environment, paid vacation and sick pay.

Applicants MUST have minimum two years retail experience, be willing to work flexible hours and demonstrate a high level of aesthetics and professionalism without drama :) Position is long term full time, so students returning to school in the fall need not apply.

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So far, my luck with dentists in Portland has not been good. Can anyone recommend a good dentist, preferably in inner SE or downtown, who has reasonable prices rather than rip-off Pearl district prices??? Thank you! Merci! Danke!

Cars in a residential area

My fantastic neighbor has taken to collecting cars. In the past 3 months she has acquired 3 new cars in addition to her original Nissan that she's had forever.  One is her daughters truck that sits parked because said daughter works in another another part of the country. She uses this as a home base but rarely drives, another is a car that she picked up a month ago and then most recently a truck that just appeared that I didn't think was hers until she was blabbing about it on  the phone outside my open window. I don't think I would mind so much but she never drives, she takes the bus or rides her bike to work most days.

Another problem is her lack of courtesy when parking. Her daughters vehicle is parked about 5 feet from the end of  curb making it impossible to park in front of it, the second truck is parked about 5 feet behind that. Between the two of them it's an additional parking spot. The other two are parked along the street in different area's but still on our block. We live in a nine plex that has a parking lot for the 4 apartments on the east side of the building but the other 5 apartments have to park on the street, 4 of the 5 have vehicles .With the kids that live next door that have 5 people  and 5 cars. They have enough room to park two cars in the driveway and the other 3 live on the street. It's a little cramped.

We live next door to the Sellwood New Seasons and often have customers or employees parking on the street during the day. My boyfriend and I both drive and he has a motorcycle- to alleviate the parking problem we will park together and put the motorcycle between the cars as tightly as it will fit and it takes up the same amount of space that just 2 cars would.  I often leave work a little early to get home and secure a  spot and then move the motorcycle so that it's parked like a car to hold the space for our second car. We never had a problem until the recent influx of vehicles that my neighbor brought to the block. 

So Damn Portlanders, how do I handle the situation? This woman is already notorious for overstepping her boundaries and not wanting to follow rules. Nothing in her lease stipulates how many cars she can have but there must be something I can do.

Bike repair

I'd like to get into biking, but my bike needs some love. Which bike shops are the cheapest/best at repair? I'm not a student at PSU anymore, so the PSU bike-coop isn't for me. I also think River City Bikes' repair prices are a bit on the high side for what you get. I already know about City Bikes, and was thinking of using them, but I'm open to other shops anywhere downtown or close in SE.

My bike has been sitting under the eves at my parents' house for about five years. The frame is good, the tires are good, but the brakes need looked at. It doesn't shift properly; the dial says it's in first gear, but the chain keeps slipping. I also want commuter tires put on. So what kind of repair package should I be looking for?

Continuation on housing

As I figured, my housing luck just isn't there. I found a decent sized 3 bedroom off of Burnside and NE 142nd for $825. The MAX line is literally steps away which would be great for my roommate who is on foot all the time. My third roommate is being the picky one (for some unknown reason). Hence, why I asked such a silly question which I pretty much already knew the answer to. But now I at least have some evidence when I tell him that that's the best we're going to get.

Thanks for the input, nonetheless.

Bahn mi alert!!

Since I love y'all I'm going to share my secret neighborhood bahn mi shop with you. Maxim bakery. It's between NE 68th and 69th on Broadway. Head north down 67th off Halsey and take a right at Broadway. Proceed down the road past Pacific Market (huge Asian grocery) and you'll see a row of low shops on your right in the next block. Maxim Bakery is in there. Go in and order a "large" (only $2.50 instead of $2.00) pork meatball bahn mi. Make sure to tell them "hot" so they include thin slices of jalapeno. You be rewarded with one of the best bahn mi sandwiches this town has to offer. I've eaten here for several years and had bahn mi all over town, and this is by far my fave. They also have many interesting take-out dishes to try if you're adventurous.

For those not familiar with bahn mi, they're Vietnamese sandwiches on small loaves of fresh French bread. They cut open the bread, apply some sauces (one is actually a pate), then fill it with meat of your choice (or not) and carrots, daikon, cilantro, and jalapeno. So goooood!

Bon appetit!

Usual disclaimer: I don't know them or work for them. I just love food.
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i was in a car last night downtown and i saw a wild rat running about in the road all happy. i dont see this very often at all. its been a couple years since the last time. and im wondering how often do you guys see these little furry friends?
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My boyfriend and I made a horrible mistake.

We found a place that we wanted to live, they didn't have the apartment available, but they had one that was smaller. They told us that we couldn't see it because there were tenants in it. So we took a chance (which WE KNOW WAS STUPID) and signed a lease. We were under the impression that when a bigger apartment was available we could move into that, well our "leasing agent" told us that it wasn't possible and we would have to wait out our 6 month lease.

Well, we finally saw our apartment today and well I have no words to explain how disappointed we are.

We want to get out of our contract. We signed the lease today. My mom says that there is a period of 72 hours in which we could opt out of the contract... I want to know if this is true.

They also made us sign a few "odd" papers: one about mold and humidity and how we are responsible for keeping mold from not growing, the temperature in the apartment has to stay between 50-70 degrees F.  They acknowledged that there is asbestos in the ceiling, but it has been contained or something like that.

There were stains on the carpet.

We didn't receive any copies of any of the papers we signed. We don't even have a copy of our lease... I don't know if we can actually do anything about this, but we want to try.

What gets me the most is that they weren't able to even suggest that we come back at a later time to view the apartment. I know that they have the right to give a tenant 24 hours notice if they were to view the property. 

So, does anyone have any information or has anyone been in this situation? We fully acknowledge the fact that we are complete idiots, but there seems to be something dodgy going on...

Thanks in advance.

PSU Immunizations

So, I've applied, and besides transferring my transcripts I have to get a shot for Measles. I have Health Insurance that does pretty much nothing for me so, my question is, where is the best place to get my Measles Immunization for cheap and/or free?
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Hearing test

Where is an inexpensive place to get my hearing tested within the next month? Preferably downtown or close-in. The PSU health center doesn't do hearing tests and had no idea where to refer me.

Many thanks.
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mmmm household advice?

Soo. I bought a lovely blanket from Urban Outfitters, and I love it dearly, don't get me wrong.

But, you see, they sent it to me with a GIANT CARDBOARD STICKER on it.


I've tried heating it with my hairdryer, but so far all that's doing is making me hot and bothered--and teh cardboard keeps tearing, so instead of a perfectly square cardboard sticker on the blanket, now it's all raggedy and zebra looking, which is kind of cool, but clashes a bit with my red poppy flowers.

Any advice on how to get this damned sticker off?
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Poll #1021608 Learning to drive

Should there be a limit on vehicle weight for those driving with a learn's permit that is more stringent than the restrictions on a class C driver's license?


This never occurred to me until I was almost creamed by some teenie bopper in a Suburban today. Considering that SUVs that size are basically manslaughter machines on wheels, it seems like perhaps such inexperienced drivers shouldn't be operating them.

[edit] The age distribution of the replies is not particularly surprising.
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what do gene wilder and that lady mouth to eachother in the cab when they meet at the beginning of Hanky Panky and are deciding on where to go? They dubbed it as "The Roosevelt," which is indeed where the cab drops her, but clearly their mouths are saying something else and I MUST KNOW! users of comcast digital cable can watch this movie for FREE.

thank you for your attention in this matter!
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Night Schools?

Does anyone know of any good night schools in the area?

My old high school, Marshall, provides night school, but they'll only take me until I'm twenty, and I only have seven credits to my name, so it'll take me a little bit longer than the year and a few months I have to graduate before I turn twenty.

Or alternative schools that will take simple high school dropouts. I don't have a drug or alcohol problem, I've never been arrested or even in trouble with the police, I'm not a bad kid. I just want my high school diploma and I don't want to have to pay 200 bucks a month to go to a community college to get it.


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