July 13th, 2007

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Part-time bus operator job openings at TriMet

TriMet needs to hire up to 300 bus operators in the next two years due to retirements and those moving on to become light rail operators.  We're looking for people with customer service skills to become the face of TriMet for the hundreds of thousands of riders who use our service.  We train people of all shapes and sizes (short height is not a detriment) to become bus operators during an intensive 6-week full-time course.

Most transit agencies like TriMet only hire full-time operators from their current pool of part-time operators.  Because of our huge need in the next two years, part-time drivers can expect to have the opportunity to move into full-time within a year.  Part-time operators get full medical, dental, and vision coverage after 30 days of employment (as well as a free transit pass).  And the pay is great too (effective June 2007 for part-time operators):

Training pay
$ 9.00 – first five weeks
1st 6 months
7th-10th month          
11th-14th month
15th-18th month
19th - 22nd month
23rd - 26th month
27th - 30th month
31st - 34th month
35th month
$22.81 - Top Rate

To learn more about applying, visit www.trimet.org/jobs or call 503-962-7640.

There will also be two hiring fairs coming up where you can talk to current bus operators and learn more about the job:

  • Saturday, July 21, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Hillsboro Civic Center (north entrance).
  • Thursday, July 26, 3 to 6 p.m. at the Rose Quarter Transit Center (facing southeast side of the arena).

Click here to plan a trip to those events.

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Free Stuff

When I leave the apartment (about 10 minutes from now) I will be putting two small laundry tubs of free stuff on the curb near the entrance to my apartment complex. There are random things (flashcards, candles, shirts, stuffed animals, etc). I thought I would post on here incase people are in the neighborhood and want to check it out. please please please don't make a mess. I am already unsure about how the apartment manager would feel about this if she saw me doing it. Please don't ruin it by making a mess :O)

I live at 4153 se 39th ave
the name of the apartment complex is Hudson Court

I also have a bazillion hardback books in my trunk (moms neighbor gave them to her) so if you are interested in coming by to check those out let me know. I may take them to powells but I may be lazy and give them away.



barflymag.com now has profiles you can set up so you can be all fancy, or something.

It's almost like MySpace, only no 12 year olds in bikinis (the only downside, I know) & a local friends list.

I'm on there, with a mis-spelled screen name & everything. Come be my drinking buddy.
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Coke Zero Radio Ad

Has anyone else heard that radio ad for Coke Zero? A waitress asks a customer what he would like to drink and he asks for a Coke Zero. They don’t have Coke Zero. She asks if Pepsi is okay. He then proceeds to turn into a self-righteous, condescending prick.

It’s the kind of ad that puts me in a bad mood and makes me never want to buy Coke Zero or even want to know anyone who drinks Coke Zero.

passport photos?

Does anyone know where in NE I could get a passport photo taken? I live near the corner of NE 15th & Ainsworth, so somewhere in this vicinity would be ideal, but I can bike to just about anywhere, if need be.

Also, I think there's a place downtown on NW Broadway that may do passport photos. I went there four years ago to have fingerprints taken for a childcare job, but I have no idea what the name of the place is, so that I can double check to see if they do take passport photos. Or even still exist?

What color are YOUR thumbs?

I need some of the green stuff.

You know, plants.

I have a covered porch that needs a potted plant (either a tall pretty flower, or a tree that won't need to be replanted anytime in the next year or so). I also need a tree-ish plant for my sitting room, but the leaves have to be fairly far off the ground so kitty won't chew on them.

I went looking for nurseries here in Portland when I realized I have no idea what sort of plants I should get! My thumbs, they are not green.

So, any of you gardener types have recommendations? For the outside plant I want: something that can survive in the shade, although my porch does get some morning sunlight. I'd like it to either be fairly tall or have the potential to grow tall, but I'd like something colorful, too! A sunflower was my first thought but I don't think that can live in a flower pot for as long as I'd like. For the inside plant I just need something tall that won't need to be re-potted in the next year or so. Sometimes you have a room that just aches for a nice big plant!

Anyone have a suggestion for me and have a favorite nursery from which I might do the purchasing?


My partner and I just moved to the area within the past few weeks.  Her doctor back east is being wholly uncooperative and won't write a refill for the prescription that she's been taking for years.  Her prescription runs out on Tuesday.  Aside from the fact that doctors here don't accept the insurance she has (GHI), none of them seem to have openings sooner than a month away.

Does anyone have any advice on doctors who might be available on such short notice?
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Film project; "Fix Me"

Calling all gay couples!

I am currently on the hunt for homosexual households; be it families or couples. I am in the preliminary stages of a film/documentary project centered around homosexuality and programs aimed at unlearning/"fixing" homosexual behavior. Very Very Very preliminary stages, but I wanted to get some footage in Portland before my move to New York in late August. Please respond to this if you are interested or know anyone who may be.

- Andrew Egelhoff

Housing ?

I've only been here about 2 weeks and am currently looking for housing in Portland (I'm in Vancouver right now). Basically, I opted to not rent a house at this time so I'm looking for an apartment. I need a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom that has a patio or deck and is somewhat decent with a fair price (under $1000 preferably) and a 6 month or less lease. Anyway, my roommate relies completely on public transit so she needs to be nearby convenient areas. We're looking in the SE & NE areas. Any suggestions? The internet hasn't been too helpful surprisingly. We've found nice, affordable places but they are really far south or east, almost on the outskirts of Portland. Anything a little closer to everything?

Huge Yard Sale

Yard Sale FUNdraiser
Saturday 9-4, Sunday 10-2
Corner of Powell & 63rd (the purple house with the yellow picket fence)

Who are we?  Through a process of listening to each other, re-evaluation co-counselors help each other free ourselves from past distress experiences.
Through the sale, re-evaluation co-counselors in Portland are raising funds to help African-Heritage members of our community attend a workshop on the east coast for leadership development and community building.
Come to Shop or Drop Off Donations
Meet co-counselors and learn about the usefulness of shared listening time.  If you are interested we will also have a literature/information table about our community.

Hot?  I understand donated items already include a large air conditioner and a couple TIVOs.
If you'd like to donate but can't make it over, pickup may be possible.

Thanks and Stay Cool
Rain Forest

A good gutting

I really need someone to come strip all the living things out of my back yard (clover, weeds, what's left of the pathetic lawn... etc) Anyone know where I could hire a crew to rip it all out and haul it away (so I could then start working on making it pretty?)

Best route to Hillsboro?

Hi all,

Do any of you drive to 26 West for work from the east side? If so, is there a better route to take than MapQuest's crappy-ass version, which includes heading NORTH on I-5 to 405 to 26 etc, which seems like a terrible idea for rush hour? I tried it recently via the Ross Island bridge, but it cut through a lot of twists and turns that I imagine become nightmarish during the morning commute.

Any shortcuts? I live at Belmont & 27th for reference, and I'll be trying to get to Hillsboro by 8am every morning. =)

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