July 12th, 2007


A new pertinent community.

I had cause to visit Portland several years back,and was amazed at how civil a place I found it.

Since Iv'e found out a bit more about Measure 11,I think I know why.

From what I have read of this legislation,I can understand the argument for time matching the crime,what I can not understand is the fact the Judges in Oregon have been denied their rights of discretion.

In the UK,it's an inaniable right of judges to hand down sentances they see befitting the crime,as then they suggest to society the severity of a crime,or the need for compassion.

As really not all crimes are carried out for the same reason,some people kill just for the sake of it,some kill to avoid being killed,if you engage in the former then you deserve a stiff sentance,if you do the latter,well compassion for your situation at the time should hold sway a lot more if you found yourself in a potentially deadly sequence of events.

Much the same could be said of an individuals right to self-defense.

My father had a phrase he would drum into my sister and I:

"If you use your fists,what you have between your ears isn't good enough"

Thing is humans are still an animal and we act instinctively to threats,be against ourselves or loved ones.

Where the curiousness about self-defense being a legal standpoint from which to say violence was justified,is the level of violence.

To me it's just pure common sense,if smeone starts jostling you,you tell them to back off,politely or not...if on the other hand they start pushing you,or laying their hands on you then you either defensively push them away or you turn and walk,if it gets more physical then a degree of violence is necersary,a punch or a kick just to get them away,or to desist.

Now if you were to lay into them and beat several shades of tar out of them,then yes you have over-stepped from self-defense to grave offence.

Now lets imagine if you were a vulnerable individual with a dis-ability perhaps surely your safety could become more comprimised?,so there-fore your 'flight or fight'anttena would be working over-time,you would if the situation arose have to defend yourself harder and with more venom more to show your assailant that you aren't such a push-over.

Such a situation has arisen with a fellow Livejournaller.

One of whom really needs a lot of support right now,not just practical,ephemeral too.

So with this fact in mind I have decided to create a community,solely for this purpose.

All are free to join,all links to sources of help are sure to be welcomed,all members should treat the individual involved with some courtesy,as frankly kicking someone when down,is quite sickening,not to say disgracefull cowardice.

So please join.

I am sure he,his loved ones and family will appreciate the fact that people do care.

Terry Balfour.

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Nob Hill Sidewalk Sale

A lot of you may be interested but not know about this....
Do you like to rummage?
Love stuff on sale? Like local Portland breakfast cafes? Great Coffee? Live music playing in the streets?
Then you're in luck....!


More of an outdoor festival than just shopping, it's a great time to come down on the trolley, grab some breakfast and some Stumptown coffee, get your threads for cheap and your nik-naks for next-to nuthin'. 
(On a sad note,  Music Millennium NW is CLOSING IT"S DOORS FOR GOOD at the end of August, so it's also a good time to shop there while you still can.)

For all you who either haven't been to this historic part of town or are put off by the economic changes, this weekend is for you. There's still a bunch of  small businesses fighting to survive out there, but they need the support and love of local Portlanders (not just tourists) to cement their places in the pie charts. So grab the in-laws and the dog or just a good book and change from the couch cracks and come hang out in one of the oldest hang-outs in PDX!

I need a haircut STAT

Ok, so I'm getting the oil changed in my scooter today at noon, and I have a job interview at 3. Where can I get a haircut without an appointment today between those times? Price isn't really as big a deal as getting a haircut that has the potential to get me this job.

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(no subject)

Okay, so I inherited this laptop at work, and it's stuck on that setting where tapping the mousepad makes it click.

I HATE THIS. A LOT. And I can't figure out how to turn it off. It uses Vista, which is confusing the crap out of me. Can anybody help me? Anyyyyyyyyyyybody?

EDIT: NM FIXED HOORAY! Installed a Synaptics driver and took it the fuck off!
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Karaoke Place Recommendation?

My friend wants to celebrate her birthday on Tuesday by belting out songs to complete strangers. (I'll be the one in the corner drinking my liquid courage.) Besides the smoky Alibi, our fallback, do you Damn Portlanders have any suggestions? Bonus if it's not a smoky sports pub or sleaze bar. Double bonus if it's kinda weird and different. She seems to like that type of thing.



Most earthquake-resistant city

Between Portland and Vancouver...

Which city would be the best place to live in, both during and after a large-scale destructive earthquake?

As in which city has...
-the better response plan
-larger geographical fault lines
-closer access to water supplies
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How to spot a DPer?

Don't ask me I don't know. I haven't been to a meet- up yet due to complete lameness on my part. But I want to know what you guys look like so post a picture of yourself so if I see you on the street I can say hi! And just to make it fun, say something interesting or uninteresting about yourself.

(I'm the girl)

HI! I'm Amanda! I like Vanilla Ice Cream, Taco Bell, and anything smothered in cheese.
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Random question:

A friend of mine got me a bottle wine, Francis Coppola's 2005 Bianco Pinot Grigio, because the woman on the label looks like a 1940s movie starlette version of me. But we don't know who it is and I can't find anything on Google and have no clue where else to check. I couldn't even find an image to post here so that maybe you could easily ID her for me straight up. So I'm hoping there are some bored people out there who want some volunteer sleuthing work. She got it at World Market if that helps at all and my hunch is that since it's "Francis Coppola" and definitely looks like a screen shot that it probably is some kind of movie star or actress. I kind of think she looks a bit like Judy Garland.

Aaaaaaaand.......do the hokey pokey!

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Mississippi Avenue Street Fair this Saturday (from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.)--I am looking forward to visiting this with a fellow damnportlander!

2. Enjoying the great drive to the countryside with a new damnportlander friend last weekend (the Oregon Lavender Festival was fun)!

3. Meeting a fellow damnportlander (meisterdorf) at the Night Ride last weekend. Yay!
4. Portland International Beerfest in the North Park Blocks (in the Pearl District) this weekend! I don't know if I will be able to make it to this, but it is nice having this option.

5. Gem Faire at the Oregon Convention Center this weekend. This event is very timely. I plan on perusing this over the weekend.

6. A free showing of the 1980s film classic, Valley Girl, at Pix Patisserie (on North Williams) next Monday evening. I am very curious about exploring this.

7. Working in an air-conditioned office in downtown.

8. Feeling the warm breeze in my face while bicycling in this toasty weather. Bonus for warm winds last night!

9. Yoshida's Sand In The City event at the Pioneer Courthouse Square this weekend!
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Tuesdays, at the Shed...

Every Tuesday we barbecue, and Tuesday the 17th is no exception!

We also watch movies on the side of the building - I believe we'll be watch "good" films this Tuesday (bad 80's era has been kiboshed by the film critics) -


Sometimes there's lots of food, sometimes none. Make it happen!


5040 SE Milwaukie
Portland, OR 97202

Concert pre-sale love

Since neither of these shows are coming to Portland, I thought I'd share some pre-sale ticket information for them if anyone desires to go. Both are pre-sale available now, on sale to the general public this Saturday. I shall see you there representin' the 503/971.

The Cure
Monday, October 8
Key Arena, Seattle
$39-$59 (before fees)
presale password: mountain (radio promo option)
click here for ticket sales


The Pogues
Wednesday, October 17
The Fenix, Seattle
$50-$60 (before fees)
advance tickets click here

Dear Portlanders

We all have had our brains and eyes smooshed with how awesome Portland is time and time again. Everyone orgasm's over this city, humps it's legs, and point's fingers at other places about how shitty they are in comparison. But what truly do you think would make Portland a real player in the urban sense. I still get a elementary urban school feel here, and I personally think if Portland had more 24 hour establishments(eats, cafe's, bookstores) it'd be a bumpin' place. What do you think would make Portland even more awesome than it already is?

Avoid I-5 North!

If for any reason you were planning on driving up I-5 North in the next few hours, DON'T! There is a major accident at about the 405 junction, and traffic is parked as far South as I could see. I was headed southbound and got off on the OMSI exit, and it seemed to be stopped far, far, south beyond that point on the northbound side.
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Temp room available for a cute guy and his cute cat?

My poor friend is getting dicked over big-time by Capital Management right now. Collapse )

Short story: he will be moving in with a roommate at the end of September, just needs a room for ~a month for him and his incredibly adorable, friendly cat Fry. My friend is 31, has steady employment, is very clean, keeps to himself mostly, and is very laid back and easy to get along with. 420 friendly. Fry is about 1.5, totally house trained (no peeing/scratching), and very lovable. Anyone have any ideas?

Also, has anyone else had negative experiences with this management company?


People usually say that if you really want to do something, and its good for you, go ahead and sacrifice the money. But, I'm sort of in some financial stress right now (aren't we all?) and could really go for some good ol' fashioned yoga classes. I've been doing some research and have found that a lot of places aren't within my weekly budget. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any free or sliding scale classes (under $10 per class) in the Portland area?

Bored, how bout coffee?

So I am usually incredibly bored during the week since my boyfriend is at work...and I am also usually very shy and don't get out much. So I have decided tonight I do not want to be bored and shy. Anyone in the Hillsboro area want to meet me at the 24-hour Starbucks in Tanasbourne? The one on Evergreen parkway that connects with Barnes and Noble? Comment or email stephani.diamond@gmail.com if you're interested and I shall rush on over to Starbucks and meet ya. I'll even buy you a cup of coffee. =) I know Starbucks sucks a lot but most other coffee places are closed or close soon and I'd like to be able to sit and chat and enjoy(or attempt to enjoy) some coffee. I smoke, so if that bugs you too bad! Just kidding, I do smoke but will refrain from doing so around company who do not or don't like to be around it.
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I'm having a hard time (even via Google Scholar) finding access to full text of scholarly articles for free...my research topics are dissociative fugue and dissociative identity disorder, insomnia, amnesia, and all other related topics (as I can relate it to fight club). I don't have access to the normal journal databases college SHOULD afford.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I might search next? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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(no subject)

Going off lokidecat's thinger a while back...

What is your happy song? Not happy as in WOOOO WE'S ALL GETTIN' DRUNK, but like the happy song you listen to when you're sad.

Mine are You Are My Sunshine and Blind Melon's No Rain.
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stress relief

If you were creating a stress-relief toolbox, what would you put in it??

I'm creating one to use as an example for my students who will be making them as well, so mine is rated PG. Here is what I have:

- a citrus scented candle with the wick removed (for smelling!)
-a book of word finds
- a book of short stories (of the chicken soup for the soul variety)
-a small notebook and pen
- a cd player and 2 CDs, one with popular music I like to listen to and one with relaxation music
- a crochet hook and yarn
- a piece of chocolate
- pictures of loved ones
- 2 post cards of beautiful scenery, one from Hawaii and one from Alaska
- a paper with instructions for different stretches and massages for different pressure points
- a list of all the people I have in my life to turn to if I need help (this is more of a reminder for the students, I know who to turn to, and don't need it, but you seriously would be surprised how nice it is to see a nice long list)