July 11th, 2007

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pepper spray?

Where's a good place to get pepper spray? I want to get some for my girlfriend who seems to attract wierdos on the bus like a moth to flame. I know that the Foxhole would probably have it, but last I heard they were in Vancouver and its not listed in any of the yellow pages.

Bonus for suggesting a place in SE.

Sunscreen of hardcore-ness.

So my poor Irish friend is being burnt by our Oregon sun, and not even her SPF 50 is preventing it. So far after looking at two large stores for anything more powerful, we have FAILED.

So DP-ers, where does one find something more hardcore than SPF 50? I know there is more hardcore stuff out there, but I just have no idea where to look for it. And pretty soon, this poor Irish girl is going to turn into a tater tot! And that's just no good! She'll be like a lobster!

SPF 70+ is sort of what we're looking for. Any leads for the pale skinned?
Rockin Baby
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Ok, not snow but it is a flying lawnchair. Oh and please tell me if this was posted already though Google blog search did not find anything in DP.

Begin snow...

BEND, Oregon (AP) -- Last weekend, Kent Couch settled down in his lawn chair with some snacks -- and a parachute. Attached to his lawn chair were 105 large helium balloons.

Destination: Idaho.

Balloons suspend Kent Couch in a lawn chair as he floats in the skies near Bend, Oregon, on Saturday.

With instruments to measure his altitude and speed, a global positioning system device in his pocket, and about four plastic bags holding five gallons of water each to act as ballast -- he could turn a spigot, release water and rise -- Couch headed into the Oregon sky.

Nearly nine hours later, the 47-year-old gas station owner came back to earth in a farmer's field near Union, short of Idaho but about 193 miles from home.

"When you're a little kid and you're holding a helium balloon, it has to cross your mind," Couch told the Bend Bulletin. Watch Couch make the shot of the day »

"When you're laying in the grass on a summer day, and you see the clouds, you wish you could jump on them," he said. "This is as close as you can come to jumping on them. It's just like that."

Couch is the latest American to emulate Larry Walters -- who in 1982 rose three miles above Los Angeles in a lawn chair lifted by balloons. Walters had surprised an airline pilot, who radioed the control tower that he had just passed a guy in a lawn chair. Walters paid a $1,500 penalty for violating air traffic rules.

It was Couch's second flight.

In September, he got off the ground for six hours. Like Walters, he used a BB gun to pop the balloons, but he went into a rapid descent and eventually parachuted to safety.

This time, he was better prepared. The balloons had a new configuration, so it was easier to reach up and release a bit of helium instead of simply cutting off a balloon.

He took off at 6:06 a.m. Saturday after kissing his wife, Susan, goodbye and petting his Chihuahua, Isabella. As he made about 25 miles an hour, a three-car caravan filled with friends, family and the dog followed him from below.

Couch said he could hear cattle and children and even passed through clouds.

"It was beautiful -- beautiful," he told KTVZ-TV. He described the flight as mostly peaceful and serene, with occasional turbulence, like a hot-air balloon ride sitting down.

Couch decided to stop when he was down to a gallon of water and just eight pounds of ballast. Concerned about the rugged terrain outside La Grande, including Hells Canyon, he decided it was time to land.

He popped enough balloons to set the craft down, although he suffered rope burns. But after he jumped out, the wind grabbed his chair, with his video recorder, and the remaining balloons and swept them away. He's hoping to get them back some day.

Brandon Wilcox, owner of Professional Air, which charters and maintains planes at the Bend airport, said Couch definitely did it. Wilcox said he flew a plane nearby while Couch traveled and took photos of the flying lawn chair.

Whether Couch will take a third trip is up to his wife, and Susan Couch said she's thinking about saying no. But she said she was willing to go along with last weekend's trip.

"I know he'd be thinking about it more and more, it would always be on his mind," she said. "This way, at least he's fulfilled his dream."
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Doctor Who's Glee

The Princess Bride at Kennedy School

I have this funny idea that the Kennedy School has a wonderful tradition in which they show their beat up old copy of the Princess Bride one weekend a year... I've been to it a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to sit in the dark, cool auditorium/theatre telling the six fingered man that 'My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.'

I remembered this event yesterday as I was sweating profusely on my drive home, telling the guy in the Audi in front of me 'My name is Inigo Montoya, you cut me off, prepare to die.' So this morning I went looking for it on the McMenamin's site and found nothing. Does anyone know if they've done it for the year already? Or, if you happen to work for McMenamin's or know some other way, are they going to show it this summer?

pickles, offices, constitutions

1. After eating two jars of Nalley pickles (over time) I've decided they are too nasty for me to purchase again. I really like Klaussen because the texture is good. (I think the flavor is a tad bland but good for tasting fresh.) So I'm asking other pickle fans, what brand do you buy? Or is there a deli around that makes their own? I reckon I could make a pickle trip once a week or so. Anyway, I'm open to pickle suggestions and appreciate your info.

Pickle ps: I don't really have the space to make my own, though I suppose I'd be open to barter.

2. I used google to no avail to find a virtual office suite in Salem. Do you know whether such a beast exists? I just need to be able to use the office for a few hours once in a while when I have to be in Salem. I already have a permanent location in SE Portland.

3. What do you think the US Constitution would look like if it was written according to how present laws are worded and government is actually managed? Do you think the original words and intent would stack up to real life?

Does my question make sense? I'm trying to ask, "If you had to go from the way things are to write the document, how do you think the final product would compare to the original US Constitution?"

Internet/telephone ?'s

Hi DP,

  I'm looking to set up internet & telephone service (not cellular - an actual land line) I'd like he land line to have unlimited long distance and I DO NOT want cable included. 

Suggestions? Raves? People to stay away from? Horror stories?

Right now I have a land line with Verizon but I've never had internet before.  I've been told that dial-up is not an option...  I know someone posted a similar post earlier but I think she was looking for cable to be included.


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Push Button For POPSICLES

Ground Kontrol

What is this place's ACTUAL hours of operation?

You know, not the ones posted on their door/website, but the times this place is actually open.

Because it's never, ever open when I go there during posted business hours.



I know everyone here is smart enough to realize that propping your fridge door open will -NOT- cool off your apartment.

But here's a tip:

The reverse, i.e., turning on your oven and opening up the oven door in order to cool your place off, DOES NOT WORK EITHER.

I know, right? Crazy! Last night I tried setting my oven to BROIL, but no go, even after several hours. Stupid science.

Anyway, just FYI.
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Favorite foods?

So, I'm feeling rather unimaginative when it comes to dinnertime fare lately and am wondering..

what do you guys cook for dinner when you just don't have it in you to cook something that doesn't take 5 hours to prepare?  I'm in need of some ideas that don't involve a can of pasta sauce and every shape of pasta imaginable.
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Downtown MAX Service Interruption July 27-29

Early warning, folks.

Downtown MAX Service Interruption
July 27-29

MAX service in downtown Portland will be interrupted from 7 p.m., Friday, July 27, through end of service Sunday, July 29. This closure is to install crossing tracks for the new I-205/Portland Mall MAX Light Rail Project. Regular service will resume Monday, July 30.

These stations will be closed:

  • Pioneer Square South
  • Pioneer Square North
  • Mall/SW 4th Ave
  • Mall/SW 5th Ave
  • Yamhill District
Collapse )

Nature please?

alrighty I am sorta new to portland -so my question is this how can I get somewhere woodsy/nature like from downtown using only public transportation without walking a gazillion miles? bonus if it has a lake/stream/creek/big puddle 'cause it's damn hot!
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"The force is strong with this one!"

Have you ever noticed a build up of MAX tickets?,ever wondered what in tarnation could I do with all these tickets?,well think no more,you could build yourself a massive fleet of Star Wars X-Wing fighters and take on the Empires best.

This link,takes you to some instructions it's in French as he uses Paris Metro tickets,so to facilitate a truer understanding across nations this link is a translation site...and it doesn't involve sticking a fish in your ear!

Enjoy and above all:

"May the force be with you!"


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(no subject)

Anyone know where I can buy some mead in Portland? I heard someone mention it and realized that I've never actually had any. I must have some! But where, oh where, can I find it?

I tried the search function, but it didn't even find THIS post.

couple questions for dp!

so this is "national news" and the following has been removed from the internet so the oh so reliable news tells me.... so as you watch it keep that in mind!

*warning due to vulgarity this may not be suitable for certain environments*
Mother gives Ecstasy to child

so here are the questions....

1) Is this real or a hoax? (the teens after getting busted for this said they made it up....)
2) Do you think this should have been removed from the internet? (not like it was but they tried)
3) Do you think this is worthy of being national news?
4) Do you think the fbi has nothing better to do than investigate this?

Financial Planner?

Can anyone recommend a good financial planner in the Vancouver/PDX area? Basically, I need to sit down with someone and make sure that a nursing home doesn't gobble up all of my dads estate in case I need to move him to another facility later or something like that. I have heard horror stories about them taking everything from people, and I'm clueless as to how to help him in this regard.

Secondly, if anyone has had personal experience with any of the Memory Care facilities in the Vancouver area, please let me know who is worth checking out.

Thanks in advance!

Camping areas...

We want to leave friday morning, stay friday night and come back sat afternoon...

where is our best bet to go? will have 5 kids and 3 adults so want somewhere we dont have to hike to get to and water to play in would be nice..