July 8th, 2007


Food Tattoos

I was watching the episode of No Reservations where Tony Bourdain visits Portland. He met up with some people at Apizza Scholls and they all showed off their food related tattoos.

I don't often see food related tattoos, so they are quite interesting to me.

So, if you have one or know someone who does, please tell me about it.
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since I'm so sick of goth clubs it's gonna make my ears bleed - does anyone know of any good Rave sites or venues for the Portland area?  Or punk venues that throw the occasional free party?

Or do any rave folks know of some good parties?  There's gotta be more to this city than the PIG scene.
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Oh wise damnportlanders who know everything. I am trying to seduce a Russian exchange student, of the "neformal"-punk variety, and my familiarity with the corresponding Portland scene is insufficient.

Does anyone know of any evening gathering that is not a party at a club downtown?

A drumming circle, an open microphone, maybe a dance in the forest at the Tryon community, etc?


Just joined this community...and not too familiar with LJ communities in general.

Anyway, I just moved here from Arizona. In all honesty I'm temporarily staying in Vancouver...which is incredibly boring thus far. I have ended up in Portland most days just looking for something to do outside of my grandmother's house. In a few weeks I'll be looking for a place in Portland (once I find a job and all that). My best friend is here with me and we desperately need to get out of this house more. We've already signed up for the online Blockbuster program so we can get movies at all times...which I know is the sign telling me to stop being a slug and socialize.

About me:
-I'm turning 20 in August. I'm female. My name is Katie.
-I'm an on again, off again student (hoping to be on again in Sept.)
-I really like going to movies
-I haven't been to a concert in a long time but would like to start going again
-I prefer to only be around people who are funny and can laugh at themselves
-I am victim to random bouts of silliness
-I enjoy good, long conversations
-I am extremely honest and believe it's the best policy
-I have two cats...and they are a little like my children.

So...my point here I suppose to begin some correspondence, maybe hear about some cool places around town since I am alien to everything right now.


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Open call for margarita recipes!

This is important! I need your best margarita recipe. Repeat: YOUR recipe. One you've tried. Better yet, one that your grandmother perfected back in the old country.

Blended is okay, non-blended is better. Recipes that guarantee that at least one person at the party will flap their wings and try to fly off the picnic table will get preference.


Tanning salons?

I have some pretty drastic/silly tan lines that I'd like to even out (thanks to prolonged sun exposure at Sasquatch Music Festival this year), so I'm searching for a good/reputable tanning salon. Yes, I know it's summer and I could just lay outside, but I'm in class during the "prime" hours and don't really have the lounging time/place anyway.

Please share any recommendations! I live close-in on East Burnside, so places in NE or SE are best, though I'd venture farther for good service/prices/cleanliness/etc.

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wok & green tea latte

1. where oh where in portland can i get a pre-seasoned carbon steel wok? and by pre-seasoned, i do not mean non-stick. i've tried fu-bonn already to no avail. and i know i can season one myself. i have, in fact, done this. nevertheless, i'm looking for one that is already seasoned. do they even sell them this way? i know they sell cast-iron cookware pre-seasoned at least.

2. where can i get an iced matcha green tea latte (meaning am iced, but not slushy/thick, matcha tea with milk added)? i know i've had one somewhere in portland, but i don't remember where. anyone? bueller?
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what in the world?

Like a dumbass, I knocked over my computer the other day. It's a G4 that I got in like 99, so it's been though a lot of moves but is super stable. Or was. Now when I reboot the screen starts out in color for a split second and then swiches to black & white (negative actually). Everything else seems to be functioning fine. But wtf?

Does anyone know of a way i can fix this in the preferences or by rebooting?  Or do I have to take it in to a computer repair place? Or is it just a lost cause?

A new computer would be great but it's not really in the budget right now. And I'm a graphic designer so I kinda need my colors to work. ;)

Thanks in advance for any help you may have!


YAYAYAY windfaerie saved the day with the magical command! It's totally working fine now. Thank you soOooooo much that just totally made my day. :)
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Know something about car stereos?

I've got a brand new way old car. It's a 1985 Honda Accord. As it's nearly as old as I am, it's got a few issues - the air conditioning doesn't work and neither does the stereo. Well, I'll live without the air conditioning, but I'm commuting to and from Salem and that's a bitch when the traffic sucks and there's no NPR.

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I guess my question to you is, should there be one extra wire just chillin'? 'cause that doesn't seem right. And if not, where could it possible go? There's no room on the stereo side of things.  If you can't help, but know someone who might help me install the thing without charging me an extra $100 (I saw almost the exact same system car toys tried to sell me at Auto Zone for $60), that's be good too.

It's almost that time again.

Don't forget, next weekend is the 6th annual Mississippi Avenue Street Fair. I didn't get to go last year, so I'm really looking forward to it this time around.

Here's a link with more information - http://web.mac.com/elisebartow/iWeb/Mississippi_Avenue_Street_Fair/Mississippi%20Avenue%20Street%20Fair.html

(I don't know any HTML, so I don't know how to just make that a clickable link that says "Mississippi Ave Street Fair" and goes to the site)

Portland Camping Areas

Does anyone know of any good places for a small (10 ish) group of people to go camping that's within an hour of Portland? Preferably closer as some of them work till evenings on Friday and want a quick drive...

Any information on your favorite places to camp would be wonderful!

Help please? Pet boarding.

At the end of August I'm going on vacation for two weeks and have to board a Lab and cat for the duration. Obviously I don't want them sitting in a cement box for the time I'm gone so I come to the almighty damnportlanders for advice - know of any good places? Anything above $25 a night is out of the question. :/ Thank you!
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