July 7th, 2007


Where Can a Girl Get Some Hot Pinball Action?

Can anyone confirm the location(s) of the following pinball machines anywhere in the greater Portland area? I've got a jones.

World Cup Soccer
Theatre of Magic
Attack from Mars

and the white whale... the Star Wars game (Data East version, from the early '90s)

My friend Google tells me of a place called Ground Kontrol on NW Couch, which I will most certainly be checking out, but their website only lists 1 of these. So, if you can tell me where any of the others are, I'd be quite indebted.

Thanks muchly!

*headdesk* The Parents are coming

Any recommendations for best high-end, excellent restaurant for snooty parents, along the lines of The Chart House? (to quote parents: "been there, done that" so you see my dilemma.)

Anywhere in Portland is great. Mother doesn't eat "spicy" things, so more traditional "American" fare is preferred.

Oh, and related: where can one score two weeks worth of Valium? Please?????  (j/k... sort of...)
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So I have Diesel Jacket, 210 bucks, with its price tags still on it. I never wore it because I realized it wasn't my style. Where should I take it to get some cash? Diesel won't take it back because it's been over a month.