July 6th, 2007

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help help i yelp for help!

i am in need of suggestions for something fun to do for a 17-year-old night owl and possibly friends in portland!

solo or group activities. i enjoy just about anything and i'm here for awhile.

thank you!

edit: preferably outside of the house?
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(no subject)

Any suggestions for fun Portland things to do with visiting family members? Most of them are over 21, so bar suggestions are totally welcome, since I tend to frequent the same 3 dive bars. So far our list includes riding the tram, seeing the Rembrandt exhibit, visiting Powells, taking a Shanghai Tunnel tour, Voodoo Donuts, walking around downtown.....I'm running out of ideas! Help! Before the crowd gets surly and ousts me from the family!
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OMG Like Woah

Fastest... sale.... ever.

I opened up shop 30 minutes early at 7:30am. It is now 9:15am and all but three paintings and a small table of craptastic gadgets and various sundries have been sold.

So if you were planning to come to my moving sale this weekend, sorry, shop's closed as of noon today.

Have a great weekend, week, month, and summer season folks! I'll see this lovely city again at Thanksgiving! Kisses!
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Want to get a small tattoo (the chemical symbol for THC) on my forearm.

Does anyone have recommendations for tattooists who do EXCELLENT text work?

I'm based in Gresham but can drive.

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friend seeking housemate

a friend of mine is searching for a roommate to share an apartment near Mississippi. It's 1/2 of a duplex, and includes a big kitchen and living room, an excellent bathroom with good water pressure in the shower, and a fat bedroom (for you) with oodles of closet space. Downsides include wall to wall carpet (unless you're into that sort of thing), no pets, and limited yard availability. Utilities are low, and so is the rent: you would pay $375. Contact me with questions, or if you're interested!
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live doll girls

hi folks! i'm hoping that some of you were out at first thursday last night. if so, you may have seen me & my friends dressed up as live dolls at the crude things gallery of 6th & davis. lots of folks were taking out pictures, which was great, we were expecting it, however, we didn't get very many of our own, as we were all busy being still. so what i'm wondering is, if you were there, and happened to get any shots of us, would you pretty please be willing to send them to me or post them here? i'd really love to have some of those images for my portfolio. thanks in advance!

Air Conditioner Installation?

I just bought a window air conditioner at Lowes. They will install it for $175, in a weeks time. I was wondering if there is someo cheaper out there in Portland that I could hire to install it? $175 just seems like too much and I don't think I can wait a week in my 110 degree apartment!

I looked on Craigslist, but there is nothing =(

(no subject)

Before I plow my way through the big list of doom, can you tell me where we should stay for four nights with two dogs who weigh about 38 lbs each? We liked the Washington Park Inn last time we were up there, but they have a 25 lb weight limit on dogs. Of course, the woofs we heard last time were from much bigger dogs, but it's best not to court misfortune by reserving and being refused when we got there.

Ideally, it would be near somewhere the dogs can run off leash a lot, we're basically coming up to visit friends and run around, nothing fancy, but we'll have to have the dogs with us all the time, so we want them tired.

I'll look at the list, but it can't give me your wise recommendations. And if you can give us a list of "fun things to do with dogs" besides go to Mt. Tabor, that's also a nice thing. :D

BBQ at the Division Bike Gallery!

Summer BBQ Weekend at the Division Bike Gallery, Sat-Sun July 14-15

10950 SE Division St, close to the I-205 path if by bike.

Summer cycling season is in full swing and so is the grilling season. We invite you to come have a bite and a drink on us at our renewed Division store. We'll be grilling' & chilling' both Saturday and Sunday from noon until 3pm.

On Saturday, you will also get a chance to chat with reps of Trek, Gary Fisher, and Kona, who will be showing off some of their newest and coolest bikes

Reasons to be here!

1. Free food – the grill’s open noon to 3pm

2. Bike reps –Kona, Trek, Fisher (on Sat)

3. Ride the I-205 bike path and detour to Division for grilled goodies.

4. Join the Div. Weekly group ride on Sunday and enjoy the grilled after the ride. Starts at 8:30 am at the Division BG.

5. The great crew at Div. Is worth meeting. Lots of great folks out there ready to serve up bikes and burgers.

6. Free food – cyclists love FREE food!

Hope to see you there. Much love from the Division crew! :)


First off, NBA online is showcasing certain games including three blazer games.  You should check it out.  I'm currently watching Durant with Seattle here:  Seattle/Dallas game

Also Blazer fans from the blazersedge blog site are getting together in Vegas on friday the 13th for a dinner and watching the blazers play that weekend.  Blazer fans welcome.

Lastly, if you want intelligent conversation on the blazers and can't get your fix in:  http://www.blazersedge.com/

Credit Union?

Do you have a favorite credit union? Why?

We've been banking with Wells Fargo, which hasn't been bad really. At least, I don't have anything bad to say about them. The husband however has his gripes (mostly his fault, but we wont go there..) But if banking through a credit union will be better financially in the long run (we're looking to buy a house next year.. ) then I'd rather make the switch now.

If you think it's a better idea to stay with WF instead of a CU, why?

Much thanks :)
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Rant - Oregonian

You know I'm getting tired of the Oregonian subscription sellers that come through my apartment complex every 2 weeks. Or I get stopped say going into or coming out of fred meyer. Or getting stopped somewhere using the bus or max.

Why would I pay for a newspaper that is an annoying format?
(I like the Mercury/WW format of opening more like a big book)

Why should I pay for a newspaper that has Ads in it, not only stuffed into it, but printed in it?
(If I wanted ads for local places I'd just go online, most major stores have their weekly specials printed online, thats if I even wanted to pay for the high mark-up of retail B&M stores)

They don't even offer the newspaper in pdf form (I might pay for that) and OregonLive isn't run by them.

Oregonian just seams to be getting more desperate and not adapting to times. The RIAA and Oregonian have something in common, they need to change their business model.

Lion Heart in Laurelhurst - Charitable Event next weekend!

Hey DP, I just thought I'd pass the word on about a great charity fund raiser event taking place in Portland next weekend. The Oregon Chapter of the Children's Heart Foundation is hosting their annual event Lion Heart in Laurelhurst this Saturday, July 14th from 11-3. The money raised goes directly towards scientific research for Children with Congenital Heart Defects. There will be food, Zimba! the Marimba band, and a plethora of activities for your children, ranging from art projects to sporting games. (As my photos show, last year there was a bean toss too.) Enjoy a beautiful day in the Northeast section of Laurelhurst Park and celebrate the courage of young children with Congenital Heart Defects!

The windup
Originally uploaded by dietpoison

Originally uploaded by dietpoison

for more information, go to www.chforegon.org
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Dudes, you can get the Oregon Trail game for $1.79!

Actually, I mostly wanted to show you THIS PAGE, which gives you the lowdown on how to find a whole bunch of crap on amazon.com for 90% off. You can buy me stuff to thank me... I'm okay with that.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I am sitting around thinking up more ways to spam the DP community, so stay tuned. heh.

Goodwill bins

Is there any kind of rhythm to when new, good stuff comes out on the floor at the Goodwill outlets? The one near Movies on TV is close to me. What's the best time of day or best day of the week to go?

Wanted: Lawn Care

My backyard looks like it could double as an extra for a George of the Jungle movie.

Any recommendations for someone or a company to come in and clear out all the overgrowth and haul it away? Front yard isn’t that bad, but needs work too.

Last time I had this done, it was around $250.

Whatcha doin'? NoPo and NE

Poll #1016846 NoPo Damn Portlanders and NE, too.

Where would one be most likely to find north-ish DPer on a Friday night

The Florida Room
Pause (for the non-smoky crowd)
The Nest
Paragon Club(the badass crew)
Passed out at home

I have recovered from feeling poorly today after a looong nap. (Dammit, I'm old and cranky and necessitate naps) Where should I meet my friend? It would be perfectly ginchy to see DPers too.

ETA: this is now a drunk post. We ended up at the Nest. I've never had a back time there. That's a bit scary. Mamas with kids at camp should NOT go to the Nest.
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young ken

Looking for Punk Rock Girl.

No, not an actual punk rock girl. I'm talking about the song by the Dead Milkmen. The wife and I are currently working on making a custom Guitar Hero game build and this is one of the many tracks we've picked, but I can't seem to find a good copy (192k MP3, at least) of it anywhere, nor the CD for anything less than $10+ when shipping's factored in. Can anyone point me to a locale for the track or the CD? Much thanks in advance.

Edit to add: Thanks guys, I got my hands on the track and it sounds great!

drinking songs

I want to make a cd of funny alcoholic songs - in the vain of "I've got friends in Low Places" or "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere".  Not necessarily limited to country songs, but I'm just looking for fun/funny songs.  Do you have a fave drunken tune?