July 5th, 2007

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IT Jobs in Portland

My fiance and I are moving to the Portland area from Olympia, WA in 2 weeks. He has been looking for a job but has not found one yet so I thought I would post here to see if anyone had any helpful information for us, advice on the job market, or leads on jobs for him.

He is looking for a job in IT and his specialty is Telecom and/or Network Administration. He's worked for Microsoft through AboveNet and has also worked for Amazon.com. He also has 13+ years of experience, excellent references, and has never been fired.

He hopes to work in Portland or any of the surrounding area so jobs in Beaverton/Hillsboro/Lake Oswego/Other are welcomed as well.

Again, job leads or any related advice on the IT job market or other information greatly appreciated.

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Naturopaths - Inner SE / NE

I recently found out that my health insurance covers visits with a naturopath. Yea!!! I've been meaning to go see one for some time. So, this is where I need your help, fellow DPers.

(a) How should I go about choosing a naturopath from this list of names in front me? What questions should I ask? What should I be looking for?

(b) Do you have a recommendation for or against someone? If so, why? What did / didn't you like about the Dr & her office?

(c) Once I actually get in to see a naturopath are there any specific questions that I should ask? ... perhaps regarding potential tests, methods, treatments, assessments, etc. that may be suggested or that I should ask for specifically or things that I may simply want to know about in advance.

(d) Does anyone have any experience with the following naturopaths?

(I took the first few off of the list that were closest to me. Though I'd be willing to see someone further if they are wickedly good. :) There was a list of 50 naturopaths within 5 miles of me, so I've got to start somewhere! :) )

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Thanks in advance!!!


So, I am new to the area, I have a pet snake and need to find feeder mice, but no pet stores I can find carry them....help please?

Ohh I am in downtown....

And I don't have a car.

room for rent

i am posting this here for starters to see if an DP-LJ friend or friend-of-a-friend needs a place. the deets:

open august 1st, room in shared house for $450

80th & Woodstock
fairly quiet neighborhood
close to bus 14, ~25 minute ride into downtown
pretty easy access to Reed College, a straight shot down Woodstock
close to Woodstock shops and culture
close to a Freddy's, a Safeway, and a local produce store
sorta close to Trader Joe's on 39th

dry basement - lots of storage space
garden area (to be expanded next spring)
I and my cat live there now, the home owner and a dog are moving out
washer and dryer in the basement
carpeted bedrooms, lino kitchen, hardwoods elsewhere

i am a laid-back, fully employed 34 year old guy, soon to be back in school. i like traveling and go away for some weekends or longer trips. i make and enjoy drinking beer, but don't do the 420 or other stuff. i smoke hand-rolled cigarettes outside. the housemate is taking most of the furniture with her, so it'll be a little bare until i populate the rooms with comfy chairs, a sofa, and a kitchen table and chairs (your furniture would be welcome). i am looking for someone sane and employed, around my age with interest in staying for 6 months to a year. contact me via my address in my profile for further details/questions...
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Chinese Fooooooood

So, I've heard it said that Portland is "kind of notorious" for not having any good Chinese food in town.

I challenge you to disprove that, and suggest places where Good Chinese Food can be found! I'm a Chinese food snob, so I don't care where in town the place is, just so long as it's quality chow.

...and if anyone was about to say "PF Chang's," I need only say: tried it, wasn't impressed. ;p

cell phone carriers?

My current bill totally sucks, and I'm wondering if anyone out there is getting a better deal than I am. In a very nice, customer servicey way, t-mobile assures me I'm crazy, insisting that my current plan is "very competitive." I remain skeptical.

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So, I'm dying to know: Are you on family plan? What do you pay (real charges, not the bizarro world of advertised plan costs)? Is there some secret cell phone company that has cheaper rates?
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old post...

once upon a time there was a heated and (mostly) respectful conversation in DP about sweatshops.
this happened a long time ago, in internet time, and the sheer posting volume in this community has left me empty handed at the end of my search.


does anyone remember this sweat shop convo? i would love a link to the post, or a more specific idea of when this went on. meanwhile, i will continue dredging the archives :)

thanks, dp.

**pandoranoir linked me back to this post. thanks for the help!

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. The Oregon Lavender Festival in nearby Yamhill this Saturday and Sunday. I am looking forward to meeting fellow damnportlanders and going to this event. Yay!

2. The Night Ride community ride event on Saturday night! I look forward to donning the disco pajama costume.

3. The ongoing Waterfront Blues Festival through Sunday--although I may not the festival events, I love hearing blues music as I ride through Hawthorne Bridge.

4. Seeing the beauty of Peninsula Park rose gardens for the very first time as I cycled past the area. I must spend time investigating this garden in the future.

5. The delicious cocktails at Purple Tooth Lounge in North Portland!

6. The well-marked bicycle routes in Southeast Portland. The stenciled white circles on the streets along the bike routes (especially on SE Clinton) were a great homing device for late night bicycle rides.
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Last night I had the joyous opportunity of experiencing another apocalyptic dream about Portland. It seems to be a recurring theme of sorts and I shall give you a snapshot of how the dream went. I was at a party on the west hills of Portland. Me and a bunch of people just casually dining and watching the city at night when suddenly a large sonic boom erupted over the valley. Growing up in LA has taught me that a) shaking and b) noise are not good news. The hill we were hanging out on moved up for a brief second and I felt it. Then suddenly the hill started to plunge down.

I fell with the hill and managed to grab a tree branch and hang on for dear life as people fell with it. It was like a wave of dirt and cliff shattering with bodies and houses. I remember seeing the abrupt new formed edge where the earth had fallen and hearing people scream. I saw the city lights twinkling while sonic boom burned and rang in my ears. I couldn't believe it was happening and I was only concerned with surviving. I made it down the hill in one piece and then the dream switched to the aftermath.

Portland had switched into a darkened city post major disaster. Apparently a bomb(a big one) had been exploded over the city and it released a bacteria that killed people. Stations were setup with officials spraying people with some weird spray, strange tools to read bacteria levels of random citizens, and people being taken away. I remember I got scanned and my bacteria level was somewhat high. They asked me funny questions and I answered them. I mentioned I had been drinking the night before and they told me that maybe was the cause for the weird readings. My levels weren't high enough to be a lost cause or to be taken away. I felt very scared and I was also distraught that everyone's rights had been taken away in light of a mystery illness. I wondered what the hell was in the spray the officials kept spraying in our faces and I was also pissed that I couldn't get anywhere without having to have my bacteria levels read. It was a very scary idea that this could happen(probably not) but I was glad to wake up to a liberated and healthy Portland.
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I am making an actual tattoo post.

Yes, I know this disqualifies me from snarking anything ever again.

I've been mulling this post over for a few days, trying to figure out how to word it. Finally, I am giving up and just coming out and asking... is there a non-lame way for two people to get tattoos together? I mean, obviously not MATCHING tattoos (or, as littlebluedog jokingly suggested, "dude, just get one half of a heart with a jagged line in the middle and have her get the other half!"), but something cool?

I'm not really asking for tattoo ideas (rule one, never get a tattoo that someone else suggested), more just your thoughts about, or experiences regarding, tattoos for two.
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[BST] Pimping the damnportlanders community....

Earlier this afternoon I completed Willamette Week's online Best of Portland Reader Survey (it took some 20 minutes or so to finish, but it was fun). There was a survey question about "The best Portland blog" (or something to that effect), and I noticed that damnportlanders was not on that list. So I put in the dp community as a write-in choice. Some of the questions were quite interesting.

I'm looking forward to the results of the survey, which will be published later in the month.
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Tha Rent

Hi Portlanders,

I'm new to this community, and although I'm sure you've been asked this before, I'll ask for myself. Is there a good resource for finding a place to live besides the usual craigslist or oregonlive.com? Or is the rental market really that tight? I was looking for a 3-bedroom place to share with my friends, but after a few weeks of failure, it's looking like we might be better off doing our own thing.

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Moving Sale - One and Only Reminder

Hello folks,

Just reminding you all about my moving sale this weekend:

3446 NE 19th Ave (corner of Fremont and 19th)
in the Irvington neighborhood, Portland
Friday-Sun, July 6-8, 2007

Please come and buy all of my stuff on Friday and Saturday so I don't have to be out there Sunday. There's not that much left really, because people have been coming by all week to pick up individual things, but there's still some real steals left. I price like a true garage seller, like my mama raised me right, in the south. Damn hipsters around here selling stuff for crazy prices at their sales. None of that with me. AND EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE!

Thanks for 5 great years you Damn Wonderful people!


(no subject)

So... if I found it in my day to inflate a raft, throw it into the Willamette River, jump in and paddle south and back for a few miles... would that be allowable or a big no-no? I don't see why not, but I thought I'd ask here anyhow.

Penis brought to you by KATU

POLL: Are you offended by the cement posts?

*GASP* Its a giant... THING... I AM MEGA UPSET!


The city is looking into retrofitting the posts with metal collars and chains that run between them, which they hope will change the look." Heh, sounds sexy.

"...one woman we spoke to. "My son said he wanted to hang a sign on it that says 'always use protection,'" she said." Awsome! Someone do this and take a picture!
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(no subject)

Hi everyone! This is my first post here.

Does anyone know of a place where I could get a tattoo done where they don't check your ID/age, or they just don't care?

I'm 16 (17 in august) and my parents won't let me get one.

It's only a small thing I want that actually has significance to me. It's not like I'm gonna get some huge naked lady on my face or something.


EDIT: And a place that won't give me AIDs plz.
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Poll time!

Poll #1016223 Tri-Met

Did you know that Tri-Met has been actively trying to hire a few hundred part-time bus operators within the next few months?

Not until you just mentioned it, no.
I knew they were hiring, but I didn't know specifics (which job, how many openings)
Yeah, I saw an ad/heard it on the radio/saw it online/etc
Yes, I (or someone I know) work at Tri-Met, so that's how I found out

Have you ever seen recruiting ads to work at Tri-Met while on a bus or MAX?

Yes, very often
Yes, but somewhat infrequently

How often do you ride Tri-Met?

A handful of times per year
Pretty much never/not at all

Age range?

under 20
51 and up
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Tattoo addendum

Woo! Thanks for all the great responses to my query about tattoos. As always, the DP crowd does not disappoint.

I decided I should tell you my favorite tattoo story, partly in the interest of full disclosure as it involves someone getting a tattoo that was very much in honor of me and of the friendshp I had with this person. And, as always, partly just because it's a fucking awesome story.

I had been friends with Greg since we played Little League together in the 5th grade. A year or so after I met him, I got into cartooning, and had a little guy named "Mr. Pickle" that I drew. A lot. Everywhere. Mr. Pickle drawings festooned just about anything with a flat surface for a while there. As with all good things, Mr. Pickle eventually kind of faded away, swept out in a tide of bong smoke and San Miguel Dark on someone's front porch on those syrupy summer evenings in Ashland.

Our group of friends, while not "drifting apart" in the conventional sense, grew up. Some of us moved to other towns. We stayed in touch by assembling for an annual hike, a rite that we still continue to this day. Last October marked our 23rd annual hike. It's more a drinking festival and an opportunity for old farts to get together and share time-enhanced stories, but it's a powerful force to be reckoned with.

At one of these gatherings, Greg and I had snuck off somewhere to have a few beers before the rest of the fellas arrived. I hadn't seen him in person for a couple of years, as he was in LA and I was in Portland, and he'd missed the previous year's hike. This was pre-email, for the most part, and it was a little tougher to stay connected.

We talked for an hour or two, drinking lots of beer in the sunshine. At some point, he did the caricatured "d'oh!" thing with his palm to his forehead, and said, "I forgot to show you something." He raised his tshirt sleeve to reveal a big tattoo, stretching from about mid-bicep up to his shoulder joint and spanning the width of his upper arm. It was a large, colorful, gorgeously rendered tattoo. I stood, gaping, staring at one of my original Mr. Pickle cartoons from years ago.. "Mr. Pickle goes to hell." Mr. Pickle, bright green, replete with pitchfork and brilliant orange-and-red flames. My hand-lettered "Mr Pickle goes to hell" title above. My signature, my fucking SIGNATURE, below. All faithfully reproduced in perfect detail by some artist who no doubt was wondering where the hell Mr. Pickle was from.

It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!

Greg is gone now, and he took Mr. Pickle with him to his grave. I never even got a picture. But, talk about tattoos bookmarking parts of your life... that's a sight I'll never forget. Ever.

So, in answer to my prior query here, I guess there is a way to get a tattoo for a friend, and not have it be lame. I should have known the answer to my own question. :)